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  • J.R. Bailey - After Hours
    Ronnie McNeir- You Are Everything 
    Clarence Reid - Love Who you Can  
    Lou Courtney -I Don't Need Nobody Else
    Greg Perry - Come on Down (Get Your Head out of the Clouds)  
    Stairsteps - Throwin' Stones Atcha
    Roy Ayers - Everybody
    Barrett Strong - I'm Gonna Take Care of Business 
    First Class - Me and My Gemini 
    Con Funk Shun - Secrets
    The Ingram Kingdom - What Else Can I Say 
    Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - Willing 
    The Four Tops - Catfish
    Michael Henderson - Solid
    Norman Connors - Be There in the Morning 
    Eugene Record - Pain for Pleasure
    Darwin's Theory - Keep on Smiling 
    Luther - Don't Wanna Be a Fool
    Randy Brown - Love Is All We Need
    Popcorn Wylie - Georgia's After Hours
    Band of Thieves - City Slicker
    Carl Carlton - I Wanna be with You 
    Sins of Satan - Dance and Free Your Mind

  • 01. Les Vampyrettes - Menetekel [Stimulus Progression]
    02. Laurent Güdel - State Music N°1 [Buh]
    03. Hackney Colliery Band - Reawake [Veki]
    04. Jonathan Meades - MeMe Trepanning [Test Centre]
    05. Jana Koubkova - Nijana [Balearica]
    06. Missus Beastly - Geisha [Garden Of Delights]
    07. Skylab - Seashell [ L'Attitude]
    08. Rose City Band - Rivers Of Mind [Jean Sandwich]
    09. Bhob Rainey - Canopy Of Catastrophes [Anòmia]
    10. Indoor Life - Archeology [Celluloid]
    11. De Frank Jr - Chicken [Mukatsuku]
    12. Ronny Peller Hot Police - Gimmi More [CH]
    13. Dohnnie - Dancin' Is Your Love [Peoples Potential Unlimited]
    14. Georges Teperino & Roger Roger - Weird Sounds No. 1 [Lo Recordings]
    15. Soccer96 - Buy It [Moshi Moshi]
    16. Chris Harwood - Question Of Time [Finders Keepers]
    17. Fennesz - Agora [Touch]
    18. SPAZA - Ice Squinchies (Waiting For You) [Mushroom Hour Half Hour]
    19. Julianna Barwick feat. Mary Lattimore - Oh, Memory [Ninja Tune]
    20. Moss Covered Technology - Once Hallowed [Healing Sound Propagandist]
    21. Slow Meadow - Fake Magic Is Real [Hammock]
    22. Corey Fuller - A Hymn For The Broken [12k]
    23. Muslimgauze - Satyajit Eye [Staalplaat]
    24. Sparkle Division - Oh Henry! [Temporary Residence Limited]
    25. Low Leaf - Heart Chakram [Fat Beats]
    26. Saba Alizâdeh - Would You Remember Me? [Karlrecords]
    27. The Beneficiaries - Metallic Stars [Axis]
    28. Walker Brothers - Shutout [GTO]
    29. My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Pt. 2 [Rough Trade]
    30. Grandaddy - Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) [V2]
    31. Ohio - Crépescule [12k]
    32. Penguin Cafe - Gentoo Origin [Erased Tapes]

  • 8bits8bits 146 Posts
    She Vs I episode 43 is out. Enjoy Also on Mixcloud

  • 01. Chris Watson - Jamaica Bay To Leigh Valley [Moog Recordings Library]
    02. Jim Noir - Eggshell [Dook]
    03. Gorillaz feat. George Benson  - Humility [Parl0phone]
    04. Mark Barrott - Baby Come Home [International Feel]
    05. Byrne & Barnes - Love You Out Of Your Mind [Favorite]
    06. Young Gun Silver Fox - Distance Between Us [Légère]
    07. Connan Mockasin & Devonté Hynes - Feelin' Lovely [Mexican Summer‎]
    08. Matt Duncan - Lone Ranger [Soul Step]
    09. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - C-Side [Dead Oceans]
    10. The Sadistics - Tokyo Taste [Light In The Attic]
    11. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Necessary Evil [Jagjaguwar]
    12. Video Age - Scenic Highway [Inflated]
    13. Shintaro Sakamoto - Let's Dance Raw [Zelone]
    14. MGMT - Me & Michael [C0lumbia]
    15. Ducktails - Under Cover [Domin0]
    16. Sugardaddy - How Long [LateNightTales]
    17. Todd Rundgren - Tin Foil Hat [Cleopatra]
    18. Joe Armon-Jones - Almost Went Too Far [Brownswood]
    19. Washed Out - Leave You Behind [Sub Pop]
    20. Mudd & Pollard - Villa Stavros [Claremont 56]
    21. Cass McCombs - Switch [Anti-]
    22. People Under The Stairs - Sonic Elders [Piecelock 70]
    23. Mango Lane - Sex [Palm Tapes]
    24. M83 - Moon Crystal [Naïve]
    25. Blood Orange - Orlando [Domin0]
    26. Benny Sings - Honey Bee [Dox]
    27. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Can't Hear My Eyes [Mexican Summer‎]
    28. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee [Jagjaguwar]
    29. Toro y Moi - Embarcadero [Carpark]
    30. Incarnations - Make You Mine [Lovemonk]

  • Beatnick DeeBeatnick Dee 68 Posts

    Mixed bag of Yacht rock, Soul, Library music, Latin Psych, Jazz-Funk, Brazilian.. some rare bits, and some familiar. Also on Mixcloud and Bandcamp 
    klezmer electro-thug beatsDuderonomy

  • 8bits8bits 146 Posts
    She Vs I episode 44 is ready for your halloween experience. Enjoy Also on Mixcloud

  • 01. Eric Lunde - Cunt 0 [Light Sounds Dark] 02. ASDA - The McDonald's Prayer (Japan Blues Regrind) [No Corner] 03. Takashi Kokubo - 海のつぶやき [Lag] 04. Coldcut x On-U Sound - Kajra Mohabbat Wala (Acappella) [Ahead Of Our Time] 05. Anatolian Weapons - Chant One [Crevette] 06. Kate Carr - We Were The Pulse Of A Wire Pulled Tightly [Helen Scarsdale Agency] 07. Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Studio Acapella) [Unknown] 08. Lamb - God Bless (Wagon Christ Mix) [Fontana] 09. Imre Kiss - Whipromance [Dalmata Daniel] 10. Clock DVA - Sonology Of Sex [Wax Trax!] 11. Geoffrey Landers - Sex Music [Music From Memory] 12. Gel Set - It Has Come To Our Attention [2MR] 13. The Notwist - Ship [Morr] 14. Purple Desert Rain God - Invisible Matter [Höga Nord] 15. Stahlschrank - Egal Ist Sehr Gut [Compost] 16. Abul Mogard - The Goldfinch Rises [Ecstatic] 17. Rockabye Baby! - Love Story [Rockabye Baby!] 18. Catastrophe - Smalltown Boy (Nova Version) [Tricatel] 19. Rasputina - The Question Of Time [Filthy Bonnet] 20. Bhajan Bhoy - Asleep On King's Mountain [Wormer Bros.] 21. Carlo Giustini - Spore (Lo Spirito Manifesto) [Lontano Series] 22. Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix) [Tempa] 23. Fiona Apple - Newspaper [Epic] 24. BUNKR - Jacinthe Horizon [VLSI]

  • 01. Khruangbin - Christmas Time Is Here [Night Time Stories]
    02. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Oh, Come, Little Children Dub [Echo Beach]
    03. Al & The Vibrators - Merry Christmas [Studio One]
    04. The Silvertones - Bling Bling Christmas [Studio One]
    05. Smerins Anti-Social Club - Walking In The Air [Self-Released]
    06. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Jingle Bells [Ubiquity]
    07. Root Boy Slim - Xmas At K-Mart [Rhino]
    08. Captain Sensible - One Christmas Catalogue [Rhino]
    09. Saint Etienne - I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You [Foreign Office]
    10. Sugarcubes - Birthday (Christmas Day) [One Little Indian]
    11. Asobi Seksu - Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) [One Little Indian]
    12. Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire - A Poundland Christmas [Damaged Goods]
    13. The Ravers - Silent Night [Zombie]
    14. The Alan Milman Sect - Punk Rock Christmas [Bag Of Hammers]
    15. Half Man Half Biscuit - All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit [Probe Plus]
    16. The Fall - (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas [Action]
    17. The Dirtbombs - My Last Christmas [In The Red]
    18. JD Twitch - Psylent Night [Juno]
    19. Rod Dodd & Slayed - Merry Xmas Everybody [V/Vm Test]
    20. The Raveonettes - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) [Vice]
    21. Aidan John Moffat - Last Christmas [Self-Released]

  • <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=";color=#ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;show_teaser=true&amp;visual=true"></iframe><div style="font-size: 10px; color: #cccccc;line-break: anywhere;word-break: normal;overflow: hidden;white-space: nowrap;text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: Interstate,Lucida Grande,Lucida Sans Unicode,Lucida Sans,Garuda,Verdana,Tahoma,sans-serif;font-weight: 100;"><a href="" title="RustleDust" target="_blank" style="color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;">RustleDust</a> · <a href="" title="Jewels - Rare Raps Mix" target="_blank" style="color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;">Jewels - Rare Raps Mix</a></div>

    Def Rhythm Productions - The Jewel
    Too Poetic - God Made Me Funky (Remix)
    The Original MC Spice- Take It To The Stage
    Men Of Respect - What's Up Sweetness
    Another 14U2NV - Cheeba Cheeba
    T-Abel Cachet - Dead Dreams
    MC Class - Hope Your Listening
    Too Kool Posse - Do You Wanna Get Hype
    Kev E Kev & AK B - Welcome to Dopeland
    Phase & Rhythm - Force of the Matrix
    Makeba & Skratch - Ain't It Funky
    IBM Nation - This Is For The Nation
    Ice Cream Tee - Keep Hushin
    Jewel T - School of Hardknocks (LP Mix)
    Unique Poet Supreme - Lyrically Climbing
    Top Choice Clique - You Can't Deal
    Taalam - Funky Drummer
    Too Brown - Erie Ave The Promised Land
    Class A Felony - Electricity

  • <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=";color=#ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;show_teaser=true&amp;visual=true"></iframe><div style="font-size: 10px; color: #cccccc;line-break: anywhere;word-break: normal;overflow: hidden;white-space: nowrap;text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: Interstate,Lucida Grande,Lucida Sans Unicode,Lucida Sans,Garuda,Verdana,Tahoma,sans-serif;font-weight: 100;"><a href="" title="RustleDust" target="_blank" style="color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;">RustleDust</a> · <a href="" title="Clocking In - Another Soul Selection from Bob Disaster." target="_blank" style="color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;">Clocking In - Another Soul Selection from Bob Disaster.</a></div>

    Michael Henderson - Let Me Love You
    Paulette Reaves - You Are My Star
    Reflections - She's My Summer Breeze
    Eddie Kendricks - Fortune Teller
    Patryce Banks - I'm In Love
    Cheyenne Fowler - Come Back To Me
    Impressions - Sooner or Later
    Leprechaun - There's No End To Our Love
    Revelation - Haven't Got A Lover to My Name
    Willie Tee - Anticipation
    Curtis Mayfield - You're So Good To Me
    Leroy Hutson - So Nice
    The Right Track - Baby I Love You
    Danny Pearson - Say It Again
    Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - Trying to Prove My Love
    Linda Lewis - On the Stage
    Midnight Express - Breeze Up
    Gaston - Clock In
    King Floyd -I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You
    Wah Wah Watson -Good Friends
    Tommy Stewart-Fulton County Line
    Blue Notes -The Girl Makes Me Wanna Sing
    Coke Escovedo -I Wouldn't Change A Thing
    Willie Hutch -Soul Strut
    Michael Henderson-I Can't Help It
    Mass Production-Cosmic Lust
    The Controllers- Fill Your Life With Love
    Coke Escovedo- Fried Neckbones and some Home Fries

  • FrankFrank 2,361 Posts
    This was my last ever dj mix I put together back in 2015 when I was getting ready to release a series of 12" singles with some hard hitting Edo Funk tunes from Benin City in Southern Nigeria, formerly hometown of my friend and partner in crime Damian Iwuagwu.

    Damian had moved to Lagos years ago but he still had many friends in Benin and managed to excavate a ton of truly incredible records. While Damian tracked down producers and artists I embarked on a world tour to test the super heavy Edo Funk sound on dance floors all over Europe, Japan and the Americas.

    Once back from the tour, however, I decided to leave the jockeying and reissuing of records behind and shelved this project.

    billbradleyklezmer electro-thug beats

  • Love it Frank, that is a totally new afro genre for me. It sounds from your other thread that you made the right call peacing out of the reissue game so thanks for sharing the mix.

  • mickalphabetmickalphabet deep inna majestic segue 374 Posts

    Shadows from nowhere - Blue Gas
    Not fade away - Eric Hine
    One Wish (demo) - Phil Lynott
    Hangin out in space - Tony Wilson
    Washington - Lucio Dalia
    Wait until my tonight my love - Galaxy
    What dance is this - Perfect Zebras
    月と星のドンチャ- Masumi Hara
    L'anima - Wess
    Eastern Promise - No Dance Project
    A tango Japan - El Onzo
    Break mandrake - Electric Boogies
    Put your love in me - Hot Chocolate
    Hot and Sexable - Natural Wild 'Morgan Buckley's Cheap Organ Cover'
    Headache for michelle - Au pairs

  • 01. Washed Out - Paralyzed [Sub Pop]
    02. Tengger - Bliss [Beyond Beyond Is Beyond]
    03. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [Tamla Motown]
    04. Moloko - Mother [Echo]
    05. Flip Fantazia - Hombre [Ellon Music]
    06. Trees Speak - Nobody Knows [Soul Jazz]
    07. George Clinton - Atomic Dog [Capitol]
    08. Eccentronic Research Council - Carol's Dream [Desolate Spools]
    09. REM - Airportman [Warner Bros.]
    10. Mary Lattimore - Chop On The Climbout [Ghostly International]
    11. Triad God - Dill [Presto!?]
    12. Unwoman - Teardrop [Unmediated Productions]
    13. Marika Hackman - Playground Love [Sub Pop]
    14. Jane Weaver - Pyramid Schemes [Fire]
    15. Xenoula - Caramello [Weird World]
    16. Sorry - Separate [Domino]
    17. Moonchild Sanelly - Don't Believe The Hype [Just Music]
    18. Rhoda Dakar - Everyday Is Like Sunday [Sunday Best]
    19. Inokasira Rangers - Blue Monday [Parktone]
    20. The Tibbs - Another Shot Fired [Record Kicks]
    21. The Bamboos - Ride On Time [Pacific Theatre]
    22. Night Trains - No More Heroes [Acid Jazz]
    23. Dean Parrish - It's Time (Purple Mountain Majesty) [Acid Jazz]
    24. The Temptations - Message From A Black Man [Motown]
    25. Kloot Per W Group - Je T'ai Toujours Aimee [Jezus Factory]
    26. Babeheaven - Seabird [Babeheaven]

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,891 Posts
    found this old short mix i made on a cd recently - centres around a few luke vibert tracks from 2007ish.  had to stich it together a bit because the cd was scratched up and the ripped wav had skips in it.   

    can't remember all the track names, but it's: can, nexus, vibert, vibert, vibert, freekn' you blend, syclops, prince

  • mickalphabetmickalphabet deep inna majestic segue 374 Posts

    brazil / dubs / afro / zouk / boogie / calypso in the bag for this one 

  • Zip Code Rapists - Universal Time II
    Pop-O-Pies - In Frisco
    Secret Chiefs 3 - George Benson & Michael Hedges
    Dieselhed - Brown Dragon
    Faxed Head - Peregrinations from Beyond
    Buffalo Daughter - Super Blooper
    Three Doctors Band - Cyclops
    Faxed Head - Susurrus in Gloaming
    Secret Chiefs 3 The Qa'lim Deliberates
    Major Entertainer Mike H - Opening Act
    Zip Code Rapists - Happy Like Larry (He Taught Me How to Die)

  • 01. Homelife - Buffalos [Ninja Tune]
    02. AGF.3 + Sue.C - Crazy [Asphodel]
    03. Avey Tare - Chilly Blue [D0min0]
    04. Tortoise - Cliff Dweller Society [Duophonic Super 45s]
    05. Alt-J - Adeline [Infectious]
    06. Blonde Redhead - Top Ranking [4AD]
    07. Liars - No.1 Against the Rush [Mute]
    08. ELLLL - Housebreaker [First Second]
    09. Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Lanyard [4AD]
    10. A Certain Ratio - Friends Around Us [Mute]
    11. Actress feat. Sampha - VVY [Ninja Tune]
    12. Cornelius - Typewrite Lesson [Matador]
    13. The Rapture - In Love With The Underground (Kid 606 Remix) [Gravity]
    14. Tokyo Prose & FIS - The Truths [Samurai Horo]
    15. Lucy Gooch - Rain's Break [Fire]
    16. Lindy-Fay Hella - Otherworld [Ván]
    17. Sleep D x Ad Lib Collective - Cavern (Dub Version) [Play On]
    18. Funki Porcini - Postcard From Russia [Self-Released]
    19. Om Unit - Celestial Envoy [Self-Released]
    20. Blind Prophet & Tenor Youthman - Marijuana Burns Capitalism [Dub-Stuy]
    21. Xoki & Hieronymus - Super Whale [ZamZam Sounds]
    22. Blackhaine & Richie Culver - DID U CUM YET [Participant]
    23. Undefined - Three Dub [ZamZam Sounds]
    24. Blackhaine & Richie Culver - I'M NOT GONNA CUM [Participant]
    25. Al Wootton - Franz [Trule]
    26. Martin Deason - Race For The Vaccine (Drum Mix) [Third Wave Audio]
    27. Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - The Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out [Industrial]
    28. Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Black Revolution [Lavalava]
    29. Burial feat. The Space Ape - Spaceape [Hyperdub]
    30. Danny Breaks - Duck Rock [Alphabet Zoo]
    31. Tipper - Off Kilter [Tippermusic]
    32. Mr. Scruff - Ug [Ninja Tune]
    33. DJ Shepdog - Witness The Flava [Nice Up!]
    34. Dead Prez - Hip-Hop [Loud]

  • 01. Frank Sinatra - Future [Reprise] 02. Frank Sinatra Jr - Black Night [Daybreak] 03. Nancy Sinatra - A Cockeyed Optimist [Boots] 04. Tom Zé - Lá Vem A Onda [Mr. Bongo] 05. Steam Down feat. Afronaut Zu - Etcetera [Blue Note] 06. Don Cherry - Dissolution [Black Sweat] 07. Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine [A&M] 08. Dusty Springfield - The Windmills Of Your Mind [Atlantic] 09. Sigur Ros - Syndir Guðs (Endurunnið Af Múm) [Smekkleysa] 10. Portishead - The Rip [Issland] 11. Kid Koala - Space Cadet 2 [Ninja Tune] 12. 10cc - I'm Not In Love [Mercury] 13. Simple Minds - Celebrate [Arista] 14. Masayoshi Takanaka - Tropic Birds [Kitty] 15. The Cure - Just Like Heaven [Fiction] 16. Stiff Little Fingers - Bloody Dub [Chrysalis] 17. Cultue Club feat. Captain Crucial - Murder Rap Trap [Virgin] 18. Beastie Boys - Beastie Revolution [Grand Royal] 19. Pigbag - Six Of One [Y Records] 20. Animal Magic - Get It Right [Recreational] 21. Gang Of Four - Not Great Men [EMI] 22. Squid - The Dial [Speedy Wunderground] 23. Material - Discourse [Red] 24. Section 25 - Be Brave [Factory] 25. Girls At Our Best - Politics [Record Records] 26. The March Violets - Snake Dance [Rebirth] 27. Christian Death - Spirtitual Cramp [Frontier] 28. Agent Orange - Bloodstains [Agent Orange] 29. Butthole Surfers - Mexican Caravan [Fundamental] 30. Nubs - Job [Businessman] 31. The Living Legends - The Pope Is A Dope [Upright]
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