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    Okem said:
    Re: Soundcloud mix takedowns

    As revealed last year, dance music producers are missing out on £100 million worth of royalties each year. Some of that royalty gap could be filled by licensing tracks that appear in mixes, rather then issuing takedown notices to knock mixes off sites like SoundCloud.

    Dubset, a company partly funded by streaming service Rhapsody, might have solved the problem with its MixSCAN technology. In testing on for the past two years, MixSCAN can identify individual tracks in mixes and distributes royalties “in a matter of seconds;” it can even tell how much of a track was used.

    The company is in late-stage licensing discussions with the three major labels, which could take several months. Until then, the company has received endorsements from EDM heavyweights Tiesto, Afrojack and David Guetta, who are uploading their libraries into the company’s database.

    “This program begins and ends with DJs,” says Dubset CEO Bob Barbiere. “Rather than trying to ban their medium, we have a way to make it legal.” Billboard notes that while Dubset isn’t the first company to try to solve licensing issues this way (pointing to Pioneer’s KUVO and the Creative Commons system), Dubset can clear samples in realtime.

    “We’re not trying to be the police, but the folks who do police the industry will use our technology to continue their mission,” said Barbiere.

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    This is a collection of unique and fun covers of classic yacht rock and AOR tracks that I've gathered over the years. Pure vinyl.
    It references many tracks from the genre-defining web-series "Yacht Rock" on Channel 101, so make sure you check that out if you need some context.


    Millie Jackson - This is It [1980] (Loggins/McDonald)
    Charme - Georgy Porgy [1982] (Paich)
    Joe Thomas - Low Down [1978] (Scaggs/Paich)
    Nina Simone - Rich Girl [1978] (Hall/Oates)
    Orchestres Daniel Janin, Jean-Luc Ferré Et Leurs Chanteurs - Love Will Keep Us Together [1975] (Greenfield/Sedaka)
    The Michael Johnson Singers - Just a Little Talk [1984] (Loggins/McDonald)
    Lou Rawls - She’s Gone [1974] (Hall/Oates)
    Maarit - Yhteen Kuulutaan [1978] (McDonald/Simon)
    Pointer Sisters - Hypnotized [1978] (Welch)
    Good To Go - Baby Come Back [1987] (Crowley/Beckett)
    New Jersey Mass Choir - Yah Mo B There [1985] (Ingram/McDonald/Temperton/Jones)
    Shirley Ross - If You Leave Me Now [1984] (Cetera)
    Ron - Hai Capito O No? [1983] (Hall/Oates)
    Nashville Rhythm Section - I Can’t Go For That [1981] (Hall/Oates)
    Mike Mandel - Peg [1978] (Becker/Fagen)
    Scherrie Payne - I’m Not In Love [1982] (Stewart/Gouldman)
    Frank Dana - Do It Again [1983] (Becker/Fagen)
    Montana Sextet - Ride Like The Wind (Original Version) [1992] (Cross)
    Saxon - Ride Like The Wind [1988] (Cross)

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    Zielkracht #32 - DJ UNCUT SOLO SET - 21-4-15 @ RED LIGHT RADIO by Zielkracht on Mixcloud

    new mix up - all recent vinyl drops

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    A set I played at a party a couple of weeks ago, thought you guys might like. I was asked to play what I was into BITD, peeps got all nostalgic... heh heh. It was great to dig through a section in the collection I hadn't explored inna minute or two.


    Smokers Delight ~ Night's Interlude
    Ray and Christian ~ Swimming Pool
    The Troubleneck Brothers ~ Back to Hip Hop
    Zeb ~ Spy From Cairo
    Das Boot ~ Dreams
    Howie B ~ Superthruster
    Bomb the Bass ~ Bug Power Dust ( K + D remix)
    Pharcyde ~ Passin me By
    The Wiseguys ~ Sweet Baby Truth
    Kid Loco ~ Relaxin With Cherry
    Walkner Mostl ~ Soaring Thoughts
    The Orb ~ Toxygene
    Quantic ~ The 5th Exotic
    DJ Krush Toh Sui
    The Sneaker Pimps ~ Six Underground (Perfecto Mix)
    Resonator ~ Busted
    Aim ~ Loopdreams
    Tribe ~ Bonita Applebum

  • the_dL said:
    does 19 minutes qualify as a mix though?

    it's a multi-part affair:

  • Mix I did for a local music festival. Afro house / disco business.

    01...Captain Planet...Yallahs
    02...Oscar Sulley...Olufeme (Natural Self Remix)
    03...Oliver Boogie...Lost in the Crowd
    04...The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination...Ire (Cottam Rework)
    05...Esnard Boisdur vs Frankie Francis & Simbad...Souffrance (Dub Mix)
    06...Esnard Boisdur vs Frankie Francis & Simbad...Soufwans (3 AM Mix)
    07...DJ Reverend P...Angels in Africa (Raw Mix)
    08...Niama Makalou Et African Soul Band...Kognokoura (Daphni's Part 2 Edit)
    09...SJOB Movement...Love Affair (Meistro's Sol Power Rework)
    11...Sol Power All-Stars...Giya (forthcoming on Sol Power Sound!)
    12...The Loi-Toki-Tok Band...Ware Wa (Tropical Treats Edit)
    13...JD Twitch...Olaiya
    14...Mbiri Young Stars...Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe (Meistro's Sol Power Remix)
    15...Auntie Flo...Kisumu
    16...Daphni...Ye Ye
    17...Theo Parrish...Lake Shore Drive
    18...Sol Power All-Stars...Night in Tunisia​

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    This one is a journey through spoken-word house music of the late 80s and early 90s. This unique sub-genre of house music have always been a fascination of mine and I am very happy to share it with you all.

    It features many great spoken word and poetic tracks of the classic house era. There is also a tiny sprinkling of hip-house (sometimes its hard to separate the two styles).

    Many great records did not make the cut so maybe there will be a volume 2 sometime in the future.


    1. Basil Hardhaus - Black Man [1991]
    2. Gil Scott Heron - Space Shuttle (Deep Club Dub) [1990]
    3. The Speech - I Have A Dream [1988]
    4. Asia Love - You Should Be Here (Mass Mix) [1990]
    5. L.U.P.O - Hell or Heaven [1990]
    6. Plus One - Its Happenin' [1990]
    7. Cajmere - Believe in Me (Chit Chat Mix) [1992]
    8. L.U.S.T. - 2 Hot 2 Stop (French Tickler Mix) [1989]
    9. Julian Jonah - Jealousy and Lies [1988]
    10. Tech Trax Inc. - Tech Trax Inc. (Xplanitory Mix) [1990]
    11. Master C & J - Face It (Club) [1987]
    12. Jungle Wonz - The Jungle [1986]
    13. Marshall Jefferson presents The Truth - Open Your Eyes (Celestial Mix) [1988]
    14. Basil Hardhaus - Hard for the DJ [1991]
    15. The Nathaniel X Project - Free Yourself [1994]
    16. Fierce Ruling Diva - You Gotta Believe (Garage Version) [1992]
    17. Ben Mays - Rated X (Jungle Mix) [1988]
    18. Risque Rhythm Team - The Jacking Zone [1986]
    19. LY - Back to Zanzibar (King Street Mix) [1994]
    20. Zanzibar Chanel - My Emotion [2013]

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    here's a mix I put together a while back, no fancy mixing (in fact it was done a fucked up mixer). It's mostly psych and prog, and mostly brazilian and latin american with other things thrown in:

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    Quick little spring jazz mix i put together and had to cut down from the original 45 mins because soundcloud is the worst with the copyright stuff. Straight ahead bop and west coast stuff from the late 40's to early 60s. Enjoy!

  • phatmoneysackphatmoneysack Melbourne 1,124 Posts

    An exploration of library, funk, jazz fusion, ambient and new age records from the dawn of the digital age.


    1. Tony Hymas – Final Inspection [1979] [UK]
    2. Vangelis Katsoulis - Imago [198?] [Greece]
    3. Joan Bibiloni – Migas [1987] [Spain]
    4. Арсенал - Пульс Улицы = Street Pulse [1987] [USSR]
    5. Vito Ricci - Hollywood [198?] [USA]
    6. Ströer Duo - When You Stopped Sleeping [1985] [Germany]
    7. Frédéric Mercier - Grandeur Nature [1986] [France]
    8. 安西史孝 - Fly to the future, Spaceship C&C! part II [1985] [Japan]
    9. Ryuchi Sakamoto - F A D E [1987] [Japan]
    10. International Music System - Mojave [1983] [Italy]
    11. Uku Kuut - Soft Fashion [198?] [Estonia]
    12. Zigmar Liepinš - ....Опус IV (...Opus IV) [1985] [USSR]
    13. Chris Evans-Ironside - In Transverse [1987] [UK]
    14. Ilaiyaraaja - Don't Compare [198?] [India]
    15. Patrick Marcel - Bagnols [1985] [France]
    16. Yuji Ono - Dawn of the Seychelles [1982] [Japan]

  • Live recording of me rocking the Eighteenth Street Lounge in DC a few weeks ago. Disco, afro, house, kwaito, tropical joints, and some dancehall. Gets a little sloppy at the end but was a great dance floor all night.

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    My latest all vinyl mix - mostly new vinyl releases (including a few shas'u and luvny tunes) but includes some dollar bin finds from French summer holiday fleamarket digs

    Zielkracht 35 @ Red Light Radio 07-28-2015 by Red Light Radio on Mixcloud

  • i am always late with the summer mixes for some reason...but here you go.
    some latin soul 60s jazz buiness for you.

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts

    Here are two I made this summer:

    Grillin' Out by Big Stacks on Mixcloud

    Rock On by Big Stacks on Mixcloud


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • Here is a mix of hip-hop remixes that I made:

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    dont think I ever put this one in here before, but you never know

    And this one is a freestyle mix of a bunch of beats from the Metal Fingers Series. I might actually follow this format of choosing a theme, recording a mix and leaving it up for a week for a little while to get some inspiration back.

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    Muntant Disco vs Italo Disco vs Cosmic Disco vs Disco Rock

    1. Shriekback ‎– My Spine is the Bassline
    2. Marianne Faithfull - Sex with Strangers (Sly & Robbie DubMix) [KBE Remix]
    3. Marzio ‎– The Phantom Of The Opera
    4. Unknown Artist - Belly Button [Abel Edit]
    5. Don Ray - Body and Soul
    6. Jazzy Dee - Get on Up
    7. Italian Disco Stars - Pick Me Up
    8. Amnésie with the Nicolosi Family ‎– Turas
    9. Yoko Ono ‎– Walking On Thin Ice
    10. Bagarre - For Your Pleasure
    11. Rinder & Lewis - Willie and the Hand Jive
    12. Mr Master - Dog in the Night
    13. Quando Quando - Love Tempo
    14. Loui$ - Pink Footpath
    15. Voyage - Kechak Fantasy
    16. Supermax - S.U.P.E.R.M.A.X
    17. Eric’s Friend’s - Discocaine

  • This mix has the vibe of a late night weekend up in the Bu under the stars listening to some trippy cosmic AOR & chilled cuts with good friends (possibly smoking dope, or drinking something hard).

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    100 minutes of The Ruler!

  • Just recorded this mix. Lots of obscure tracks of psych, soul, reggae disco etc.

  •  Been going through a pile of reggae lately. I put together this little mix culled from the 45's. Warm Island vibes to shake off them November blues :

    Chalice: I'm Trying
    Papa Michigan & General Smiley: Dub Down
    Horace Andy: Mr. Bassie
    Skengdon Allstars: Pretoria Version
    Dennis Brown: Take A Trip
    Joe Gibbs and the Professionals: Now
    King Tubby & the Aggrovators: A Moving Version
    Icho Candy: User
    D.E.B. Allstars: Created Dub
    Upsetters: Grumbling Dub
    Leroy Smart: Mother Lisa
    Gregory Isaacs: Soon Forward Version
    The High Gee Gees: I Prophesy I
    Black Uhuru: Shine Eyes
    Culture: I Am Not Afraid Version
    Dennis Brown: Ghetto Girl Version
    Revolutionaries: Angola
    Tommy McCook: Moving Out
    The Sound Dimension: Amazing Version

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    Welcome to my mind garden.

    These are some of my absolute favourite songs from my record collection. They all seem to resonate with me deeply on one level or another.

    Its a mixture of jazz, soul, fusion, ambient, reggae, latin and AOR perfect for afternoon listening. Enjoy!

    Bobby Hutcherson - Montara [1975]
    Wanderlea - Lindo [1978]
    Tarika Blue - Dreamflower [1977]
    Barry Forgie - Mediterranee [1972]
    Vangelis Katsoulis - Epilogue [1990]
    Uku Kuut - Visions of Estonia [198?]
    Bajy & the Electrical Haitian Orchestra - Fou De Toi [1981]
    Daniel Bechet - Astral Dance [1979]
    Don Blackman - Since You’ve Been Away So Long [1982]
    RAMP - Everybody Loves the Sunshine [1977]
    Hiroshi Suzuki - Romance [1975]
    Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades - Glass Off [1976]
    Ned Doheny - I’ve Got Your Number [1976]
    Arthur Verocai - Na Boca Del Sol [1972]

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    Blood Money - Pillow Talk by Djwaxon on Mixcloud


    From the Derby Strutteur DJWAXON.  Coitus optional.

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    TNT DISCOS Presents 14 ultra rare 45s from Guatemala and El Salvador. Obscure and undocumented Funk Afro Grooves. All this recordings were discovered diggin deep in ghettos and old warehouses over last 6 years for all over Central America,

    Enjoy and have a safe groove trip.


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    brand new mix for fall.
    Some somber jazz pop folk 60s business

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,784 Posts
    Coldcut killing it!

    ArtistTitleRecord Label
    Roots ManuvaDon’t Breathe OutBig Dada
    RomareRootsNinja Tune
    ReckonwrongRadio Magic TracksWhities
    KonkYour Life (What U Want)Sleeping Bag Records
    Beat SpacekI Wanna Know (Seven Davis Jr Midnight Remix)Ninja Tune
    KlasmosLoopedErased Tapes
    Arthur RussellSee My Brother, He’s Jumping Out (Let’s Go Swimming #2)Audika
    Martyn & Four TetGlassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)Ninja Tune
    Lee BannonMemory 6Ninja Tune
    The BugPoison DartNinja Tune
    WileyStep 2001 (prod. by Zomby)Big Dada
    TeethShawty502 Recordings
    DJ Spinn & RashadDubby feat. Danny BrownHyperdub
    BonoboEyesdown feat. Andreya Triana (Machinedrum Remix)Ninja Tune
    Dream ContinuumGiv A Lil LuvPlanet Mu
    Funki PorciniKing Ashabanapal (Dillinja Mix)Ninja Tune
    DJ FoodScratch Yer Head (Squarepusher Mix)Ninja Tune
    MachinedrumEyesdontlie (DJ Shadow Remix)Ninja Tune
    DJ VadimTerrorist (Instrumental)Ninja Tune
    Jeru Tha DamajaCome Clean (Sabre’s 20/20 Bootleg)No Label
    East Flatbush ProjectTried by TwelveNinja Tune
    OCTimes UpWild Pitch
    Illum SphereRitualNinja Tune
    Brother AhhLove PieceStrata East
    The Prime ElementEn El Amanecer Del Tiempo (In The Dawn of Time)Trova
    Flying LotusZodiac ShitWarp
    Eddie KendricksMy People, Hold OnTamla
    WifeBodiesLeft Blank
    cLOUDDEADDead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada Remix)Big Dada

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    AV mix from Armtone:

    <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=" ">Armtone - &#039;R&Sigma;motions&#039;</a> from <a href="">Armtone</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

    ArtistTitleRecord Label
    Paul WhiteWhere You Gonna GoR & S Records
    BonoboCirrusNinja Tune
    Sau PolerIsolatedAtomnation
    William OnyeaborLove Me Now (Prince of B Edit)Unknown
    Owiny Sigoma BandLucas MaloreBrownswood
    Clap! Clap!Tambacounda's Black MagicBlack Acre
    My Nu Leng ft. FoxMasterplanBlack Butter
    AkkordFolded EdgeHoundstooth
    L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin HawkeThe PitSound Pellegrino
    Dark SkyGaddagive50Weapons
    Jam CityBellsNight Slugs
    TSVIMalfunctionB.YRSLF Division
    LinGAnthracite (HORRA Club Remix)Get Some
    Jam CityReal Raw SaturnNight Slugs
    ArtifactFollow MeUnknown
    Sleepin GiantzRaving Bully (Madd Again! Remix)Tru Thoughts
    Reilly SteelICU (Mak & Pasteman UK Remix)Senseless
    Enei ft. ChimpoHeadtopCritical Recordings
    Addison Groove ft. Spank RockBad Things50Weapons
    BamboomanClaspSonic Router
    SeamsRiloFull Time Hobby
    Spacetime ContinuumSwing Fantasy (Strange Attractor Mix)Reflective
    Drums of DeathThis Night (Waves City Dub)Civil Music
    Ill BluBlu Magic (Original Mix)Insatiable International
    CYPHR & SudanimU MostHer Records
    WozJunkyBlack Butter Records
    Mumdance ft. NovelistTake TimeRinse
    Debruit & AlsarahJibal AlnubaSoundway
    MyrryrsFantom DozeBody High
    OH91Goon ModeWhite Peach
    Wiley ft. Gods GiftAnd Again (Acapella)Big Dada
    Reilly SteelRisinTop Billin Music
    Om Unit ft. JinaduThe SilenceCivil Music
    The BugVoidNinja Tune
    Kid Moxie & The Gaslamp Killer1888Undo Records
    Jokers Of The SceneEndless Scene Pt.6Mount Analog

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    a quick hip hop mix I made the other night to listen to on my bike, I have been on a huge down tempo thing lately and this mix sits maily below 90 bpm

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