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I know this has come up many times before, but the need to talk about basslines is presenting itself.

  • What are your favorite basslines?
  • What are your favorite jazz basslines?
  • What are your favorite rock basslines?
  • What are your favorite funk basslines?
  • What are your favorite hip hop basslines?
  • What are your favorite reggae basslines?
  • What was the earliest bassline as we know a bassline today?
  • Who are the baddest bassists?
  • What is a bassline and how will I know when I'm faking it?

For me the bassline begins with the tuba and the way it's used to lead a second line. Some basslines that immedietely come to mind are:

  1. Professor Longhair - Big Chief, for that booming tuba-sourced sound
  2. Crusaders - Whispering Pines, which the Odd Squad utilized to perfection on Jazz Rendition
  3. Cymande - Geneviere
  4. Saafir - Hype Shit
  5. B.G. - Uptown My Home
First bassists to pop in my head: Charles Mingus, Jimmy Garrison, Ron Carter, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Bootsy Collins, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Flea, Les Claypool, Leonard HubbardAlright, buss it...


  • BrianBrian 7,618 Posts
    Not going to answer everything, but John Coltrane - Resolution, Organized Konfusion - Stress, and Dr. Dre - Deep Cover are among my favorites.

  • ArchaicArchaic 633 Posts
    Eric B and Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique

    Why don't I already have Young Holt Unlimited - Queen of the Nile?

    Anybody got a spare Born Again LP?

    Then there's:

    Too $hort - Dope Fiend Beat

  • ArchaicArchaic 633 Posts
    Just slapped myself for not mentioning Larry Graham.

  • ray goodman and brown-another day
    blackbyrds-rock creek park, do it fluid

  • ArchaicArchaic 633 Posts

    blackbyrds- do it fluid

    Rebirth Brass Band stretching Do It Fluid out in concert...priceless.

  • ArchaicArchaic 633 Posts
    2 more before I turn in for the night:

    Vaughn Mason - Bounce Rock Skate Roll
    One Way - Cutie Pie

  • dayday 9,612 Posts
    "My Love For You"

  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts
    "Girl Watcher" - the O'Kaysions
    anything by Cymande
    "Them Changes" - Buddy Miles

  • ayresayres 1,452 Posts
    Ginuwine - Pony
    Raphael Saadiq - Still Ray
    Chocolate Milk - Action Speaks Louder than Words
    Donald Byrd - Dominoes
    MFSB - Love is the Message
    Del - Catch a Bad One
    De La Soul - Oodles of Os
    Idris Muhammed - Say What
    Aly-Us - Follow Me
    Raze - Break For Love
    Kano - I'm Ready
    Zapp - More Bounce to the Ounce
    Liquid Liquid - Cavern
    Sleng Teng Riddim
    Dead Prez - Bigger Than Hip-Hop
    Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
    Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
    Little Boy Blues - Seed of Love
    Polyrhythm Addicts - Motion 2000 (can't remember the og)
    Casual - I Gotta (Get Down)

  • SoulOnIceSoulOnIce 13,027 Posts

    "Rabbit Got the Gun" by The Dapps

    "If You Want Me to Stay" by Sly Stone

    "Don't Look Any Further" by Dennis Edwards

    "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose" by JB (or is that a guitar?)

  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts

    "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose" by JB (or is that a guitar?)

    Bass (He calls out "Bootsy" on the 4.)

  • For hip-hop basslines, just off the top of my head...

    Double XX Possee! "Not Gonna Be Able To Do It"

    Black Sheep "The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)"

    A Tribe Called Quest "Buggin' Out"



  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts

    Too $hort - Dope Fiend Beat

    and Freaky Tales (also!)

  • That free bassline on "spinning wheel" from joachim kuehn on BASF is one of my all time favourites next to the already mentioned "don??t sweat the technique"

  • MjukisMjukis 1,675 Posts
    Jazz: Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay.
    Afrobeat: Fela - Fear not of man.
    Rock: Breeders - Cannonball.
    Indie: Stone Roses - Fools gold.
    Hiphop: Diamond D - Sally got a one track mind! Dom, de du du, de DOUUUUUUUU dum de dum de dum...

  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts
    "Jump Into The Fire" - Nilsson

  • emyndemynd 830 Posts
    "Welcome to Jamrock" is the new bassline banger of the moment.


  • jdeezjdeez 638 Posts
    angel dust - gil scott

    yarborough and nem - don't stop the music

  • gloomgloom 2,765 Posts

    A Tribe Called Quest "Buggin' Out"


  • ArchaicArchaic 633 Posts
    What was the earliest bassline as we know a bassline today?

    I'd say Big Chief but that speaks more to programmed bass of the 808 rather than the played bass of rock, jazz, and funk.

    What are your favorite reggae basslines?

    I'mma go with Augustis Pablo - East of the River Nile

    What are your favorite rock basslines?

    Some that come to mind:

    Beatles - Come Together
    Paul McCartney - Momma Miss America
    Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song
    Nirvana - Love Buzz

  • Gladys Knight & the Pips -- Grapevine
    Sly -- In time, Who Do You Love, Crossword Puzzle
    Tom Waits -- Hang on St Christopher
    Bob Marley -- Midnight Ravers
    Gregory Issacs -- Rumours (keyboard but who cares)
    Donny Hathaway -- Everything is Everything (live)
    Bootsy -- What's a Telephone Bill
    Graham Central Station -- Water, Tell Me What It Is, The Jam

    I'll think of some more after I wake up a bit.

  • bonzaisk8bonzaisk8 946 Posts
    all these change every month, practically. but for now, here we go:

    favorite basslines right now? Zimpala's "The Breeze is Black" On the new Coney Island Love 2 EP
    favorite jazz basslines? "A love Supreme" Coltrane
    favorite rock basslines? "Galaxy 500" CLutch
    favorite funk basslines? "Hollywood Swinging" KTG
    favorite hip hop basslines? Dead Prez "hip hop"
    reggae basslines? Capleton "murderor"
    favorite Latin bassline: Ray Barretto "right on"

    Who are the baddest bassists? Cachaito Lopez / Charles Mingus... just to name a few

  • GropeGrope 2,970 Posts
    Polyrhythm Addicts - Motion 2000 (can't remember the og)

    No wonder, it's a super secret squirrel. But Mark B (Soulstrut favorite) used it before. His beat sounds even better!

  • Dennis Brown backed by Aswad Promised Land


    Also known as the Mosman Skank off the Countryman soundtrack and reversioned many times with generally devastating results.


    This Jammys produced classic from the late great Nitty Gritty Run Down the World

    Sometimes I wish all my music sounded like this.

  • jjfad027jjfad027 1,594 Posts
    school boy crush
    leroy hutson- love this feeling
    jbs- i wanna get down
    aretha- rocksteady
    stayin alive
    rebirth of slick
    b eno- regiment
    too short- im a player
    too short- just another day
    too short- way too real
    sly- thank you

    anyone every notice how there's no bassline in prince- when doves cry???

  • noznoz 3,625 Posts
    7 minutes of funk
    freaky tales

  • mrpekmrpek 627 Posts

    Vaughn Mason - Bounce Rock Skate Roll

    very dope!

    just a few off the top of my head
    Fela Kuti-super dope bassline on "Black President" the name escapes me and I'm not around my recs...

    Sly and the family stone "(you caught me) smiling"

    Lord Finnese"yes you may remix"

    Nas "It ain't hard to tell" I'm a sucker for the filtered human nature sweetness
    there is too many to think of....

  • slavinslavin 577 Posts
    stark reality - comrades

  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts
    Diamond D - Sally got a one track mind! Dom, de du du, de DOUUUUUUUU dum de dum de dum...


  • DJ_EnkiDJ_Enki 6,471 Posts
    The Beatnuts--"Are You Ready" (and of course the Bill Doggett original)
    The Beatnuts--"Yeah, You Get Props"
    Love Unlimited Orchestra--"Strange Games & Things"/EPMD--"Manslaughter"
    Quincy Jones--"Hikky Burr"
    Herbie Hancock--"Watermelon Man" (of course)
    Sylvia Striplin--"You Can't Turn Me Away"
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