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    Plaese to educate re this LP?
    something along the lines of quintessenial british guff produced by Alan Hawkshaw of KPM/Mohawks fame, moments of fiyah but also some gawd awful vocals (I don't actually own that one tho

    Comin' Home Baby off this LP was a 45 I think... great intro bassline, not a million away from Melting Pot, which is also worthy. Yes, it all gets a bit messy when the vocals come in.

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    the best flip of a bassline sample is that eddie harris - "turbulence" into doc oc's "bear witness". I think maybe showbiz and ag used it in an unreleased track before, but it didnt carry the same weight without q cuttin on it.

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    I've been diggin' the bass on these A LOT lately:

    Gemini: "Ain't No Love Better Than Your Love" (THE classic boogie synth bassline) and "It's Friday Night" (the last 3 minutes is a slap bass bonanza)

    Lowrell: "Mellow Mellow Right On"

    Carl Carlton: "Dance With Me" (slept-on synth bass masterpiece)

    Keni Burke: "Let Somebody Love You" should not be ignored.


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    Bounce Rock Skate

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    Off the dome:

    Jimmy Smith - Root Down

    A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie

    Get Down - Gene Russell

    Pieces Of A Dream - Mt. Airy Groove

    Instant Funk - Got My Mind Made Up

    David Snell - Crab Apple Jam

    ANDY LOORE- Mixed Drums

    Dominic Frontiere - Sunday Drivin'


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    I've been playing bass for 30 years and I tell you, for classic bass lines, no one is f*cking with BERNARD EDWARDS.  Bow the fu*k down.

    The one JAMERSON is on that level, but he wasn't about patterns so much, more like a counterpoint song to the lyrics.

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    Been enjoying Led Zep's ramble on bassline recently.

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