The RZA's Yard Sale

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Found this on a KF forum:

So, what is "Attack Of The Show"? Any good?


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    ONE HANDED!!!!

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    This is a bit old, but here is a cool interview with the RZA & his Sifu, Sifu Shi Yan-Ming, a real Shaolin monk:

    There are some great quotables here:

    "You know first time I saw your video, oh my God, I can't stop laughing. I love very much. Before I said, "Where is Rakim video? I cannot see!" My god. All the time I check Channel 20 [MTV] and Channel 42 BET]. "Where's Rakim?" On the phone I talk to you and it came on. I said "Wow! Now!" So excellent."

    "All you producers who don't get enough chi energy, you cannot make good music."

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  • HAZHAZ 3,373 Posts
    This one, absolute classic:

    "I made my own ringtone mash up of it"

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    I dunno...seems like RZA's been in L.A. too long.

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    So, what is "Attack Of The Show"? Any good?

    It's like a "entertainment tonight" type show for the video gamers and computer/net geeks.

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    they were funny

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    funny stuff. "what up bill murray?"

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    i feel like we need an audio graemlin of "put it on Ebay and watch the bidding war begin."

    could it be a new millenium update for: ?
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