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    what about Misfits of Science tho!

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    A midget family throwing watermelon

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    I can't help to think we were lucky to grow up when we did. To see before and after the technologicalinformationsuperhighway world was a blessing.

  • -watching Robin Byrd on Channel J when it wasn't reruns...on TV with knobs and a push-button cable box

    When I was real young, me and my boy Bill used to talk our parents into letting us have sleepovers at my grandparents house in the vill. Our parents thought we were all excited about going to museums or 2nd Avenue deli or whatever (which we were to a certain extent), but all we really wanted to do was wait til my grandparents fell asleep and watch Channel J!!! I would tell kids in Jersey that in New York they had porno on television for free and everyone was like "uh uh you're lying!".

    -PNB when it was strickly political

    I used to go to Union and buy every PNB tshirt that came out. The one that said "Hello My Name Is Eleanor Bumpers", etc. and of course the 89Tec9 Stretch Armstrong shirt which I wore about three times a week until the end of college when it practically disintegrated. I cannot really get with all of this bullshit "streetwear" that the young youth is into (like those shitty all-over print hoodies and Bape shirts), but PNB was the SHIT!

  • A midget family throwing watermelon

    If you know West Oakland... this is kind of the way it goes out there. Shit is wild

    That neighborhood "Dogtown" with a lot of strays is right around the midget watermelon incident. Shit was like halfway to a ghost town back then. Mad abandoned buildings, empty lots, etc

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    I can't help to think we were lucky to grow up when we did. To see before and after the technologicalinformationsuperhighway world was a blessing.

    Damn straight! Remember the dewey decimal system?

    P.S. I miss Jello Pudding pops

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    I cannot really get with all of this bullshit "streetwear" that the young youth is into (like those shitty all-over print hoodies and Bape shirts), but PNB was the SHIT!

    True. But PNB/Mecca/Supreme/Fubu/Ecko/& Them is the "streetwear" of its time. Just sayin.
    Back in the day, cats anointed specific brands as "hiphop" clothes. These were threads not aimed at the skreets and not available across the globe.

    Meanwhile back to REMEMBER THAT......

    The Shag haircut
    Coolies (coke sprinkled on cheeba)
    Apollo 5 Speeds (tennis ball in the spokes)
    DR.J & Rick Barry Spalding Advertisement on the back cover of comix
    Crazy colored sheepskins w/ matching hat & gloves
    Colorful nicknames of homies - Black Juice & Milk & Mashon the Booger Girl

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    black and white TV's in bus stations...

    does the one in Philly still have these?

    the one in Albany does...

    shit is mad depressing...

    tho, when i was a kid, the pizza place near me had them and i thought it was the bomb... 25 cents for 15 minutes... never seen them anywhere outside of bus stations and that one pizza joint...

  • pgunn, loving bobby the brain.

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     spent nine years of my life wearing these uniforms so this always reminds me of being a kid.

  • HELL YEAH!!!! This was the shit, a fucked up 8 track player that had special tapes and buttons on the front that would switch tracks.
    It would ask a question about something and give you 4 or 5 choices for answers, and you push the button based on your answer and what button you push.

    It had a goofy laugh, made me giggle as a kiddlet.

    Thanks for bringing that one out of the vault.

  • evil keneivel, shogun warriors, micronauts, black cherry soda, six million dollar man.
    peace, stein. . .

  • this thread is incredble! co-sign on all that 70s + early 80s stuff!
    2 things to add off the top of my head:

    1. one day in about march '77 I was waiting for the school bus and the Today Show was on the little b+w tv in the kitchen. they started talking about a new movie coming out later that year, and they played a clip from it. it was a space battle! i saw a humanoid golden robot tangled up in wires on a spaceship going "help me! im melting!", and then the bus came. for WEEKS my pea-sized 7 year old brain was trying to figure out what that movie was and when it was coming. of course it was star wars, as id later discover.

    (1a. cheap b+w Warren magazines at the drugstore like "space worlds", etc...)

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  • what about this foolio:

    He used to rap along to ALL my Fat Boys cassettes!



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    "Cost fucked Madonna"

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    I was in the studio audience for an episode of that show.
    I remember having to wait 2 weeks later to see catch it on tv. "I saw Lauren's head!!!"

    Wonderama was that shit.

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    Modern Soul?

  • The church of jesus christ and latter day saints commercials, like never tell a lie

    there was also a children's aid society commercial that was a song. I need to remember that...damn...blanking

    I used to have a disc camera too. took the worst pics ever.

    remember flash bulbs and 5" floppy disks...never saw an 8" floppy disk.

  • Muscle Men

    yes dude! fucking raw. talk about old school.

  • 3-2-1 Contact

    That show was my shit. Old dudes STAND UP! I gotta run out but I'll be back in a sec to add on.

    I believe this show featured some music from the first Kraftwerk LP on Philips.

    [klang]ahead of the curve[/klang]

    WOW! That show's theme song is permanently etched into my brain. At the weirdest times, I find myself singing it. In the mold of educational shows...

    - Square One - with whutsherface from Warriors and Carmen Sandiago
    - Mr. Wizard
    - Today's Special
    - Read All About It (although that talking typewritter/computer freaked me out a bit)
    - Sol the hobo Quebecois clown (my Canadians stand up!)

    Also, those wooden cabinet systems, that had a tapedeck, record player, radio AND a 8-track player. My sister and I use to kill my dad's when he was at work. I wish I still had it with the velvet lined speaker with wooden bars down the front.

    Mathnet from Square One was my favorite shit. 3-2-1 Contact inna de house as well.

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    in boston, we had a great PSA featuring a dude in a glittery suit w/ weird ears (it wasn't far from being some sort of s&m gimp suit) who was supposed to a martian... he had a hardcore boston accent, thus martian was "maaaaahtian"... he was all exited about fruits and vegatables ("by only eating candy bahhhhs we don't know what we miss...")

    turns out, the martian was a pre-tonight show Jay Leno... go figure...

    oh, and don't forget Chow Daddy...

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    SHIELDS & YARNELL was my shit! If you think about it that shit was hip hop! I need to find those on DVD. I remember ALL the shit mentioned in this thread. Good days are long gone for sure! Who remembers when the wrestler Andre the Giant played big foot on the six million dollar man? So I guess every one finds porn in the forest as a kid? Lmao..........Seriously. I found like 5 magazines on the way to school and brought them to class and they called my parents! I didn't think anything of it because they weren't mine I just found them. So I figured why would I get in trouble? The gong show too woth Gene Gene the Dancing Machine was the truth. Who seen the episode when Tookie Williams came out and flexed his muscles?

  • Hot Fudge

    Repob (WGBH/PBS TV show)

    Patchwork Family

    The Disco Kid from Wonderama

    Stay Alive

    going out on a limb on this one but there used to be one in a nearby Pathmark supermarket

    Coin-op Vending Machines that sold 45s (circa 74-76)

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    my neighbor had one of these....BIG TRAK!
    always played with this when I chilled at his house

    I can't believe I found a pic of this...I couldn't remember what it was called

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    and those tonka racers with the red button.
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