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    Super late to this thread but I really enjoyed it and it brought back tons of memories of my own. Loving the nostalgia. Here we go...

    Getting excited about stickers.

    Magic The Gathering (yeah I was a dork). Anyone else?

    Capturing and torturing small insects during recess. 

    When illegal fireworks were dangerous and exciting. Finding random things to blow up. 

    Of course, finding shredded porn mags in the woods (actually the bushes in the park with a secret path leading to a clearing). Getting props for sharing the secret bush porn with friends. 

    Whiffle ball in the driveway with random landmarks as bases and the outfield was the middle of the street. You had to run into traffic for line drives & fly balls. Hitting it deep enough into the shrubs usually meant an inside the park home run - eventually had to rule that a foul ball. 

    Playing "pickle" in the rain and sliding around in the mud for over 4 hours despite Mom's warnings, then catching pneumonia and missing the last 2 months of the 6th grade. 

    on Super Soakers - the ultimate Summer Vacation game changer when they dropped. I had the 100 - good balance of power, water capacity and mobility. 

    Home made slip-n-slide using the black landscaping tarp from the hardware store.

    One inch punch game - inspired by Bruce Lee.

    Creating random games on our block that involved throwing things at each other (fruit from a neighbor's tree for example).

    Capture the Flag

    on He-man, Muscle Men, Transformers and Legos. Also, Battle Beasts, TMNT and Star Wars toys - both the full sized action figures and the miniature models made of metal.

    Looking forward to the State fair every year. After a long night of hitting all the crazy rides (the mega sized swings and Gravitron were favorites) I'd lay in bed, close my eyes and feel like I was still on a ride, then dream about rides all night. 

    Spending way too many quarters on Street Fighter II at the comic shop, then the chipped/hacked turbo version, then Championship edition. And then that one Summer when it was finally released for Super Nintendo and we could play forever for free. 

    Bike rides as an excuse to go to a safe secluded spot to smoke out (usually by the levy).

    When the ultimate place to hang out was the garage. Ping-pong, darts, and it was easy to hide beers and weed smoking from the parents. 

    So many memories. I miss having all that free time to just be creative, get stupid and have fun with friends. 

  • I just came across this post,and being an old dude I remember some things too...Hostess Cupcakes being five cents a pack...When you could leave your back door unlocked in the Summer and not worry about it...When your teachers could beat your tale and send a note home explaining why they did it-and you'd get another one...When it wasn't square to say-YES SIR-YES MA'AM...When guys actually dressed up and not down to impress girls...When your parents told you to do something,they only had to say it-ONCE...When kids actually played-OUTSIDE...When kids would go to the movies all day for a quarter...When cars were made of metal instead of paper mache...When kids would go to the local Safeway with a wagon and carry folks groceries to earn money...When there was only one TV in the house,and dad ran it...When fights were settled with fist instead of guns...When girls had names like-Jackie-Denise-Deborah-Cathy-Barbara-Betty-Iris-Carolyn-Francis-Linda,and you didn't need a dictionary to pronounce em...When eight dollars was considered an astronomical amount to pay for a pair of[CHUCK TAYLOR]tennis shoes...When you had to do chores around the house...When you had to change into your-play clothes before going outside after school. 

  • I like this post,I guess that everyone else here is too young to remember..when you could call a business and get a human being  every time...when you could go to the corner store to get a loaf of bread or some candy...when your Holloween candy didn't have to be x-rayed before you ate it...when cops actually walked a beat and cared...when the worst word you heard on TV was-gosh darn it.

  • When you would actually get a FULL BAG OF POTATO CHIPS for a nickel.

  • When the insurance man came to your house to collect money for your policy...when you only gave ONE offering at church...when there was something good on tv every night...when football was only played  on Sunday.

  • Haven't read thru all the posts on this thread but..

    When cartoons came on ONE day out of the week
    When your THREE TV stations (not including PBS) went to sleep at night
    Chat Lines
    When cable TV first hit your hood
    When this new pizza joint called Dominoes opened shop n you could place an order on the phone n then they DELIVERED!
    Girbaud Jeans in high school with some Drakkar Noir splashed on the grill
    When your folks blasted AM radio in the morning to get their news while they got ready for work
    Fetching beer for your dad when you were like 7 or 8 n taking your first sips
    Standing in line to buy tickets to your first concert
    Going to the mall
    Remembering where you were when you first heard the band that to this day is still your favorite
    Taking your first hit of weed..

  • When the Allstar baseball game was played in the day time..when guys wore a tie and jacket to a party..when pictures got developed at the drugstore.

  • When school books were carried by hand..when tatoos were only worn by old soldiers..when nurses wore those cute little caps..when phone numbers began with letters..when the bus driver would give change..when earrings were only worn by women..when there was no interleague play in baseball.

  • When all singers DIDN'T sound alike..when a BITCH was a dog,and a HOE was a garden tool not lyrics in a song.

  • When everyone had a REAL TREE on Christmas,and it always snowed.

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    I remember my mum and dad having those fold-out paper concertina bells from Woolworths.  With a pre-decimal price sticker on them.
    I remember three channels on the TV (BBC1, 2 and ITV) so everyone could talk about the same shit.
    I remember drunkles giving me a tenner and it seemed like a king's ransom.
    I remember Yardley soap gift sets with the racing car toy.
    I remember sneaking Warninks advocaat through the day and then my folks offering me a big glass at night.
    That reminds me...

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    Age 10 or 12? Chocolate money and a satsuma in the morning. Malibu being a thing (miniatures if me, my bro, and cousin were lucky). 1 decent film on the tv the whole family would watch together (maybe Indiana Jones); Grandma complaining that she didn’t understand the plot.

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    Chocolate coins - yes!
    Our kids have got some chocolate coins somewhere but I've kinda lost my sweet tooth.  They have been given enough chocolate to make Godzilla diabetic.  It's an easy-choice present to give kids isn't it?  The amount is literally sickening to witness and enough to deter me from partaking, especially now Cadbury's are owned by Kraft and it tastes like dog muck.

    I have however concealed a Galaxy Ripple in the fridge for emergencies and it made me feel like a Doomsday Prepper.

  • I was told long ago that Cadbury does slightly different recipes for different regions, and that British Cadbury is the sweetest. I really think that's true, it's just an edge too far for me as someone for whom chocolate is pretty much my only vice. But galaxy's just as damn sweet. Gimme that Australian Cadbury. Hell I'll eat Hershey.

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    I remember when the FA Cup final was an all day event with tv coverage starting 3 hours before kick-off. It felt like the World Cup final.

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    I remember when the FA Cup final was an all day event with tv coverage starting 3 hours before kick-off. It felt like the World Cup final.

    We used to be able to buy the official programme in the local shop (in Widnes).  I remember the BBC and ITV both showing it, flicking between the two channels to see who had the better sound.  Southampton doing United in 76, Ricky Villa and dem in 81 ... 

    FA cup means nothing now as the money is in staying up and qualifying for the CL.  No incentive to risk your best squad against pub sides looking to kick shit out of "Overpaid Forriners, like."

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