Movies that are so bad they're good!!!



  • Plus, you know, Ralphus.

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    I love this movie!

  • Yeah, Bloodsucking Freaks is hardcore. A Joe Bob Briggs favorite.

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    I remember one called "The Stuff" that starred Garrett Morris and was about highly addictive ice cream from outer space that took over it's eaters bad it was good.

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    These were so bad they were kinda good...

  • actually this movie isn't great, it's pretty distrubing but fits into the theme of movies being posted

  • p.o.w. deathcamp

    woots, where you at?

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    I forgot to mention Infested! (aka Ticks 2). In a nutshell: Growth-stimulating chemicals pot growers in the Pacific northwest use to increase their crops seep into the groundwater, mutating ticks to become the size of a dog (and, evidently, with the roar of a lion--neato!). Said ticks go on a killing spree on some outward-bound mofos, including gangsta-ass Alfonso Ribeiro and possibly-psychic Seth Green. Also starring: Clint Howard, Peter Scolari, and Seth Green's haircut.

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    Demolition Man
    That's insane crazy speak. That film is good good.

    Will second Dolph Lundgren's Dark Ange and I'll add the epic gang/dance-flick Knights of the City.

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    The king

    now i just saw this exists

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    You Got Served

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    The 3 Ninjas serie is pretty spot-on as well.

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    (The one on the right isn't too bad, although it's standard 'Vietnam Vets coming home and kicking ass' type of fare. It even stars Marvin Gaye!)

    (70s spy-fi made-for-TV movie that never went to series with Bette Davis)

    Quaint movie about intelligent, killer ants in the Arizona desert. Stomu Yamashita did the new agey, synth heavy soundtrack.

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    Demolition Man
    That's insane crazy speak. That film is good good.

    Well I was about 14 the last time I saw it, but I just remember the social commentary being really hamfisted and the action sorta lame. I take it was supposed to be intentional self-parody?

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    I found it pretty enjoyable as a quirky, sorta witty b-movie, but it's definitely the most self-aware and *wink wink* out of the entire series. (Think Scream/Jason X.) You can't really enjoy it on some ironic "man, the director/writer/actors/camera crew/etc. really had a vision here and were just way too inept to make it happen" level, because the makers knew exactly what they're doing.

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    this is a classic and is in no way a 'bad' movie.

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    this is a classic and is in no way a 'bad' movie.

    Seriously. Being a cult or b-movie is not the same as being a "so bad it's good" flick.

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    We've got an annual movie night here with nothing but trailers from the world's worst movies ever made - these were some of the past highlights (NSFPCSTRUT)

    Other highlights which I couldnt find any material of include a korean godzilla / jaws ripoff where a dude in a godzilla suit is standing in a pond flailing a dead shark about and the world's worst trailer (just a voiceover and the title (Je brule de partout) flying on screen in various ways)

    Thankfully they had to cut a thai sex-change documentary because some dude fainted at the theater

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    no I didnt know that...
    bad news indeed

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    I'm a short .... fat ..... slut

  • whenever i see the scientologists in times square i think of this movie and start giggling.

  • There is nothing bad about this movie.

    My vote is for the whole teen romantic comedy genre. I love these shits.

    The best of them is surely this one:

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