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    you and rapedonkeys swimming laps together? I'm confused

  • i only drink water and kombuchu and tea.

    FUK a SODA ( and snapple and all that other garbage ).

    health strut is what's really...

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    See... y'all knock the cheeses on here. I thrive off cheese... eat Vermont cheddar right off the block with some Wheat Thins... so focused the rest of the day.

    nah man i hear you

    i should have put a caveat on my anti cheese rant....

    don't eat that PROCESSSED bullshit.. freshly off the block farm style?? yes please.

    and indeed a good peace of old cheedar does indeed focus ones brain.

    as for that mercury in fish bullshit.. its just that BULLSHIT... the healthiest people in the world (as mentioned before.. dudes are from japan) subsist on a massive fish diet.

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    i still got along way to go...theres a lot of habits i gotta learn. but our world is designed for overworked, sedentary,[/b] convenience living.....its hard for an individual to stay healthy in this shit.

    I still remember the first time I met you. It was like, "this dude who's hoboing around the states is gonna stop by." To me, that created a certain image. But you rolled up in the van, with a bike in tow, a full health food store in the back, and crazy records. I was instantly impressed. It's good to live a lifestyle that is easily adaptable to whatever situation you may be in. Commendable.

    I've been conscious of my health for years. More neccesity than choice. I have a crazy raw stomach. My entire life has been plagued by stress. I had an ulcer in 6th grade. (The other school kids were drinking soda and I was sippin' Maalox.) I used to get stomach aches whenever I ate. It was a constant. As I grew older, it grew worse. Ending with me shitting blood (no pearson). It was raw, ugly, and really disgusting. My friend Charles suffered the same - he wasn't so lucky.

    I quit eating meat, fast food, candy, and soda as a defense. Most of it was stress-related, but I noticed without the shitfood my stomach was much better. I began eating healthier, and cooking myself, which is a great thing. [It also makes a woman smile to know you got kitchen skills. I grew up with women (divorced mom, 2 sister, 4 female cousins, and 3 grandmas - the men were either dead or gone), so I didn't really notice that dudes were lame in the kitchen until I got older.] While I've been healthy, I've noticed that my energy level has changed. At first I suspected meat - perhaps I was iron deficient. Not the case. A homeopath told me I was vitamin B deficient, so I started taking supplements. This worked ... for a while. But eventually I felt the fatigue again.

    It's that sedentary-nature. I've always been suspicious. When I was young, and working in factories or trades, I was always moving and had lots of energy. But this desk jockey/ record nerdery/ computer lifestlye has really put a damper on my movement. I don't workout. I'm not overweight. I walk alot. But I don't exercise. I've no desire to exercise, but I don't like feeling tired as much as I do.

    A month ago I decided to stop eating sugar. (With the exception of a little in my morning coffee and an occassional desert of orange-flavored Sanpelligrino). Immediately the fatigue was gone. And I didn't even eat that much sugar/junk food. But simply eliminating it from my diet gave me 100% more energy. I'm getting so much more shit done now.

  • RADD

    Yea, bloodshits is no joke afterall.


    But the moral of this story for me is sugar is evil. That shit is basically like crack. Over processed, highly refined, super potent crack.

    When you are strung out on sugar and need it to stay up you are a junkie. I know this problem. It is one of my final frontiers in dietary consumption. I just cannot see dropping it.

    Oh and by the way... EAT SLOWLY and CHEW the FOOD. This is important and overlooked. You gotta gnaw the vitimans and nutrients out of the food.


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    Beer is still my greatest enemy.

    Beer is still my greatest enemy.

    Beer is still my greatest enemy.

    Beer is still my greatest enemy.

    Yet, at the same time, it's still my best friend. But how I lost weight (and I know this is gonna sound a little out there) is to not drink everyday.

    Seriously. I used to drink about 3-6 beers a night during the week. And during the weekend there were no holds barred - Hell I'd even pop one before noon sometimes (I think there's a word for this kinda behavior. Catholic?). Can you imagine how many calories you're suckin down when you start drinking that early?

    Though even during my past joe 6pack aclocholic phase I have always been running and doing sit up and pushups... but back then I was just breaking even because I'd counteract all my fitness efforts by downing a 6pack and eating pizza when I returned from the track.. oops.

    So yeah, I have no intention to ever quit drinking because I LOVE BEER, but loving it too much and too often will easily transform you into a gigantic swollen greasey fat fuck. booooo to that.

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    Yo, let's make a SoUlStRuT fitness checklist or some shit. I'm gonna add these:

    - Stop drinking soda. Drink water instead
    - No eating at least four hours before you go to sleep

    Feel free to add on.

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    sugar is evil

  • Ciggarettes make me fucking ill. Hard to believe people still smoke butts these days.

    A few years ago I was at a friends place and we lit up a spliff.... my head spun so much I came near to losing it, not from the weed but from the tobacco. I still smoke a joint now and again but tobacco still makes me green in the face.

    Processed foods are pretty rank for your body. Loads of fat, sugar, and sodium.

    So to avoid processed food I do lots of stir-fries and things like poached fish. A fave lately is curried jasmine rice with whitefish, black beans, tomatos and veggies. Spinach reduces when cooked, so a whole 12 oz bag will shrink to almost nothing, and tastes positively bangin with the curry and cilantro.

    I'll do red meat, maybe once every 2 weeks, usually a grilled burger with blue cheese or something tasty. Drinking, I hate to say it, a drink or two every night.

    Soda is uber uber sugary. I'll have a coke now and again when I get that craving, but only once a week or so.

    Caffeine is my one serious vice. I drink maybe 5 cups of coffee a day and a diet coke or unsweetend tea.

    It's amazing you guys can stay away from cheese!!!!

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    This thread is dope

    I'll add (to those that have never tried turning the beat around) :

    Take things slowly. For me, i'll get all gung-ho like [superherovoice]"I'm changing my life!"[/superhervoice] and then a week later start falling off cause I took too much on at once. Start with slow modification to your diet and light excercise and gradually work you way up. After getting a work out routine down for a couple weeks you get hype and want to do more.

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    get hype

    don't just talk about it, be about it.

    get hype, people!

  • don't just talk about it, be about it.


  • Like I said before, I think more a bout my know how much money you save by not buying shit you don't need to eat? And I hardly ever carry cash, but the most tempting moments are when I have some singles in the wallet and I pass the vending machine. So for that reason alone I try not to carry small bills. Fried food will kill you too. I had high cholesterol, so I cut out the fried shit and switched to 2% milk, and now its straight. I still eat pork, but I'm Cuban and pork is like another food group to us.

  • Fried food isn't too bad as long as it's in moderation and using the right oils. Mono-unsaturated, natural oils like olive oil and peanut.

    But can I just say....


    Just an example of another nasty thing that's lurking in everyday snacks. Shit is B-A-D for you. Even the lax bush administration is taking this pretty seriously. Trans fat will have to be listed in the FDA health info on foods starting (i think) january 2006.

    Companies are shitting themselves because trans fat is their whole game in a nutshell.... apparently McDonalds fries rely on the stuff. What's ironic is that it might mean they go back to using more saturated fat for better "mouth feel"!

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    Companies are shitting themselves because trans fat is their whole game in a nutshell.... apparently McDonalds fries rely on the stuff. What's ironic is that it might mean they go back to using more saturated fat for better "mouth feel"!

    That scene on the "Supersize Me" DVD where the french fries didn't even start to biodegrade after 8 weeks or so should freak anyone out, whether you love fast food or not.

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    i used to be a whole lot more healthy........about 5-6 years ago

    no red meat
    no refined sugars (minus white rice but im latino and this is a staple food)
    no fried foods
    no drinks outside of H2O (though i drank a 12 pack of heinekens between friday and saturday night along with some high quality dro)
    ran 1.5 miles every weekday morning and played bball at least 5 times a week

    basically my weekdays where super healthy, weekends, i let off....was mad thin at the time

    now i put on a couple pounds but im comfortable at what im at, and slacked on my diet
    i eat fried foods (mad fried chicken strips, platanos maduros or tostones and fries)
    eat out too much
    still no red meat (just because i dont like red meat)
    drink too much sweatened tea when i eat out but stictly water other times
    drink coffee (cafe con leche) a couple times a week (again just cause im latino and thats something i been drinking since i was like 5, it was our chocolate milk, i drink it more for the flavor then caffiene thing)
    no alchohol or sticky green anymore
    dont really get down with cheeses too often minus the occasional pizzaria pizza
    no excercise ever

    i dont plan on cutting out coffee, or white rice but my goal is to go back to no fried foods, running at least a mile a day and strictly H2O

    and i also only eat white meat poultry (which happens to be leaner), i cant get down with bones or dark meat. I wish i could eat seafood but im allergic

  • Companies are shitting themselves because trans fat is their whole game in a nutshell.... apparently McDonalds fries rely on the stuff. What's ironic is that it might mean they go back to using more saturated fat for better "mouth feel"!

    That scene on the "Supersize Me" DVD where the french fries didn't even start to biodegrade after 8 weeks or so should freak anyone out, whether you love fast food or not. many times have I started to clean out the car and found fossilized french fries on the floor...scary indeed...

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    Hey Guys,

    The weird thing with me is that I'm a big guy, true enough, but my cholesterol is only 117 and I have good blood pressure (110/70 or so slightly lower, on average). The reason for that is that I was an athlete throughout my life, so I was always working out (even during the college drink, spliff, Taco H[B]ell era) and I'm a Type-B, non-worrying type cat. Also, I generally eat healthy by not shaking salt, consuming few fried foods, rarely eating fast-food (use to have an occasional Whopper), sweets (which I've cut out completely), red-meat, and so on as has been said by others. In addition, I don't even drink much just an occasional beer or drink here or there. My biggest three vices are:

    -Coffee (cut back to a cup a day, teaspoon of sugar).

    -Cigarettes (quit cold turkey).

    -Sedentary (lazy fuck, couch-potato) lifestyle (hitting the treadmill 5 days a week).

    So, my battle are with these three things. I've dropped weight before so I know what to do, and I've been doing it so far. I'm definitely driven to "get right" health-wise for good, not for superficial reasons either, but to maintain good health and longevity.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    here's a lil hint on the quit smoking end. i was a half a pack to pack a day parli lite smoker. i switched to them american spirit lite things and now i only smoke like 2 a day.

    gotta get on that exercise tho. summer's coming and the ladies are expecting me in a sling back.

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    gotta get on that exercise tho. summer's coming and the ladies are expecting me in a bananna hammock.

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    I've never been skinny, but I've been feeling super chunky lately, I think I put on a lot of weight last year when everything was going down with my dog and the police and I was injured and depressed and got fat without realizing it.

    I quit smoking 2 years ago and now I can really work out. I joined a gym and I just upped my eliptical sessions from 30 minutes to 45 minutes so hopefully I will see some progress. I eat good, but I'm a vegetarian and I get caught in the carb trap sometimes, though lately I have been really good about eating less bread, only whole grains, and more fresh veggies.

    I also do yoga once a week to keep my back happy.

    Shit is hard though!

  • Starting riding a bike instead of driving on those bullshit short missions. It's good exercise and even in urban gridlock situations can be really enjoyable. You'll soon start riding further and faster, getting to your destination way before you would in a car. Start slow and don't get discouraged. In addition, no ga$, in$urance, parking fee$, etc.

    When it's just the bike, you and the road, it's a mental workout as well. Wear a helmet as messy hair is sexier than a dome that looks like a stitched baseball.

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    Just play the Dead Prez track "BE HEALTHY" that worked for me, I ate what ever I wanted but as long as that song played I lost like 20lb. and if you convert that to grams I lost 9071.85g so it seems more mentally;)

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    I used to have a partner at my job for 2.5 years, he was all into bodybuilding and staying right. Plus, the guy I used to cop herbs from was a trainer, and on top of that my sister married a bodybuilder so I have a lot of resources to draw from.

    But yeah man, it's been said in this thread many times but I'll add my own spin...water water water.

    I carry a gallon jug of Poland Spring with me in my truck at work, and many times it is done by the end of the day. Next day, I refill it at the filtered faucet and do it all again. Add to that maybe another liter or two at home and I'm pretty well hydrated.

    Once a week, usually Monday or Tuesday, I drop an entire lemon into the mix. Take the lemon, seperate the fruit from the rind, crush it up to get the juices out, and dump it all into the jug. Shake it as the day goes on to get the pulp going. It strips out the crap that I ate over the weekend in a timely and respectful manner, plus it's like a steady Vitamin C drip.

    My job can get fairly physical sometimes, so it's a good way to keep me energized throughout the day.

    Other than that I eat a ton of chicken and fish, do pushups and run.

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    I got on a fitness kick about 2 years ago. I became a vegetarian & started running & walking whenever I could. I dropped about 60 pounds & now weigh about 180. I wanna drop another 10 over the summer. Didn't get much exercise this winter & I'm feeling a little flabby.



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    I took a page from Bambouche and rocked the following:

    Steamed broccoli
    roasted red pepper
    black olives
    white cheddar

    dressed with balsamic, olive oil, a bit of pepper and white wine.

    Very nice. Shit is banging

    Had to rock the lager with it though... I need SOME poison!

    Red Foxx said, "you're gonna look like a goddamn fool sitting in the hospital, dying from nothing"

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    I think everybody should try to fast at least once... I mean like three days at least, you have never felt better or even more relaxed... you have to prepare your body though... try to get as much crap out of your large intestine as possible... you really need to read at least one book about it so you'll know what to expect... it aint easy but you have never felt better...

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    You mean like straight through, or dawn to dusk?
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