The History Of Reggae Hip Hop

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So I'm about to do a 4 week (4 One Hour Shows) on the history of Reggae and Hip Hop on my Redefinition Radio Show:

I thought I'd throw this up for anyone interested in having a listing of this. It's what I compiled of the key songs that I could find that mix Reggae and Hip Hop. I've only gone thru my collection up to '97 so I still got a ways to go on the list...

Feel free to comment, add forgotten tracks or whatever. At the bottom there is a starting list of some key reggae tracks I will play thru out the three weeks. I'm still adding to that list too. Anyway, nuff talk, enjoy:

Reggae meets Hip Hop

*The Cold Crew-Rappin' Christmas b/w Rappin' New Year

Fat Boys-Hard Core Reggae

*RunDMC-Roots, Rap, Reggae
Peso w/Papa Austin-Wrong Girls To Play With

U.T.F.O-Pick Up The Pace
Just Ice-Little Bad Johnny
BDP-The P Is Free
Original Concept-Bite'n My Style

BDP-The Bridge Is Over, 9mm Goes Bang, The P is Free (rmx)
*Just Ice-Lyric Licking, Mosh It Up
*Soul Dimension-Trash N Ready
Asher D & Daddy Freddy-Raggamuffin Hip Hop
*Longsy D & Cutmaster MC-Hip Hop Reggae
London Posse-My Beatbox Reggae Style b/w London Posse
MC Shan-Another One To Get Jealous Of

Asher D & Daddy Freddy-Ragamuffin Hip Hop LP
Shinehead-Unity LP
*Don Baron-Young Gifted & Black
*Raheem The Vigilante-Say No, Punks Give Me Respect
Boogie Down Productions-T'cha T'cha, Ilegal Business
JVC Force-Puppy Love
Michie Mee-On This Mic
Stetsasonic-The Odad
Sparky D-Yankee Boy
Just Ice-Na Touch The Just
Asher D & Daddy Freddy-Brutality, Don't Stop, Asher's Revenge

*Divine Styler-In Divine Style, Rain
*Doctor Ice-Nobody Move, Feelin Irie
Just Ice-Ram Dance Session (w/Heavy D)
Demon Boyz-Glimmity Glammity
Special Ed-Heds & Dreads
*Queen Latifiah w/Daddy O-The Pros
D.O.C-Funky Enough
Ziggy Marley-All Love [Prod By KRS One]
Beastie Boys-B B Bouillabaisse (part
BDP-Jah Rulez, Who Protects Us From You?, Hip Hop Rules, Bo Bo Bo!

Special Ed-See It Ya
Stero MCs-Declaration
BDP-100 Guns, Breath Control II, Edutaiment, 7 DJS, 30 Cops
Blvd Mosse-U Can't Escape The Hypness [Tony D}
Public Enemy-Reggie Jax
Grand Daddy I.U.-Gals Dem So Hot
YZ-Diss Fe Liar
Above The Law-Another Execution
D Nice-The TR-808 Is Coming (w/KRS One)

Boogie Down Productions-Lickashot (w/Jamal Ski), Eye
Opener, Reggae Medley
Brand Nubian-Who Can Get Busy Like This Man
Daddy Freddy-Stress LP
Dominant Force-Taking Over Ragga Hip Hop
Almighty & K.D Ranks-Lyrics in a This bv/w Trenton Is Where We Live
Terminator X w/Dubmaster-DJ is Selector
Fu Schnikens-Ring The Alarm
Young Black Teenagers-Chillin Wit Me Posse
Chubb Rock-Just The Two Of Us
BDP-Reggae Medley
Def Jef-Voice of A New Generation
Naughty By Nature-Wickedest Man Alive
Rebel MC-Wickedest Sound
Bizzie Boyz-Closa
Organized Konfusion-OK Mood Swing
Main Source-Just Hanging Out [Rmx]
Raw Fusion-Don't Test, Ah Nah Go Drip, Kill Mi Dead
W.C. & The M.A.A.D Circle-Caught N A Fad [Rmx]
DJ Quik-Da Bombudd
Resident Alien-The Dew Dew Man
Michie Mee-Jamaican Funk Canadian Style, Kotch, etc...
Shabba Ranks w/KRS One-The Jam (Raw As Ever LP)
H.E.A.L Compilation (key tracks prod by KRS One: Ziggy Marley-
One Bright Day, Ska Danks-Whole World African, Sister
Carol-I Am What I Am)

Daddy Freddy-Raggamuffin Soldier
Beastie Boys-Funky Boss
Son Of Baserk-What Could Be Better
Poor Righteous Teachers-Pure Poverty album (several)
BDP-Say Gal, Sex & Violence
Snow-Informer [Prod By MC Shan/Rmx By Clark Kent] + LP
Shabba Ranks-X Tra Naked LP (includes: 2 Bredden w/Chubb Rock & What Cha Gonna Do? (w/Queen Latifiah)
[Prod By Lakim Shabazz]

Brand Nubian-Black Star Line
Beastie Boys-Funky Boss
Poor Righteous Teachers-Black Business album (several)
Just Ice-Informer Fi Dead, Give Mi Pass, Girls N Guns
YZ-IT's Got To Stop
KRS One-Black Cop, Slap Them Up. Sounds Of Da Police,
un, oh, Brown Skin Woman, etc...
Jamal Ski-Roughneck Reality LP

Just Ice-Cenci
Fugees-Nappy Heads [Mad Spider Mix]
Terminata-Get Bizi b/w Sex [Prod By MC Shan]
Lil Vicious-The Glock [Prod By Howie T]
Horror City-Moggler b/w Wine Fi Kil [Co Prod by Mace of
De La Soul]

Kali Ranks-Kill Dem All [The Show Soundtrack]
Special Ed w/Bounty Killa-Just A Killa
RBX-Tundra (w/Wrecked Dialect F.K.A Nile Kings)
Smif N Wessun-Sound Bwoy Bureill

Kardinall Offishall-Naughty Dread
Bush Babees-In Meh Dreams (w/Muntcho Leo)
Poor Righteous Teachers-New World Order LP (several)
Wise Intelligent-Killin U For Fun LP (several)

Abstract Rude-Who's Mic Is This?

Roots Manuva-Run Come Save Me LP

J Live-Satisfied

Brother Ali-Champion Rmx

-multiple tracks to still add from:
Daddy Freddy
Jamal Ski
Mad Lion
toastie taylor
juice aleem
ghetto concept
Promoe, Loop Troop

-songs/artists with reggae flavoring
Freddie Foxxx-So Tough (courtesy Queen Latifiah)
Tone Loc-Hit The Coast (courtesy of Born Jamericans)
Ice T-Depths of Hell (courtesy of Daddy Nitro)
Ice Cube-Wicked
Public Enemy-Megablast
Demon Boyz (various)
Snoop Dog-Pump Pump
Kings Of Pressure-You Know How To Reach Us '87
Dismasters-You Must Be Crazy '87
YZ-Return Of The Holy One (courtesty of Terminata) + misc
Chubb Rock-The Bad Boyz, What's The Word, Another Statistic
House Of Pain-Truth Crushed To Earth... LP (Pass The Jin,
Killa Rhyme Klick, Fed Up Rmx, Etc...)
[courtesy of Cockni O'Dire]
Groove B Chill-Starting From Zero LP (There It is, I'm A
Hook-Her, Hip Hop Music)
N.W.A-The Dayz Of Whayback, Always Into Sumpin
Cut Monitor Milo of L.O.N.S
Black Starr
Mos Def
Iomos Marad
/>?? of Bush Babes
?? of Boogie Monsters
cockney o dire (def jef, house of pain-truth crushed to earth, solo album-unreleased)
master of ceremonies
The Criminal Minds-Checkin My Style
heavy d

-Key Reggae Tracks To Play (still need to verifty and add more)
Hippy Boys-Voodoo (??)
King Tubby (??)
Lee Scratch Perry (??)
Scotty-Draw Your Brakes
Jimmy Cliff-Harder They Come
Barrington Levy-Here I Come
Brentford All Stars-Greedy G
Pato Banton-Pato's Opinion
Don Drummond-Man In The Street
Tenor Saw-Ring The Alarm
Augustus Pablo-East Of The River Nile
Dave & Ansel Collins-Double Barrel
Byron Lee-Rock Steady
Yami Bolo-When A Man's In Love
Bob Marley-Get up Stand Up
Sister Nancy-Bom Bom
U Roy
Prince Jazzbo
Big Youth


  • Almighty & K.D Ranks-Lyrics in a This bv/w Trenton Is Where We Live

    prop to 'Ipod' Noz for the schooling on this. Tony D on the production and adds a verse, according to here.


  • London Posse-My Beatbox Reggae Style b/w London Posse
    Demon Boyz-Glimmity Glammity
    Roots Manuva-Run Come Save Me LP

    check London Posse's "Gangster Chronicles" LP and the Demon Boyz "Recognition" and "Original Guidance"LP's as well (if you haven't already), also Roots Manuva released a "Dub Come Save Me" LP and his "Brand New Second Hand" and "Awfully Deep" Lp's are dope....Infinite Livez on Big Dada is dope as well....

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    Throw in some of that Primo produced Red Fox IMO!

  • I love it when you call me Big Poppa
    The show stoppa, the rhyme droppa
    Supercat pass the glock, uh, I see you shivering
    Check the flavor Biggie Smalls is delivering
    Lyrical lyrics that's blowing lyrics out my larynx
    Chubby competitor, quick to kick a chump in the chest
    Yes, it's Bad Boy, (Right) hard to the core
    Lord!, Me can't take it no more

  • no mention of wackies? dag!

  • noznoz 3,625 Posts
    Xanadu & Sweet Lady - Rappers Delight covers (Gibbs, 80?)
    a lot of the first Spice one album (east bay gigity gigity gangksta)

  • magneticmagnetic 2,678 Posts
    Double XX Posse - "Ruffneck"

    Super Cat - "Ghetto Red Hot"(remix)

    Da Youngstaz ft Lt Stitchie - "Honeycomb hide out"

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    Sly & Robbie - Boops

  • mordecaimordecai 2,204 Posts

    Fat Joe da Gangsta - Watch the Sound

  • magneticmagnetic 2,678 Posts
    Born Jamericans - Kids from foreign(album)
    Born Jamericans - Yardcore(album)

  • asstroasstro 1,754 Posts
    Special Ed - I'm The Magnificent

  • thanx for the feedback! I'll update the list soon.

  • Options
    THere's a reason why many of raps earliest genesis-era singles were on Jamaican/West Indian-based NY labels

    A subsidiary of Forward records, which was owned and run by reggae singer/producing legend Phill Pratt

    All this besides Perry's early sampling days at Black Ark, NY/Jamaican Kool Herc's direct influence, and the historical Uroy/DJ thing...

  • undercover lovers from 85 or 86. girls from new york. almost sounds like it could have been a bdp beat.

    (i may have got the name of the group wrong, i don't have the record here. anyone know what i'm talking about? white pic cover with red and black letters)

  • ghostface - splash
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