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  • Rich dude just paid 2 million for that lone Wu Tang album lol

    haha karma comes around

  • Gunman vs Shooter

    DOR said:
    ketan said:
    The fact that a single person was able to hurt or kill almost 600 people is staaaaaggering.  

    But if all those 600 people were armed, surely the would have been able to stop him... /s
    There was a country singer there, that renounced his stance on being pro-gun. He said that he and his band were carrying, but couldn't touch their weapons for fear the police would shoot them. 

    The one thing that keeps going through my mind is how is it a thing, that one man's right to bear arms trumps fifty-nine people's rights to live and five hundred people's rights not to be maimed and or wounded? 

    You can say he was crazy. Sure but no one saw it coming. He was a regular guy according to all who knew him.
    So, as far as I know, there is no way to test the whole population to work out who is going to go out of their minds and kill people. So the only sane thing to do is limit the population's access to firearms.  

    You can talk about having better security at hotels, you can say that if people really want to murder people they will use cars, knives ect but if the guy had a knife how many people would have died? 

  • Does anyone here have the DJ Shadow feat Run the Jewels-Nobody Speak limited 12"?

    Just wait a bit, all those reseller prices will die down in a few months.

  • 24 carat magic

    I would file that song into club tracks that i didn't mind playing to get the crowd moving in 2016/17
    Not knowing much else about Bruno I went and checked out some other songs and straight up hated them all.

  • Election Predictions?

    I agree with most of the above sentiment in the video. But i would hardly call Clinton the left's choice. Surely it was Bernie ?
    Clinton failed in part because she didn't speak to the left.
    People feel disenfrachised on both sides right and left. You could see this in how popular trump and bernie where.
    I think a big part of the problem is the two party system and the mindest that you have to vote for the less shit of the two shit choices on offer.
    To give perspective. Only 51% of Americans voted. Hillary won the popular vote yet Trump won. That means that only one in four Americans voted for Trump.