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  • A few "tings" for trade or whatever.

    A few "tings" for trade or whatever 

    Kashmere Stage Band/ Kendor Stage Band Flexi (Warner Brothers-Eva Tone)

    Jacket / Record 
    VG(Strong, has stains and a tear on the opening flap of the envelope, but no splitting)/VG+(STRONG, Plays EX, no corners bends) 

    Killer battle of the lab band flexi, and a series that Kendor used to do with school bands. Kashmere Stage Band is featured on here performing, "Do You Dig It, Man?" Which was featured on the Now & Again Kashmere comp. Rarely pops up and in clean condition. I had posted it last year, and was surprised it didn't get swooped. Hopefully so one will step up. 

    Ramsey Lewis : Les Fleur/Since You've Been Gone (On Cadet Records)

    Condition (Jacket/Record)

    VG+(Generic Sleeve)/VG+(STRONG, Both sides are really clean and plays EX, promo Drill copy)

    I love this record for many reasons. I'd say the number one why (and the Maiden Voyage LP even more), is because this would be the last recorded session that Maurice White would record with Ramsey Lewis as a drummer for his Trio (until Sun Goddess). He would then shortly venture off and then start to form his vision of Earth, Wind And Fire. Both killer tracks and a must in every collection.


    Mort Wise and The Wisemen EP
    (Unreleased Master Acetate)

    A beautiful documentation of what could have possibly existed for the masses, (except for one of the tracks, "Broken Love") which was featured on the flip side of the "Wild Boy" single ; written by Eden Ahbez.

    Cool late 50's Rock n' Roll, with wailing horns, errie guitar rifts and frantic howles provided by Rocky Holman. Their sound and delivery, is impenetrable. This is a perfect representation of rock crossing over with heavy influences in exoticia, blues and jazz, and what you're essentially seeing is Surf Music emerging. Ladened with Tons of Spring Reverb, Tremolo Picking, Twos and Fours on the drums, horns and vocals blazing...Garage Music shortly started to evolve after this, and gets it's influence from it. A beautiful moment indeed. It'd be great to see this reissued.

    Thanks for looking!

  • I was told to come by and say...


    How's the internet digs been treating y'all?

    Duderonomyklezmer electro-thug beatsketanDOR
  • Set Sale (All Sold)

    All records have sold and have been mailed out today.

    Thanks again!

  • The Official Aposento Alto Reissue lp (limited copies)

    Long time, no see folks and I'm hoping everything and everyone is doing stellar! 

    It's been a minute and I figured I'd share this with you all.

    I'll give a little background and just put it out there.

    Storytelling time:

    Kind of a bittersweet situation, but grateful nonetheless.  A few years back, I was working with Ubiquity- Luv n Haight  Records on a proper reissue of the Aposento Alto LP, combined with extra material.  But between the constant back and forth, Unfortunately nothing ever came to fruition. So I have I have 16 boxes of these "official reissues" and Michael McFadden was kind enough to make it a clean cut and give me the copies that were pressed up and offer some kind advice.

    But, I wanted to share a few things about this proper reissue and the one's on discogs and to spread it around.

    The Unofficial copies were all in shrink wrap, don't have the sticker and never were authorized by me. The ones pictured here (scroll left), came unshrinked and have a catalog/sku number sticker that has been deleted from it's catalog and was in collaboration with my label, Untek Recordings and Luv n Haight(Ubiquity). 

    I ask that people make additional comments on discogs (for the reissue boot), that it's an unofficial copy and that it should be banned from being sold on Discogs and other platforms.

    So to help get the project funded and to get the extra material out there, I'm only going to release 60 copies of this proper reissue, out in the wild. 

    Please let me know if you're interested in picking up copies for your shop or personally. These 60 records will also come with a photo copy of a flyer from a performance  in 1978 they did and will only be available with these few copies and will be numbered.

    Copies are $15.00 (shipping excluded)

    Many thanks for your time and please contact me up via DM, for inquiries.

    Thanks for your support.







  • Set Sailing...Takes me away.

    Condition : Record / Jacket



    $5.00 (45's)

    $7.00 (10in and 12in records-Add $0.50 per additional record)

    If you need priority and insurance, please read below ;

    Priority;,with insurance, will vary from state to state. Please, inquire. Thank you.



    $20.00 (Standard, Add $2.00, per extra record)

    Everywhere Else

    $27.00 Standard, Add $3.00, per extra record)

    LP'S (10 and 12)

    Oneness of Juju : African Rhythms (On Black Fire Records

    Condition : VG + (STRONG, has some superficial paper marks, plays excellent) / VG+ (STRONG, Promo corner cut, has "red boarder" on the carboard sleeve, Shrink still partially attached).  


    Fausto Papetti : Sax Alto 4a Raccolta (Durium 33)

    Condition : VG (STRONG, Both Sides, plays excellent with little to no noise) / VG + (STRONG, a small tear (not even half an inch) in the middle of the opening jacket, no ither spine damage) 

    Great album by Composer and musician for Booksey and Hawkes. Nice Euro Jazz.


    Frank Comstock : Jazz Lab (Starlight)

    Condition : VG +(STRONG, Both Sides plays with little to no noise. Almost looks Unplayed) / VG-(Has some jacket wear, and taped from the inside.)


    Linda Vera : Yo Me Llamo Cumbia (Discos Columbia / Miami Records Dist.)

    Condition : VG-(Has surface marks and plays with some pops and slight background noise, but it's tolerable and a good play out and listening copy.) / VG (STRONG, Has ring wear, but Gatefold in great shape)



    Preston Love : Funky Chicken  7in  (Hudson Records) 

    Condition : VG -(Both sides, plays VG with little to no noise, despite condition) 


    Soul Pushers : With A Broken Heart (Ambush Records)

    Condition : EX (Both Sides-Unplayed Store Stock)



    Walter Jackson : That's What Mama Says (Okey Records)

    Condition : VG + (STRONG, Both Sides, plays excellent, Purple label, with promo sticker and "x" mark out, on label)


    The Notations : I'm Still Here (Twinight Records)

    Condition : VG+ (STRONG, Both Sides plays with little to no noise, White Label promo copy)


    Masters of Soul : Lovely Little Lassie (Duke Records)

    Condition : VG+ (STRONG, Both Sides, plays excellent and with little to no noise)


    Thee Midnighters : The Town I Live In (Loreli)

    Condition : VG+ (STRONG, Both Sides, plays VG +)


    Black Stash : Mighty Love Man Pt's One and Two (Contempo Records)

    Condition : EX ( Both Sides STRONG, looks Unplayed)


    Cookie Jackson : Suffer (Okey Records)

    Condition : VG - (plays VG+, with light background noise and sounds beautiful. A great starter copy)


    Timothy : Never Had A Dream (Windmill Records)

    Condition : VG +(STRONG, Both Sides, plays excellent with little to no noise)


    The Wasters : Don't Stop) (Uni Records)

    Condition : VG +(STRONG, Both Sides, plays excellent with little to no noise)


    Thanks again for looking!