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  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    I nominate this track as the bangingist breaks track of all time

  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    DAMM I learned so much over 2 decades +!!!!
    thanks RAJ MAHAL
     it's a sad day to see the strut finally bite the dust

  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    Frank said:
    dizzybull said:
    This entire website should be preserved by the Smithsonian. It’s important, dammit. 

    Nothing is important. The entire, regrettable story of humanity isn't more than a brief nightmare, this fucked up planet had to tumble through on its way towards the nearest black hole. Why should anybody care about what music we made? Why, of all that, the tiny fraction ever pressed on vinyl records? Why should it matter, how these records were bought, way past the official shelf life, by people who didn't have anything better to do at the time and then, gasp, posted about the experience on a message board that's been dead for more than a decade?

    If this sounds like hot shit, why doesn't anybody collect or "dig" for the most memorable threads and fill up the space in between with the basic knowledge needed for civilians to be able and follow? To be safe, better first run those "most memorable threads" by a non-biased group to see if there's really anything of interest. Maybe this doesn't leave much meat on a cancerous bone but with records drying up and procreation having turned out as a shit idea, hopefully for even the most desperate and hormonally challenged amongst the dumbest of fuckers, perhaps someone will make this their new hobby.

    *edit: hmmm... simultaneous post on the "other" forum by an alcoholic ex-record shop owner who seems like the perfect candidate. Brush that homeless beard to a shine Johnny and walk towards glory, even if it's just a hole in the wall.

    PS: Should have called me for rare Kung Fu flix, bet you didn't even have the Crippled Masters or Kung F**k in your collection, been digging for og vhs rears since 1986


    I thought me and my other alter ego wore the king douchebag crown of soulstrut but this post take the douchecake

    i have nothing but respect fo you and your reish african game

    sorry to see you've become so fatalistic.

    i beg to differ on many levels


  • Claus Ogerman

    Gate of dreams is on par with any of Axelrod's best stuff.
    Michael Colmbier is another late motherfucker who didn't get enough shine as axe did while being very prolific and brilliant around the same time -which leads me to ponder who was listening to who and when? 
  • Dusty Fingers orchestra 7' EP Dramatic Underscores - Fraternity Music Group

    Fraternity Music Group has released a 7 inch 4 track EP of new mixes from our sold out LP.
    These won't last either.
    Real Dj's buy doubles!

    taste a sip of the juice


    klezmer electro-thug beats