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  • Post random /record culture stuff from your phone

    Do it!!
    RAJFrancois Von Pierre Parkercai
  • Strutter music thread 2022

    we been getting busy

    vinyl lp is almost gone - down to the last 2 boxes

    new 45 from the lp with different mixes and edits dropping in april on fraternity music group
    and a double 45 album with a gatefold gon drop before the end of this year.
    got a few other things in the works  as well

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  • Dennis Coffey vs. Galt MacDermot

    apples and hash pipes man
    you guys are comparing a first call super accomplished sight reading session guitarist who played on hundreds of soul tunes on Motown [with the funk brothers] golden world  and LOT's of micro labels who then went on to release a decent run of solo LP's with singles that charted as high as #1 and became ghetto breakbeat anthem [scorpio] to a piano player/soundtrack/show tune/broadway/off broadway composer.
    It's really a disjointed comparison but as a guitar player I will have to side with DC.
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  • banging mix alert - DJ Format "Psych Out"

    Fire! all international psych/breaks mix
    this dude never fails
  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    luke vibert at the controls

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  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    DAMM I learned so much over 2 decades +!!!!
    thanks RAJ MAHAL
     it's a sad day to see the strut finally bite the dust

  • If a Tree Falls on Soul Strut

    damm that shit is sooooo boards of canada