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  • Can anyone explain Nardwuar the Human Serviette?

    Oh, the other reason I love his interviews is because you often gain some insight into the human being behind the musician in terms of how they react to Nardwuar, like some human Rorschach test .  The first Henry Rollins interview he did is a great example - after watching that, clearly Rollins was a tremendous dork at that point in his life: Oh, another thing I like: he carries on the counterculture tradition. Like hippies used to stage freakouts - not just because of drugs but to weird the mainstream out and help them break out of traditional ways of thinking. I like how Nardwuard weirds people out (like you, DJ Topcat!).
  • Can anyone explain Nardwuar the Human Serviette?

    I really love Nardwuar, and as a Canadian, I've seen his interviews for most of my young adult/adult life.  He's super weird, yes, and I don't know if it's a character or if he's "on the spectrum" (but he's a bit atypical even in his earliest interviews from when he was in high school).  His sense of humour and his attention to detail/showering of subjects with gifts are totally unique and endearing to me. I mean, interviewing musicians is normally a very artificial and boring exercise, so I appreciate what he brings to the game.
  • !!! (Daft Punk-related).

    para11ax said:
    parallax said:
    Finally got around to listening, and "Get Lucky" is the best thing about RAM. The rest of the album is more or less unlistenable. I'm glad that Daft Punk tried something new and out there, but wow, much of the music on this is awful.


    With 8 years now passed, looking back now I can say I was wrong. Random Access Memories is more like 4/10.

    I was a big fan of their shit in the 90’s. Lots of great tunes that still hold up. It’s kinda sad to see them end, but sadder still that their sound evolved into pop. 

    Haha. I felt a similar way - and yeah, we were listening to Homework the other day.  Classic.

    Some other great songs in the catalogue too (Face to Face, Doin It Right come to mind), but I didn't particularly enjoy the glossy sound they settled in.

  • Sly Stone doc by ?love & Common Sense

    Sly Stone is in my Top 5 dead or alive, so I'm here for this, and starting this thraed so we can check in when it comes to fruition:

  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    I missed this bitd but loving it now