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  • It's cool that they're putting out sets like this
    in Recent Finds Comment by ketan June 19
  • Nice haul!  How's that Les McCann?  Zeublon is such a small space - I got to see Meg Baird there a while back and it was, like, magical.  Ty Segall must have been LOUD! I'll check the yootoobs. (Not the same show)
    in Recent Finds Comment by ketan June 19
  • Styles has always been one of my favourite mcs And a throwback
  • did not do RSD but was on my local's website soon after and ended up picking up this Zombies 7" from 2017 for cheap - it has the cello version of A Rose for Emily.  Also grabbed this 7" by Ty Segall/Chad & The Meatbodies - both sides are great: …
    in Recent Finds Comment by ketan June 16
  • RAJ said: You - Michael Sterling I haven't listened to this in a minute... looking forward to saying to Michael again
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: Yeah I'd just play some beds every few tracks and just drop all the knowledge at once, that sounds terrible. I don't know if it's quite the same but there's this thing that a lot of british radio DJs do where…
  • found this old short mix i made on a cd recently - centres around a few luke vibert tracks from 2007ish.  had to stich it together a bit because the cd was scratched up and the ripped wav had skips in it.    can't remember all the track names, bu…
    in SoundCloud Mixes Comment by ketan June 7
  • dizzybull said: There is an unwritten law that all fusion is good. Until the soloing starts.  that's deep, man
    in Recent Finds Comment by ketan June 2
  • yeah, that robin kenyatta is a long time fav the muhal richard abrams also has something nice on it... can't remember now.
    in Recent Finds Comment by ketan June 2
  • came across a lyric vid for this one, in case you missed this part of grimm's career
  • This came off!
  • Nice I saw the video last week but didn’t realize it was a fundraiser.  I’ll proceed to contribute to the proceeds...
  • foe said: i was not soon done :/ It’s totally fine!
  • HOLLY - i hadn't heard of them before this but looked them up the other night after hearing this too
  • Bruiser Brigade put out a group album and it's real strong.
  • wooo
  • cuttysharp said: Anybody with further information? I'd be willing to pay ~ a c note for it... How much are you willing to pay for this now? Haha...
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: Oh man that extremely weird Dan Aykroyd movie, I forgot that song was from that till I saw those insane troll guys in the video. 1991 was weird I remember Nothing But Trouble well... when Shock G died I sh…
    in 2021 RIP Thread Comment by ketan May 12
  • for context, I think this is the last time I saw a pic of Fat Ray
    in Rap You're Liking Comment by ketan May 4
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: That's tight but damn, Fat Ray looks like Kodak Black with a Maggie Simpson hairdo!
    in Rap You're Liking Comment by ketan May 4
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: I'm more into the E40 influence, but regardless “But it is one thing that I learned from E-40/Somebody in the clique gotta be legit" The beat is sick too.  "Raphy & dream beach" 
    in Rap You're Liking Comment by ketan May 4
  • Beatnick Dee said: ketan said: This is Danny Brown's label Had skimmed through when it dropped and forgot to go back. I dig this. Sounds a lot like Suga Free, which isn't a bad thing. Got his own twist. Yeah, I m…
    in Rap You're Liking Comment by ketan May 3
  • This is Danny Brown's label
    in Rap You're Liking Comment by ketan May 3
  • MiceTea said: I'm old so I remember kids in school all trying to figure out who Humpty was and a girl specifically telling me his face was burnt from hot grease splashing out of a deep fryer so that's why he wore the fake nose and glasses! …
  • I'll bite - I have always assumed "La-be See-fr"
    in Labi Siffre Comment by ketan April 26
  • ketan said: Frank said: I watched these two over the past couple of days and hugely enjoyed them both:  Possessor was a recommendation by MarcoFunk. I think I have to re-watch …
  • Terrible news.  Huge figure in my early adolescence. RIP
  • I just randomly caught Carl Craig doing a set yesterday and it was a bright spot in my day. 
    in Twitch DJs Comment by ketan April 20