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  • these outtakes from kadhja's last album slay. slooooooow burn but the turn at 3:12 is the illest -- again with the late game stunner
  • What did y'all think of Blond(e)?  Classic, right? There's a new set of Blonded radio eps:
  • this is definitely worth a penny: are there any other nice tunes by the limeliters?? they seem pretty out there - some good-natured ribbing of glenn yarbrough in the inter-so…
  • That's cool - glad it was at the request of the Monk estate.  (The Pitchfork article didn't include that detail.)
  • leaf house - animal collective j dilla - stepson of the clapper commodores - slippery when wet the little bell - broadcast fatima - circle
  • Anyone else watched Hip Hop Evolution?  I'm midway through the 2nd season and it's been really good since the first ep.  So many incredible interviews.  Breaks the mold for this type of hip-hop journalism.
  • The "celebration of Mac Miller" just finished - streamed live on youtube. it was solid.  RIP some other joints i remembered along the way...
  • I'm scratching my head at going with Computa and then Computer.  b/w
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  • They will definitely appreciate you trying to speak, and like P said, it won't be hard to be parle-ing francais. 
  • Amazing!  Which city? Worst time to move.  You might encounter an ice storm on the way in. Don't bother bringing your records over - just build a new collection in Montreal.
  • Duder is the dude.  My Fucking Restaurant, on his recco, was amazing.  Just sit at the bar and ask them to bring you some food.
  • Duderonomy said: ketan said: The new Roc is  Roc Marciano? I’m disconnected. Yeah.  New album: (Raj, it's sick how you can drag the image size when editing a poast.) I think RR2 (his last album) is still better overall, …
  • Nas kills this
  • The new Roc is 
  • I posted about this album in the old man rap thraed.  It is, lyrically, a great album.  And many of the songs come together really well.
  • Damn.  RIP.
  • DOR said: Dude is great. Side note (Shimokita related). Anyone in the Toronto area 21st-23rd. Something special going down. Including a special exhibition of memorabilia from the legendary DJ Jazzy Jay. Dammit, I'm out of town.
  • This has stayed in rotation since it dropped.  Great verse from esco.
  • listening to the new Spiritualized and it's pretty satisfying so far... Edit: On The Sunshine is
  • Kavanaugh still has to be confirmed, so the madness will continue...  the Republican's aren't done with Trump yet! Edit: And by Republicans I mean the party and its voters:
  • The new Royce has some amazing songs.  
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  • Legend.  May she rest in peace. I definitely heard Respect when I was a kid.  But I think it was hearing Freeway of Love as a pop song - and realizing that she had a much older catalog - that eventually led me to this cassette, which I wore out: …
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  • Historically speaking, I'm a fan of DITC. But I'm just catching up all the recent material coming out of the crew and there is some great stuff.
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  • SoundOutLoud said: on this whole concept, if only because beyond the ruse, it really creates an image of Curtis slaying that song.
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  • Oh yeah!  Do not sleep on that King James version by House Shoes.  if you like DillaDog.
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  • I was just listening to Fresh Mode the other day.  
  • It's an easy album to step into and listen to again and again.  And yeah, I agree, it *sounds* really good.
  • Is Nine Inch Nails too industrial?  Was definitely popular/mainstream. Ugh - half that list was/is not my style.  Not a mainstream rock guy.  Given the broadness of the thraed title, can we also talk 90s alt rock lists. Here's 10 (okay, 11) in alph…