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    Ahmad Jamal
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  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    a few recent 35mm shots (mostly multiple exposures) from the old strip in vegas, zion and grand canyon

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  • 2023 R.I.P. Thread

    Damn, I'm been on a kick with De La lately and was just thinking about how Dave was really underappreciated as a lyricist, in particular.  Like you never hear De La - let alone Trugoy - in ppls top 10 lists (but they are to me). But as I listened back, Dave had these really thoughtful things to say and was just effortless with it across four classic albums, and then some.  It's kind of sad that he won't get to see a new generation of young people have their wigs split. RIP
  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    Frank said:
    dizzybull said:
    This entire website should be preserved by the Smithsonian. It’s important, dammit. 

    Nothing is important. The entire, regrettable story of humanity isn't more than a brief nightmare, this fucked up planet had to tumble through on its way towards the nearest black hole. Why should anybody care about what music we made? Why, of all that, the tiny fraction ever pressed on vinyl records? Why should it matter, how these records were bought, way past the official shelf life, by people who didn't have anything better to do at the time and then, gasp, posted about the experience on a message board that's been dead for more than a decade?

    If this sounds like hot shit, why doesn't anybody collect or "dig" for the most memorable threads and fill up the space in between with the basic knowledge needed for civilians to be able and follow? To be safe, better first run those "most memorable threads" by a non-biased group to see if there's really anything of interest. Maybe this doesn't leave much meat on a cancerous bone but with records drying up and procreation having turned out as a shit idea, hopefully for even the most desperate and hormonally challenged amongst the dumbest of fuckers, perhaps someone will make this their new hobby.

    *edit: hmmm... simultaneous post on the "other" forum by an alcoholic ex-record shop owner who seems like the perfect candidate. Brush that homeless beard to a shine Johnny and walk towards glory, even if it's just a hole in the wall.

    PS: Should have called me for rare Kung Fu flix, bet you didn't even have the Crippled Masters or Kung F**k in your collection, been digging for og vhs rears since 1986

    Frank, I can't tell if you're secretly pro preserving this place in the Smithsonian or con.  Those may have been rhetorical questions but...

    Why should anybody care about what music we made? 

    Selfishly, it gives me great pleasure to listen to it, and being happy is part of my modus operandi.  

    Why, of all that, the tiny fraction ever pressed on vinyl records? 

    Because the raers remain greatly underrepresented on Spotify and such.  

    Why should it matter, how these records were bought, way past the official shelf life, by people who didn't have anything better to do at the time and then, gasp, posted about the experience on a message board that's been dead for more than a decade?

    Because I have always learned a lot about the arts from my nerdy friends, and continue to hear good music that's new to my ears here.  And in contrast to the stream of records that show up on the other board on the rare occassions that I check it, there's a much higher ratio of shit I'm down with on Teh Strut. (always been the case FOR ME/no diss to waxidermists, many of whom are also strutters/shoutout to Kingpin.)

    Here's why else I'll miss this "dead" message board.  I've been a member of online communities since the mid-80s when I was regular on my neighbourhood dial-up.  I've always found a lot of value in being a part of online forums.  Before Teh Strut, I was a active member of Cocaine Blunts and really grew to love that particular snakepit. I would lurk HERE during that period, way too timid to post anything because of how deep and hard the sonning was   When Noz closed up shop, I made the shift to this community because by that point, I needed that kind of foolishness in my life and by the way, the knowledge being dropped here was incredible.

    Even though the last decade has been relatively quiet and tame, I have continued to find music I love and people I can connect with.  Given the glut of music we encounter these days (new and reissued), I appreciate being able to rely on the good taste of Strutters to find some bright spots in the recent finds or what have you. I've bought some incredible records from set sales here and made some real world and online friends. The one Duder once gifted me with a baggie of lettuce in Barcelona when I was on my way to a music festival and needed just that kind of support. (Thank you again, Duder!  You will always be the Thriller-era Quincy to my Michael for that. Hee-hee!)

    I'm going to have to look for a new forum to join for my sanity, and I kinda hope there's an option where I can stay in the mix with some of you!  I see interesting stuff on WATMM - do they have a sense of humour?  What other forums have seriously knowledgable record/music nerds and gags? (Oh yeah, Waxidermy!) I'd also love to see something new emerge from Teh Strut before it dies.  I don't know what that means or looks like.  Maybe it's just a sick mixtape swap or record auction before we say goodbye.  Maybe it's a whole metaverse focused on swimming in raers where we make our own tanuki avatars (shout out to Pom Poko!).  Rest assured, I will be a frequent/infrequent contributor until the last day.   

    Finally, as this chapter of planet Earth closes, I am missing some of the old regulars - the wild ones and ones who were too kind for life - and hope we see some more cameos so that I can sleep knowing that you're okay, and if you're not okay, that you're still capable of taking it out on record nerds and noobs online.

    Peace/Flame on.

  • 2023 R.I.P. Thread

    Chrissy 4eva   RIP


    Oh wow, thanks for the translation! 
  • 2020 RIP thred

    Stanley Cowell :(