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  • Old movies you've only seen recently...

    ketan said:
    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf


    I can remember starting to watch this movie as a younger teen and recognizing that it was too real for me and turning it off after the first stretch.  I just couldn't relate at all.  Don't know why it took me so long to get back to watching it, but holy f*ck was that good and weird. I kept wondering what the shoot (production) would have been like.  Liz and Richard in particular are off the charts great.   Feels like Eggers was trying to capture their energy with The Lighthouse, and I've never had much of a reference point for that one.  

    Well, that was intense. I really enjoyed it. I am impressed what was done with a simple premise and only four actors and how Liz was de-beautified to play an alcoholic twenty years her senior. It's amusing that the "controversial, obscene" dialogue would be considered mild by today's standards. I laughed at Burton's smartass barbs he sneaks into conversation once in a while ("...the apple of our three eyes, Martha being a cyclops...", "Martha is one hundred eight...years old", etc). Speaking of other movies I have seen before which tried to emulate this film, I immediately thought of Cassavetes' "Faces". It was released only two years after, is also shot in black-and-white, about troubled relationships and involves party-killing awkward moments.

    I also saw John Coney's "Space Is The Place" from '74, at a Dublab screening at the 'Philosophical Research Society' in nearby Los Feliz. I'm sure most of you have seen it already, but if you haven't: it's a satisfyingly bizarre showcase of Sun Ra's music and philosophy inserted into a narrative film, starring him, which mixes "Seventh Seal", blaxploitation tropes and comedy. Recommended.  

    I'm going to watch Hideo Gosha's "The Wolves" tonight.

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  • Cell Phone Photo Strut - Post Some Random Pics

    Jimster said:

    Nice. I have meaning to see the third Harry Palmer film but haven't gotten around to it yet. The painting was made by Ramon Alejandro, who is Cuban. It's called "La Virgin del Apocalipsis" 

  • Cell Phone Photo Strut - Post Some Random Pics

  • Local greatness

    The list of musicians from Los Angeles is infinite, but I was raised in North Hollywood-Van Nuys, so:

    Something much lesser known: