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    Electrode said:
    I agree. I can't think of anything of hers or the Return To Forever collective in general that isn't worth listening to.

    Also, I knew I forgot something: not pictured is an original Fred Wesley and the JB's "Damn Right I'm Somebody" for $10

    Flora fans should check out Gilles Peterson’s BBC Radio6 program from last weekend with her and Airto Moreira.

  • Poo Tin

    No, I am nowhere near tanks, rockets, shelling. 

    I’ve been in the UK for the last two decades. Despite having no personal connection to Ukraine or Russia, as a European, it feels near enough though, not just for me, but for family members and colleagues I spoke to in the last 24 hours. What concerns me in my current country of residence is that I get the impression that the majority of British people probably couldn’t care less. It’s in Europe after all…. if you get the warped logic.

    Being allowed to use public transport without a piece of cloth on their faces was a more important “Freedom Day” event for them than the loss of freedom of an entire European democracy they probably couldn’t even find on a map. Is anyone apart from a few Ukrainians even in front of the Russian embassy to demonstrate tonight?

    I’ve expected this invasion to happen and still it feels surreal. I’ve been in a number of calls yesterday and today to try and assist Ukrainian colleagues to move themselves and their families to Poland or Romania and find accommodation etc. for them. A business partner whose entire programming team sits in Kyiv called to ask for help with the same for his people.

    I felt for a long time that Vladimir Vladimirovich should have been taken out though this should neither be compatible with how I wish the world should run nor do I believe it it would solve the problem. It’s probably nothing but a helpless kneejerk reaction to how Russia’s been ruined by him and his gang long before the invasion of Ukraine. I can’t believe I am even reading articles about tactical nuclear weapons with interest rather than with disbelief. 

    It’s depressing.

  • Poo Tin

    Hello fellow tumble-weeders. 

    This is a very depressing day. Does anyone have the energy for a geopolitical discussion thread?

    Just a short question to start this off: Could a targeted assassination deliver some progress for the world?

  • Soul Strut 100: # 7 - Michael Jackson - Off the Wall

    Haha. Welcome to the  Michael Jackson XPerience 
  • 2021 RIP Thread

    Jimster said:
    James Mtume!

    I had an early 1985 copy of Blues & Soul magazine in my hands this weekend.