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  • Unknown Boogie 7" EP

    Over a year later and I've gained no info on this record beyond it being pressed by QCA in March of 1981. This is in spite of some very knowledgeable and well-connected people looking into it.

    Somebody (not me) created a Discogs listing for it earlier this year.  Once I discovered it I went ahead and added my photos.

    Today I noticed a second person on Discogs claims to have a copy. Their identity is hidden, so I can't reach out to confirm if it's true.

    If anyone has any additional information or advice I appreciate anything you can offer.
  • Unknown Boogie 7" EP

    I'm not necessarily in a hurry to sell it, but probably will before too long, especially if there's strong interest.  Any idea what kind of % the big time sellers take as commission?  I'm no stranger to selling online but of course I can't expect to get the money those heavy hitters can get.  At the same time they have to command a premium high enough to exceed the extra % I'd be shelling out for them to sell it.    

  • Unknown Boogie 7" EP


    I'm in Fairfield County, CT, so I'd guess this most likely came out of NYC.  But who knows?  It was the only 7" in the store that day, hidden amongst the LPs.  In that same visit I also picked up a few R&B/funk/boogie promo LPs from the early 80s, but all established, major label names like George Duke, Shalamar, etc... I'm guessing those promos, and this EP, were part of some industry person's collection.    

    As for the other 3 songs, none of them are quite in the same league as "Whatcha Gonna Do With It", but "Your Love" is a pretty strong boogie track in its own right with some vocal effects.  "Love Is What You Make It" leans more pop and isn't quite as strong, and "City of The Lights" is a slow instrumental, and while not terrible is definitely the weakest of the 4.  They all have an endearing, homemade quality.  Links to videos below:

  • Unknown Boogie 7" EP

    Hey all, haven't posted or done much around here in about 5 years but I feel I need to share this with folks who will appreciate it:

    Found this at a local Goodwill just before Christmas last year and was kinda blown away when I finally got around to cleaning it and listening several weeks later. 

    Seems to be completely unknown and ungoogleable.  I have shown this to a friend who's a well connected record dealer and he can't find anyone who's heard of it.  I find it hard to believe I just happened to come across the only copy in the world in 2020, but I can't find any evidence this isn't true.

    Anyone out there know anything about this record?
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  • What happened to the finds posts?

    Been wanting to post some great finds since the fall, but I just moved two months ago and haven't had many opportunities to even look through a lot what I've picked up.   Some highlights, starting with a pair from this morning's very wet flea market:

    Don't know a damn thing about reel-to-reel but I know you rarely see 'em and I wasn't gonna pass up a sealed Curtis.

    Was pretty happy to find this for $10 in a store around Xmas time:

    From a trade with a friend, really like this one:

    Found these from the same seller at the end of last year's flea market season:

    They were a little rough but man, I love these photos, I just never see this kind of thing around here.  They cleaned up nice and look good in new frames!

    Not exactly a field find but was very excited to even see a copy of this on eBay after wanting it for years.  Was more excited when I turned out to be the only bidder.

    I wasn't necessarily hunting for one of these (I've had a Vestax for years) but happened to notice one on the 'Bay for a good price and I bit.  Gotta say, these things are the way to go for flea markets/tag sales and other field excursions. 

    It's already proven extremely valuable, saving me from buying stuff that looked exciting (but sounded like crap) and steering me towards the good stuff like this $1 find from a few weeks ago:

    But nothing can top coming up with this one under very strange circumstances:

    In November I paid a stupid high price for a 45 on Ebay I had wanted for years.  Maybe the all-time top price for it on popsike.  After I win the seller says he has a bunch of other 45s from the same source and he doesn't wanna sell 'em separately, asks if I might be interested.  I take a look at some photos and there's definitely some cool stuff in there, half of it is like a 1965 time capsule of obscure radio promos.  I start researching 'em and when I got to the Aviators my eyes damn near fell out.  I think he wanted an average of $3-4 per record so it was a no-brainer.  After he ships 'em I'm biting my nails, thinking it's too good to be true--they're cracked or something, but they arrive and all the promos are just dead mint.  Nothing else was in the same league as the Aviators but I was quite surprised that this was probably the next most valuable piece in there: