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  • CRABFUNK said: How painful is this to watch? until dave leaves it's really bad. he's clearly a character. whatever reaction he gets to his character, he will push it more. 
  • i worked for tik tok last year. i just moderating clips, but one of my friends where moderating swedish live streams. there was this swedish rock producer i never heard about fucking around in his studio, and that was one of the biggest streams, if …
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  • SPlDEY said:YO, that track is DOPE and he's coming at that track heavy with a flow that's more like Nas or Big L. I'm glad you guys brought up BL_CK B_ST_RDS. My theory is the failure of that album created MF DOOM.KMD is still a massively underr…
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  • aliens will take over the world and that tesla guy will be involved in a sex scandal with an alien. there will be a lot less entertaining news from american politics. 
  • Rishan said: I had the original Doom 12's on Fondle 'Em when they came out. I think Operation Doomsday re-recorded the vocals from those tracks for the album, but I always preferred the original mixes. Still a classic. All are classics to me.…
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  • The first thing i thought avout was this, but it's not the same:
  • Yes, I've been drinking so much Voll Damm that it has stopped giving that kick and just give me a runny shit the day after. Sitting inside drinking, smoking and working have made me fat so now i only have a few galicia or alhambras once and then. Ge…
  • wow
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  • i got so motivated by this thread i managed to log in again. why do people think estrella is good, it's like bad vodka, doesn't taste much but what it does is shit. galicia is great for what it is. even mahou is better than that piss water. the spa…
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: get ready to squint your ears at this screeching trebly ass prestige track i played this in the office the other day and one of the italians came over and asked me to use earplugs. "maybe …
  • that reminds how we are the scariest predators ever, we used to kill animals by following them until they collapsed. i googled it and i found this…
  • i just had to make a new youtube playlist because of that last clip, thank you.
  • it definitely works. 
  • DOR said: billbradley said: DOR said: Sylvester was the artist to come to mind for me also. So great. I remember Unsung did a great piece on him awhile back that I …
  • you make it sound especially good gj. 
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  • heh, people have showed me this video as proof that curtis made the song. if i recall correctly the comments used to activated and filled with confused people. the real fake news are the full album playlist with one or two other songs or intermissio…
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  • it's not the best one, but not knowing the artist at all before, this sessions has won me over: Unkwon Boiler Room LIVE Show at STRØM excellent for rainy mornings at work.
  • lil xan and a few others might be nothing else than meme-rap, but i don't care as long as internet provides me with stuff like this:
  • bill wants the emo rap videos? here you go:
  • lil peep seemed to be doing something with his music, but the more i check out lil xan the more i regret it. i really can't find anything redeemable besides the beats. even how he looks makes it hard for me, i don't want to like him. lil peep is em…
  • isn't lil xan just soundcloud rap in a fancy video?
  • just post the link, raj has set up everything else for you
  • if that doesnt work for someone else than me, here is another link:
  • thank you, this is perfect for work in the morning. this is what i wish those 24/7 lo fi beat mix where more like.
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  • can i get a lazy link for the other two? they are relevant to my interests.
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  • i just know there is a ton of good food there.
  • i now realise that i did know it was a thing, but my mom was visiting me when detroit love where here and i completely repressed that.
  • Jimster said: They must have a good booker. Who else is on the bill that you'd rather see, doe? detroid love! didn't know they had a thing, but now they are pretty much on the top of the list of current stuff i want to see.
  • Scandi country with only 4 months of sunlight a year :why cry: not recommending it. got 33 years of experience, not going back.