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  • bassie said:


  • ostost Montreal 1,375 Posts

    Betty Draper

  • rayray 77 Posts
    ...not feeling her armpit.

  • rayray 77 Posts

  • ost said:

    Betty Draper

    dude i just saw her in that liam neeson (SP?) stolen identity crap-fest.

    SHOCKINGLY bad actress this chick. she had amazing luck/a rockstar agent to land Mad Men (where the demands on her as an actress are limited to expressionless pretty-looking). she can play no other role.

  • jaysusjaysus 787 Posts
    Yes to Chloe, she is weird, but that is a big part of the attraction. I personally do not want an over the hill becky in my bed.
    Double hot mom:

    Joy Turner:

  • ostost Montreal 1,375 Posts
    I think that's part of her appeal for that role. She's an empty barbie like character.
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