Manolo Guardia - Can-Dom-Be! Wanted

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I am very much after a nice copy of this incredible album - probably my favourite Latin Jazz record ever. If anybody can hook me up at a (semi) reasonable price or wants to trade please get in touch!


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    There is one on Ebay....

    Also, there are 2 slightly different versions of this LP. The Argentine press on Fermata has some of the tracks from this LP and then has a few other different tracks. Worth picking up both copies.

    Be warned though, pressings are not great on either version. I did have a spare of each a few years ago but they flew out and they were double the price of this one.

  • SoundclashSoundclash 77 Posts
    Yeah, I have also been keeping an eye on this album for quite a while now and the price of this copy seems very reasonable.
    One of the stand out tracks, "Negro en Sol Menor", is also available on a 7" by the way...

  • Thanks for the replies guys. I saw that copy on ebay, but was a bit put off by the LP condition - I might ask for some more information from the seller though. I haven't heard the tracks on the Argentine press, will search for them too!

    Is that the 7" that has the same red sleeve as the full album Soundclash?

  • SoundclashSoundclash 77 Posts
    No, it features the same illustration but the background color is white, not red. I??ll try to upload an scan of it later. Peace. Javi

  • SoundclashSoundclash 77 Posts
    Sorry, I mixed up covers... the one with the illustration and the white background is another Daniel Lencina I also have. My copy of Manolo Guardia 7" comes in a generic Fermata jacket as you can see in this picture I??ve just taken:

    Good luck in the searching...

  • Thanks for the info Soundclash, will keep my eyes peeled.
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