The Lebowski



  • dollar_bindollar_bin I heartily endorse this product and/or event 2,326 Posts
    that creep can roll, man

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    I am the walrus

  • MjukisMjukis 1,675 Posts
    "Nor do I care that she's "banging" Jackie Treehorn, to use the parlance of our time."

    "This compulsive fornicator is taking my father for the proverbial RIDE."

    "How you gonna keep 'em on the farm once they've seen Karl Hungus?"

  • pj4533pj4533 481 Posts
    We found it in Van Nuys lodged against an abutment.

    Oh maaaaaan, lodged WHERE?

  • MjukisMjukis 1,675 Posts
    Love the record cover of Peter Stormares band, "Nagelbett" (Swedish for "Nailbite").

    It's sort of an electropop thing.

  • you didn't think I was gonna roll outta here naked

  • I fuck you in the ass! I fuck you in the ass! I fuck you! I fuck you! I fuck...

    Nice marmot

    ... or El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

    Also, let's not forget - let's *not* forget, Dude - that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city - that aint legal either.

    He's a good man. And thorough.

  • This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps.

  • Ve believe in nothing.


    Ve cut off your Johnson Lebowshki!

  • I've got four bucks... almost five.

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    I didn't rent it shoes. I'm not buying it a fucking beer. He's not taking your fucking turn, Dude.

  • Jonny_Paycheck said:

    Also, let's not forget - let's *not* forget, Dude - that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city - that aint legal either.

    What are you, man, a fucking park ranger?

  • DUDE
    1972 Pontiac LeBaron.


    Green. Some brown, or, uh, rust, coloration.

  • white_teawhite_tea 3,262 Posts
    "Does he still write?"

    "Oh, no, he has health problems."

  • bluesnagbluesnag 1,285 Posts
    Donnie was a good man.

    Just because we're bereaved doesn't make us saps!

    What's funny is that just about any BL quote I start typing into google gives me the right autofill.

  • I've got information, man. New shit has come to light!

  • No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of.

  • Fortunately, I'm adhering to a strict drug and alcohol regimen to keep my mind limber.


    I want Ron Kuby!

  • So I can die with a smile on my face, without feelin like the good Lord gypped me.

  • CosmoCosmo 9,768 Posts

  • JimBeamJimBeam Seattle. 2,012 Posts
    STAY OUT OF MALIBU, LEBOWSKI! STAY OUT OF MALIBU, DEADBEAT! Get you ugly f#ckin, goldbrickin' ass outta my beach community.

  • DocMcCoyDocMcCoy "Go and laugh in your own country!" 5,917 Posts
    Well, I just need to find an ATM...

  • ja, i am expert.

  • CosmoCosmo 9,768 Posts
    Ze lingonberry pancakes

    Lingonberry pancakes

    Ze pigs in blankets

  • WALTER: "Sure you'll see some tank battles. But fighting in desert is very different from fighting in canopy jungle."
    DUDE: "Umm humm."
    WALTER: "I mean 'Nam was a foot soldier's war whereas, uh, this thing should uh, you know, be a piece of cake.I mean I had an M16, Jacko, not an Abrams fucking tank. Me and Charlie, eyeball to eyeball."
    DUDE: "Yeah."
    WALTER: "That's fuckin' combat. The man in the black pajamas, Dude. Worthy fuckin' adversary."
    DONNY: "Who's in pajamas, Walter?"
    WALTER : "Shut the fuck up, Donny. Where as what we have here, a bunch of fig-eaters, wearing towels on their heads tryin' to find reverse on a Soviet tank. This, this is not a worthy fucking adversary."

  • GERMAN 2: "His girlfriend gave up her toe!"
    GERMAN 3: "She sought we vould get a million dollars!"
    ULI: "Iss not fair!"

  • "Obviously you are not a golfer."

  • Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck, though.
    ... Or the Creedence.

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