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Just saw 'em. Goddamn that was good show. Go see 'em if you get a chance.


  • They have great live show! Saw Gustav and drummer Johan perform at a swedish festival two months ago. They played 30 seconds versions of all of their hits, and finished the concert with a The world is yours (Nas) cover - looping the intro part over and over again - funny as hell

    Just ordered their new album. Quite like the title track:

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    Saw them in Philly last week. Missed the opening band Wooden Shjips. Here's a pic from the show.

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    Damn, Dungen and Wooden Shjips on the same bill is a bit of a modern-psych dream team.

  • The opening band here, No Joy, suuuuuuucccccckkkkked. Horrible.

    Gustav was cool and recorded a station ID for my radio show for me, "this gustav from dungen and you're listening to the first church of rock.." geeked!

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    Seeing them in bk October 14th, and this thread has me


  • I'm definitely liking the new album a lot, just got it from FE.

    I might trek it up to Minneapolis in October to see them.

    Here's a photo from last year in Iowa City, IA. It was my second time seeing them.

  • amazing band, and definatly amazing live+++

    saw them in London recently, supported by Wolf People (who are also worth checking out - -new album out soon i think)

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    essentially unrelated - except that I think some people who are into Dungen would surely like Zoroaster - but I saw this tour live last night in Boston and these guys totally killed it. my favorite drummer playing out right now, dude is just sick:

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    Glad I saw this thread. I had only heard a few songs from them, but after checking them out I ended up buying their last 3 albums. They're playing at Pappy and Harriet's out here next Friday for 10 bucks. Yamobethere.

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    Saw them in Toronto last night. Wasn't sure how well the recorded sound would translate but it was very satisfying.

    Not a big crowd (we walked up 10 minutes before their set time and paid at the door), prolly because of TurkeyDay up here.

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    Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Minneapolis show.

    Was there any tour-only items being sold like last year's limited 500 press 12" ???

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    They had a whole bunch of stuff for sale, but only the new album was on vinyl. A couple of CDs I hadn't seen, though.

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    Anyone in NY going on thursday? My first time out to Knitting Factory BK, really looking forward to seeing these guys...

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    Seeing them play in Big Sur at the Henry Miller Library was one of the best live shows I've been witness to.

  • Saw them in Brooklyn last year. I was the only one singing along to all the lyrics.

  • gravelheadwrap said:
    Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Minneapolis show.

    Was there any tour-only items being sold like last year's limited 500 press 12" ???

    The Mpls show was solid, though under attended. They had no vinyl for sale, but they did have frisbees.
    The drummer murdered it, as usual.

  • Holla if you need any Dungen on vinyl!!

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    goodstuff said:
    Holla if you need any Dungen on vinyl!!

    need their first 2 elpees, ya got ogs?

  • The first one is abit tricky. But i can see!
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