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He IS the voice of baseball to me and it will never be the same. RIP Harry, the greatest announcer of all time.Wow, I'm very upset. A good tribute on here: http://www.thefightins.com/


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    "struck emmm outtt"

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    "struck emmm outtt"

  • hmmm...

    Its funny, to think about what this voice means beyond just the Philly's association... This voice reminds me of sunny days with the tv blasting the game, mosquitos coming in through the window, sitting with my dad eating a hot dog and Lays potato chips.

    He was almost a part of my family in that sense. Wow, I'm starting to get a little chocked up. I suppose you forget about those simple pleasures as you grow up and move away. What I would give for one more game called.


  • I'm gonna come at this from my own angle...

    The voice of NFL Films.

    I hear his voice every time I edit a highlights package, or write a script.

    He created the mythology of the NFL.

    RIP to a legend.

  • I just saw this on the net, very sad. R.I.P.

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    hes part of the fabric of summer life around here.

    but you know what. he went out on a winning note with that championship crown on his head! reunited with whitey.

    RIP HARRY!!! many thanks

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    I kept thinking, "I just saw him on saturday doing a game..." he passed in the announcers booth...

    R.I.P. Harry Kalas
    R.I.P. Dave Zinkoff

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    Man, I just can't get over this. Harry was on my TV just about EVERY Phillies game that was televised on WLYH TV 15 in Lancaster. I'm just glad the Phils did the dang thing last year and Harry got to see it. I'll never forget his Michael Jack Schmidt call and the 08 WS Lidge strikeout call. RIP to a legend who freaking died in the booth. That's the definition of gangster right there. And the Phils lighting up Parliaments on the field? GANGSTER.

    RIP Harry The K....hope you and whitey are enjoying a Jim's/Pat's/Gino's cheesesteak up there.

    Baseball will NEVER, EVER be the same for me.

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    hated it....R.I.P.

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