best way to send large files to people?

ArtichokeArtichoke 112 Posts
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what do you guys use to send 200mb+ sized files across the universe? b,121help a brotha out


  • Have you tried something like Rapidshare or Megaupload or downloading a transfer protocol program? They are probably not that safe so if it's something confidential you might want to go another route

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,871 Posts
    Whynot rar it and break it into a few parts? Password protect it and up it on Rapidshare or anything else for that matter. Simple to do and effective.

  • As DOR said, split the file into 100mb RAR files and upload each, or find sites where the limit is higher. I just checked megaupload and their limit is 1gb. Just RAR the entire thing, add a PW if you want, and upload it.

  • do you lose quality if you RAR then unRAR? b,121im working on a video project and need to send it to a couple of people. would rather be sent safe and confidential. im cool with buying one of those accounts too but dont know which one is good, reliable, safe, confidential.b,121b,121thanks for the info guys

  • no you don't lose any quality
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