most you've sold one record for?

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i want some ridiculous figures. whats the most youve sold for.pretty stoked on my latest sale:$638.88too bad 100% of is is going to people i owe money to...and im still not even done.oh well, i put this on my turntable maybe twice. im happier with the money. i paid 25 cents for it initially anyway.


  • sbonesbone 144 Posts
    someone offered me 700 for a og nico gomez and african percussion inc..

  • congrats Ako!

  • spelunkspelunk 3,400 Posts
    What does that record sound like?

    One time I sold a dull obscure sealed soul record to Marcofunk for $400.

    A lot of the people who won't post in this thread have sold some baller $1000+ 45s in the past.

  • djsheepdjsheep 3,620 Posts
    Macrofunk for $511, the osoreazan suite record... tons of other stuff I can't remember.....

  • $700 for the PCs Ltd 45.

  • p_gunnp_gunn 2,284 Posts
    someone offered me 700 for a og nico gomez and african percussion inc..

    you should have taken it...

  • tuneuptuneup 586 Posts
    $1800 for the Who 1st Lp, mono UK test press.

  • $2500 for a rare soul 7".
    distant second is $1550 for a Led Zeppelin 1 test press.

  • NateBizzoNateBizzo 2,328 Posts
    The only record I've ever sold was Danser's Inferno for $400 in order to pay for Boscoe.

  • SoulhawkSoulhawk 3,197 Posts
    $8000+ for a soul 45

  • aleitaleit 1,915 Posts
    I sold this one for $5000

    Unfortunately, the guy sent it back because it was described as psych-funk and he said it was more "funk" than "psych" and he much prefers "psych".

    It is still available.

  • catalistcatalist 1,373 Posts
    $1300 for this:

  • RockadelicRockadelic Out Digging 13,993 Posts
    Last night I got $909.00 on ebay for a Lightnin' Hopkins LP.

    Most I ever sold and LP for was 5K.

    Have sold psych LP's between 3K & 5K 5-6 times.

  • SoulhawkSoulhawk 3,197 Posts
    It is still available.

    I will trade a copy of Mellow Madness for it.


  • HamHam 872 Posts
    ten dollas

  • $8000+ for a soul 45

    not bad!

  • SoulhawkSoulhawk 3,197 Posts
    I'll raise you...

    I always wanted to make an event flyer showing an old west poker game with rare 45s being used as chips.

    I'll see your four voices & raise you a frank wilson

  • Goddamn..some BALLERS for real up in here. I need to get back on my game..shit.

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    540 for Vampires of Dartmoore

  • CBearCBear 902 Posts
    $146 for a Sid Barrett (sic) bootleg. I live on a small scale, but rarely spend more than $1/record.

  • $2100 for a disco 12". the album with identical versions is dollar bin fodder (almost) everyywhere.

  • $2,750 for a "funk 45"

    soulhawk, was that $8,000 all for you, or only a percentage of it?

  • i sold my Three Pieces "vibes of truth" reocrd i got at a car boot sale for ??15 recently because it was really boring.

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    $100 for the Juggaknots ep on Fondle Em.

  • $2100 for a northern 45. Thanks Manship!

  • dmacdmac 472 Posts
    $440 for a M- copy of Sonny Criss 'At The Crossroads' on Peacock.

    But damn, $8000 for a soul 45?! Plaese to tell what one.

  • $100 for the Juggaknots ep on Fondle Em.

    damn, isnt that hhigh?

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 3,083 Posts
    A little over $100 for a Levy Davis 45 and $40-$50 for some late 50s-early 60s soul and rockabilly 45s, several times, that I originally bought for quarters

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    $100 for the Juggaknots ep on Fondle Em.

    damn, isnt that hhigh?

    Oh hell yeah, but it was when Fondle Em was going for $$$ and that plus Siah/Yeshua were the ones people wanted. I had 2 so I let one go. Then it got re-released a few years after, and I've lost track of the price by now.
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