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So I was wondering the other day...Klute's portable tape recorder that looks like a slimcase for cigarettes, does a thing like this exist, or is it just an other hollywood phony to make things look cool. I been done searching ebay, nothing looks as small and neat as the one in the Movie.I could make a screenshot of a scene showing the tape, but my Workstation and the HD containing the movie are not at my place for a few days.."Reel Heads" drop some knowledge.


  • wow, noone?
    I thought SS would be just the place to ask this

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    I've seen a portable reel player but it wasn't as small as a cigarette case. I
    imagine the government produced some small recorders like that if anyone did.
    I used to have an IBM dictaphone device from the 60's. It was pretty small, about the size of two of the original sony walkmens put together. It used these magnetic tapes that looked more like camera film than reel to reel tapes. It didn't work because it had a weird IBM battery that was drained. Thought it might be worth something as it was "MIB" and had all docs and was quite cool but I never had any luck with it.

    I have klute here at the house and still haven't watched it. I love 70's movies and conspiracy movies so it's long overdue I saw this.

  • i've yet to see units smaller than about this:

    panasonic reel

  • I'll post some screencaps on the weekend.

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    I think I recall seeing it in:

    IMG SRC=http://www.aboutfilm.com/movies/c/conversation1.jpg>

    ...as well as a few other films of the time but I have no idea if it was an actual retail device or prop.

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    It's been a long time since i saw the movie and i can't remember the recorder you're speaking of but when you said it looked like a cigarette case, i thought of the miniature Juliette radios/recorders of the 60's.

    Here is one auctioned tight now.....

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