Favorite Will Ferrell Lines That You Drop Randomly



  • DJPrestigeDJPrestige 1,710 Posts
    "Ma! The Meatloaf! We want some NOW!"

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts

    "I never know what she's doing back there!"

  • gravelheadwrapgravelheadwrap corn 948 Posts

  • Controller_7Controller_7 4,052 Posts
    for fans of Ferrell and Judd Apatow, you should check out Undeclared. I loved it when it was on TV. I even bought some bootleg vcds off ebay a long time ago. It's on dvd now.

    Will Ferrell is in one of the episodes and he is hillarious. He has some amazing line where he is high on speed and thinks he is inside of a ninja video game. He does some kicks and says something about doing a combo and then falls on the ground and cries. I can't remember the exact line, but that scene is really worth watching.

  • minneapminneap 541 Posts

    i'm the kind of person that says shit to entertain myself, and i find "goooulet" to be pretty entertaining at times. every once in a while someone will know what i'm talkin about but it's pretty rare. gooooulet.

  • "Ribs...I had ribs for lunch...that's why I'm doing this..."


    "Why don't you go back to your home on WHORE ISLAND?"

  • DrWuDrWu 4,021 Posts
    Sex Panther. It's illegal in 8 countries.

  • PonyPony 2,283 Posts
    "God you're mean"

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts

    "I have many leatherbound books, and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

    I try and bring this up at least once a week in conversation.

    Also, from of all films, Elf, the line "I painted a picture of a butterfly" makes me crack up every single time.

  • generiquegenerique 625 Posts
    I sometimes improvise on the "we're straeking!" and the "jazz flute" scenes.

    Whenever someone tells me I smell of urine I say: "a lot?"

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,779 Posts

  • DrJoelDrJoel 932 Posts
    "You bet your balls it's Neil Diamond."

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts

  • ZEN2ZEN2 1,540 Posts
    "I'm Ricky Bobby, and if you don't chew Big Red, then FUCK YOU."

    "Shake 'n bake"

    Cal Naughton, Jr in Talladega:
    "I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-Shirt because it says, like, I want to be formal, but I'm here to party, too. Cause I like to party, and I want my Jesus to party."

  • bubor0ckbubor0ck 141 Posts
    Mr. Tarkanian: [ excited ] OHHHHHH!!! SCOTT JURGENSON!! I LOVE it!! I am ACTUALLY gonna MURDER YOU!!


    probably my all time favorite Ferrell skit

  • "Look! A bighorn. Quick, staring contest...................................... Damn, you win again you always do."

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    "At this point in the soak my lover and I usually crave spiced meats."

  • "Once again our bodies sluggish with goat meat."

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    "Once again our bodies sluggish with goat meat."

    Not Ferrell per se but I also drop "where no man had ever trespssd" a lot

  • "It's Thanksgiving time, I love your new blazer, your sleeves are pushed up, it looks pretty awesome."

  • The_Hook_UpThe_Hook_Up 8,182 Posts
    "You still look like a fifteen year old girl...except you're not hot"

  • gravelheadwrapgravelheadwrap corn 948 Posts
    "Look! A bighorn. Quick, staring contest...................................... Damn, you win again you always do."

    "Thats why I come up here"

  • Garcia_VegaGarcia_Vega 2,428 Posts
    has anyone seen the snl sketch where he's on this secret agent tip and comes across a woman at a bar and asks if he could "sketch her?" he thinks she's an agent, too, so he tries to talk in all this faux code talk, like when she asks how far away he lives, he replies w/ something like, "not far...only 300 miles."

    I know which one you're talking about, its from one or two seasons ago when he hosted. Also from that skit:

    "Do you like luxury ?"

    "I drive a yyaguar "

    I guess these aren't so funny out of context, but if you see the skit its pretty hilarious.

  • jazzercismjazzercism 838 Posts
    "This next song I wrote after I killed a drifter to get an erection."

    and has nobody mentioned "That just happened"?

  • DustbusterDustbuster 278 Posts
    Terence Maddox: See, the body heat melts the Jack. And I'm tellin' you, people, I'm all about body heat.

    That's okay. I know when I'm not wanted. You don't have to kick ol' Terence Maddox in the ball.

  • DJ_EnkiDJ_Enki 6,471 Posts
    "You wouldn't know real beauty if it was outside in the parking lot waiting to give you hepatitis...which it will be."

  • white_teawhite_tea 3,262 Posts
    Not even sure it Will says it or not, but from Old School...

    "I like you, man, but you're crazy."

    The latter part gets real slow... after he got hit in the neck with a dart.

  • Founded by the Germans in 1904, they named it "San Diego". Which of course in German means "A Whale's Vagina."

    -gets me every time!

  • "The story of Johnny Appleseed was based on Bratsky, except for the part about planting apple seeds and not raping men."

  • ToccuDomuToccuDomu 225 Posts
    "I invented the pianokey necktie! What have you ever done?"

    works well in numerous situations. However, doesn't always go down well in arguements with the girl, or meetings with the bossman.
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