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Im down here for the next 6 weeks, anybody got any suggestions in terms of going out, record stores, cool areas, eats, etc? Definitely want to find some good cumbia nights.I know it's a little presumptuous posting a question like this when I rarely post on the board but I need some help... hate guide books and Im here with a group of NYU students who are just happy to be able to drink beer legally. thanks in advance.


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    Paging JLR! JLR is the resident Buenos Aires expert and he can tell you the real deal.

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    Frogman. Go meet a fly Aregentina Chica and have her teach you how to tango. Eat some good Italian food and crazy grilled steaks. Take a trip to Mendoza and tour some of the wine estates and do wine tastings. I wish I was in Buenos Aires.

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    There are a lot of great record stores in BA.. I actually found more record in BA than anywhere else in South America.
    Just hit all the main shopping areas and you will pretty much find a record store or furniture store (with records) in every suburb..
    Of course there were a few gold mines - I'll leave them up to you to discover for yourself..

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    I miss Buenos Aires.. Awesome city!

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    cool areas?

    i hear palermo hollywood and palermo soho are the spots. Going down there in September.

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    i was just in BA a couple months ago and posted the same question here. you can probably do a search for those threads cuz i found a couple useful responses which i can't remember off the top. however, not sure if this still goes on at this time of year, but in san telmo there is a big indoor flea market. there's one section of the market that is pretty much all vinyl. i was lucky enough to be directed there by a random old dude on the bus.

    i can't say i found that many gems, though i did get one ill record by an arturo benavidas. i had never heard of him before. anyone else know anything about him? anyway, have fun. dope city.

  • i live out here in BA, there's a lot on offer, one of the best cities in the world hands down. let me know if you're looking for anything in particular, been out here for a few years now and know some good spots.

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    thanks for the responses-
    I guess Im really just looking for any concrete suggestions at all, weather it be a restaurant, good club night, record spot, whatever... I'll definitely be exploring on my own and checking said Palermo neighborhoods (Im actually in a part of Palermo or near there--- Callao and Santa Fe to be exact), but any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    I checked that other thread and most of it was about Brasil... cumbia anyone? Been listening to this Los Pibes Charros album my friend gave me. Serious shit for those inclined....
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