DJ Class - Class is in Session

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Is this real hard to locate? Any BMore people ever stumble on one? i need this record in my life.


  • planlessplanless 819 Posts
    argh i need it too. i thought all the time it??s MC CLASS and not DJ CLASS

    before i mismatch something, does the song starts with the lyrics:
    powerful, absolutly terrific...

    i started a thread about this too, no answer, if i remeber correctly.

  • DWGDWG 334 Posts
    Yeah, that's the same 12".

    I got one from someone on here a few months back.
    I've since spoken to the artist - he says it's still around and he sees it a fair amount in stores.

    I need to hit him up again.

  • stefskistefski 12 Posts
    dj technics started selling his records a couple of weeks back. hit him up!

  • cardovacardova 743 Posts
    class is now a born again christian, right?

  • djkingottodjkingotto 1,704 Posts
    Is this real hard to locate? Any BMore people ever stumble on one? i need this record in my life.

    is this mc class "class is in session" produced by supreme? or born supreme or whatever he called himself on that one.... if so i might, MIGHT have doubles. one of which i wouldn't mind losing in a trade....

  • DWGDWG 334 Posts
    MC Class, Classy Composer and DJ Class are all different artists... but I know they get mixed up, unsurprisingly. I remember getting real excited when I found the MC Class 12", only to find that it wasn't what I thought it was.

    And, yeah, DJ Class - the artist in question - is a born-again Christian. I think he went on to make house/club music after 'Class Is In Session'.

  • RisingsonRisingson 696 Posts
    I love this fuckin record, nearly wet myself first time I heard it & yes Planless you got the right track in mind...Delay you should check the wants/trades section a bit more. I had a spare copy I put up for grabs on there a while back...I got a copy of it for $10 a while back on ebay, seen it go recently for around $350+ though

    DJ Class is hugh in the Baltimore Club scene I believe

  • cardovacardova 743 Posts
    yeah class went on to produce many bmore club hits, "tear da club up" etc...
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