KID KOALA appreciation post.



  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts

    I aw Kid Koala play live in Sydney a few years ago, and to this date it was THE best DJ gig I have ever been to. As others have observed, he does his thing brilliantly, with a certain unidentifiable uniquness, and this sense of hun our that runs through the entire set.

    I might add that dude mixed for an hour plus with no headphones and shit was seamless.

  • BrianBrian 7,618 Posts
    My auntie visiting from Vancouver was talking to me about DJing and said she worked with P-Love and I pulled out some Ninja Tune sampler that he mixed and she was all shocked.

  • Saw him in 05, two days after an Aukland gig. He came out and played for about 10 minutes then shut off the tables, explaining to the crowd how the airline lost his crates, and he was just making stuff up off what he happened to have in his packpack (i think it was 6 records)

    So a roadie comes on and talks to him, and he tells the crowd that the crate is stuck in traffic, but on the way. So instead he would preview an unfinished track "trump trumpet" which was a dedication to Louis Armstrong. He proceeded to kill it with scratched trumpet melodies that at times, you would be hard pressesed to pick from live instrumentation.

    Crate showed up, rest of the set was awesome (save for some bogans yelling out inane things like "bring on hiiiillltop" )

    Dedicating last track, the aformentioned moon river to his mum? (since it was the only track of his she liked/understood)

    (thats RJ in the background)

  • HUSHHUSH 18 Posts
    I caught him when he came through Chapel Hill with his bang Bullfrog. They are a little on the jam band tip, but I love what Kid Koala adds to the group. Best part of the show was his hour and a half opening dj set. Not sure if he is still doing anything with them anymore. Record was on Ropeadope.

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