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    if anyone knows of any other free hosts so I can grab this and then run with it, let's try



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    All I know is there gonna have to pry Soulstrut from my cold dead hands..

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    yo, i just got a bazillion pms about this and i'm trying to sort it out. everytime i upload using yousendit it gets blocked in like 10 minutes (???)...i tried using megaupload and it didn't work and rapidshare doesn't let you upload files over 100 mb. are there any other alternatives? is there anyone that can host it on their website?

    If its under 200mb, I can host it for a while.
    PM me so we can sort it out.

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    Hey tabasko.

  • TabaskoTabasko 1,357 Posts
    Hey Cosmo.

  • mylatencymylatency 10,475 Posts
    hold tight KIDDIES

    It's uploading and I'm going to let it run. I'm off to bed, but it's got another hour or so....

    Check for it here in about an hour, 2 AM PST.

    If anyone else can host it, throw it up once you've got it. Let me know if you encounter any .zip problems, I had to repair and rezip it when I got it from Awall. Dunno why the file might have been corrupted, the mp3s play alright.


  • big big big thanx man, these tracks are fantastic

    this is what soulstrut should be about, spreading music



  • BaptBapt 2,503 Posts
    BIG BIG BIG... BIG THANK YOU, these tracks are fantastic!!!

    This is what soulstrut is about spreading music




  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    13 Jeff Alexander - Come Wander with Me

    22 Marissa Nadler - Untitled

    Of the ones I didn't know, these were especially great.

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    This mix is amazing, Thanks
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