doing vinyl to cdr transfers on a pro studio

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I need a master cdr for a cd/lp comp I want to release using old 45s and I want to do it on a pro studio.I'd like to know if you people take your turntable & vinyl to the studio or simply you burn a cdr at home with the tracks you want to use and then take the cdr to the studio to process. If I could do it that way I could save time & money. My pc & soundcard are crappy so I'd burn the cdr on a cd audio recorder hooked to my good stereo system.Don't know if that would make it sound less better, please drop knowledge.


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    My humble advice: if you didn't do it already, clean those 45's either on a RCM or by hand. If you do it by hand, clean them til your hands start to hurt and bleed. Seriously, nothing that comes later in the process will do more good in the search for perfect sound.

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    if you got a crappy soundcard then you should take your turntable to the studio(with your mixer or preamp) and get them to digitize it. they should have much better analog to digital converters that will greatly improve your sound.

    but yeah, clean the crap out of them before you do anything.

  • so tell me what do you think if I avoid using my soundcard-pc and instead I use a cd audio recorder hooked to my turntable-amp to record a cdr at home and then take it to the you think it would sound worse than if I take the turntable & 45s & record them on the studio?

    yep, I know about cleaning the 45s before recording them, I always clean them by hand and sound really great after.

  • I would use the studio's analogue to digital converters. As mentioned above, they'll have much higher quality equipment that will give more depth and less harmonic distortion than both your cd recorder and soundcard.

  • Definitly take the table and wax to the studio. You can get the best original sound that way. If you take a shitty recorded CDR, all you can do is polish the turd.

  • clean those 45's on a RCM

    best 500 bucks I ever spent
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