beautiful reggae songs

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Give me some suggestions...I'm hurtin for some summer jams to accompany the white arboles.


  • rootlesscosmorootlesscosmo 12,848 Posts
    Dennis Brown "Money in My Pocket" first one that came to mind for some reason.

  • BigSpliffBigSpliff 3,266 Posts
    Pretty much anything by the Heptones or something like:

    Dennis Brown: Your Love's Amazing

    Alton Ellis: La La Means I Love You

    Dean Fraser: Float On

  • Johnny Osbourne 'Truth and Rights' is a personal fave (also check the recent Digital B re-rub with the beefed up beat which is pretty tasteful).

    Some of the recent Jah Cure stuff is pretty nice on a positive lyrics tip. Also check that 'Earth Runs Red' tune by Richie Spice on the same riddim as Jah's 'Bless me'tune.

    There's tons of decent lovers joints to cop, not with my rackerds now so I can't think of any off the top of my head. Gregory Isaacs usually hits the spot.

  • Early Bunny Lee productions for the Uniques, etc

    The Paragons

    John Holt "I'm the one to blame"

    Otis Gayle on Studio One

    Heart of the Congoes lp

    Lee Perry "Curly Locks"


  • TabaskoTabasko 1,357 Posts
    among others:

    Abyssinians - Hey You

    Israel Vibration - Red Eyes

    Barrington - Black Rose (alternate)

    Dr Alimantado - Johnny was a baker

    reggae and summer go together like Chachi And Joanie
    I'll try and post more later.

  • gladiators - back to roots lp
    gregory issacs - night nurse lp
    dillinger - cb 200 lp
    johnny clarke - rockers time now lp
    Rockers! - OST
    Studio One Rockers (soul jazz comp)

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    PErry producttion. For what I like,

    Phill Pratt produced. Dennis Brown - Let Love In...IMO, could be the most beatiful song I've ever witnessed (again and again)

    Gorgeously innovative Studio 1 production with a latin-ish guitar lead (Ernest Ranglin?) backed by jaw-dropping vocals.

    K in Canada.

  • I knew soufriere was going to bust out the heat. I wanted to get my measly post in before the hrew down the jpeg knowledge.

    I like this song:

    Hopeton Lewis- Take it Easy

  • Yeah thanks K, for showing us a bunch of beautiful songs we'll NEVER find!!!

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    There's an entire soundfile for Dennis Brown's "Let Love In". Yeah, they might not be on comps, sorry.


  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    Some that come to mind right now???

    Just Like The Sea ??? David Isaacs ??? beautiful sentiment
    Oversize Man ??? Al Campbell ??? beautiful piano
    Whisper to Me ??? Cecile Campbell ??? beautiful sexiness
    Familyman Barrett - Soul Constitution ??? beautiful subtlety
    Cornell Campbell- You're No Good - beautiful heartbreak
    Abyssinians ??? Abendigo ??? beautiful driving undercurrent
    almost any Lennie Hibbert ??? beautiful vibraphones
    Creation Dub LP - beautiful heaviness
    African Roots ??? Act 1 ??? beautiful wonkiness

  • I keed K, ALWAYS like to see those scans even if they do make me a little green...

    A few tunes I like:

    Greg Isaacs- Tune In/Confirm Reservation

    Willy Williams- Armagideon Time

    Chantells- Blood River

    Horace Andy- My Soul

    Dennis Brown- Deliverance Will Come

    Congos- Fisherman

    Light Of Saba- Jah Light It Right

    *drawing blanks*

    more coffee please

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    Oh a couple more!

    The Heptones - Sweet Talkin - beautiful courtship
    Lloyd Charmers - African Zulu - beautiful scariness. Yes, I find this song to be a little scary...

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    , K.

  • SooksSooks 712 Posts
    I really like that Norma Frazer version of 'The First Cut Is the Deepest' that you can listen to at TTL.

  • My site has a couple of live reggae mixes I've done recently, so if you wanna get your download on, check 'em out.

    In the meantime (and consider this an adjunct to the "Goosebumps" thread):

    Dennis Brown "Here I Come"

    Pretty much any of the Abyssinians versions of "Satta Massagana"

    Junior Murvin "Police and Thieves"

    Errol Dunkley "Movie Star" (one of my most favoritest songs ever in any genre) and "Black Cinderella"

    Sizzla "Holding Firm"

    Junior Byles "Fade Away"

    Junior Reid "Concrete Castle King"

  • Junior Reid "Concrete Castle King"

    Oh yes.
    I should know this, but forget who does the original? Dennis B perhaps?

  • LamontLamont 1,089 Posts
    A standout Perry track, you must listen to this. There's another version without the flute, somewhere.

    Susan Cadogan - Nice & Easy

  • Garcia_VegaGarcia_Vega 2,428 Posts
    A few off the top of my head:
    David Isaacs---"A Place in the Sun" its not officially summer at the crib unless this gets played
    Keith and Tex--- "Stop That Train"
    Dawn Penn---"No No No"
    Webber Sisters---"Come on Home"
    Carl Bradney---"Slipping into Darkness"
    Joy White---"Lady Lady"
    Max Romeo---"Jordan River"
    and on and on...

  • high_chigh_c 1,384 Posts
    yo spliff, tabasko & lamonts, Thanks for the ipod additions! That is why I heart soulstrut!

    now I give back, and when I think about beautiful sunny day reggae I think of the euphoric falsetto of Cornell Campbell.

    from my cute little tiny reggae collection:

    Gypsy Woman
    Girl of the Dream

    and not Cornell or from my record collection:

    Some Keith Hudson dub that sounds like it was recorded on a cloud with a heroin IV drop

    KL[/b]... identify this!

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    That's him that sings 3/4 through the track - I swear I've heard/have the vocal version somewhere. Let me check.

    Dope tune, K.

  • tripledoubletripledouble 7,636 Posts
    yami bolo- when a mans in love
    thats what i listened to 5 times this week

  • MorseCodeMorseCode 1,516 Posts
    Desi Young - I Don't Know Why I Love You

  • TabaskoTabasko 1,357 Posts
    Alpha Blondy - Sebe Allah Y'e

    Singers and Players - Autobiography (mikey dread)

    If anyone can hit me up with this record, lemme know. Singers and Players are a big favorite of mine for years.. but never ever found the vinyl.

  • Gregory Isaacs - Feeling Kinda High

    Garnett Silk - Splashing Dashing

  • bonzaisk8bonzaisk8 946 Posts
    Yabby You "Jesus Dread"

    Anything by the The Gladiators

    Max Romeo "Open the Iron Gate"

    Sizzla "Black Woman and Child"

    Junior Delgado "Original Guerilla Music"

  • Garnett Silk - Splashing Dashing

    This one also gives me chills (along with many other Garnett Silk tunes).

  • DJ_NevilleCDJ_NevilleC 1,922 Posts
    Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
    "" - The Border
    Jimmy Cliff - Too Many Rivers to Cross
    Culture - Two Sevens Clash (whole LP)
    Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry (add this to my goosebumps post please)

  • SexyBNyceSexyBNyce 371 Posts
    Jimmy London-A Little Love
    Delroy Wilson-Dancing Mood [its early-more of a ska number but its the summer time feel good jam of the century]
    Alton Ellis-Willow Tree
    Phyllis Dillon-Rocksteady

  • magneticmagnetic 2,678 Posts
    Bob Marley - Waiting in vain.
    Dennis Brown - Sitting & Watching.
    Freddie McGregor - Big Ship.
    Half Pint - Level the vibes.
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