A specific song that I have been trying to track down for years but to no avail. LINK IN DESC

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My name is Samuel. For over a decade now, I have been trying to track down the origin of a mysterious record, unofficially referred to as "Egyptian Wife". 

A short snippet (preview) of the song circulated amongst a certain group of collectors in the past. I don't know who the buyers were, or even who the record seller was, but I am hoping that some of you in this community might be able to shine some light upon this mystery. I have provided a link containing the short snippet. If anybody here knows who the author of this song might possibly be, or even what the title of the track is, please let me know!

Also willing to buy the record if anybody has it, but that's another story.

Link > https://vocaroo.com/hCnkWBLDLDN


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    Can you please provide some information on the provenance of this track/snippet of track? How did you get it? When? Any other clues?

    I see a number of recent posts about this on the web, which I assume are you. A Google search, and DuckDuckGo search yield nothing more, and a Harry Fox database search (under “Egyptian Wife”) comes up with zilch. Intriguing, but we’ll need more to go on than nothing. There was a post on the CFNY page... that sounds like something they would have been playing in about 1985. Did you post that, or is it worth tracking down the OP on that one?


    PS— Are you familiar with the Effie Wilson/Hanten Tremor thing? There is a Reddit thread with someone claiming to have found it, and someone else saying it (the version you linked to) is not the real version. This has all the makings of a folkloric mystery for sure. Please give all specifics you have...

    PPS— Weirder and weirder. Apparently the whole thing was a hoax... maybe. There are other songs that sound like the same artist. But there are those claiming to have “debunked” all of this. So if it’s a troll, and you’ve been “looking for the song” for 10 years (?), you are perhaps the original troll? Too much to wrap my head around. Provide more information or I must stamp this file “closed.” Too bad— If it is a hoax, it does sound like something from the mid-80s that would have been played on Toronto progressive radio!

    damn holmes

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    Hey! I’ve had some time on my hands, alright??!? (I dunno, the last five or six months?)

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