Redman - 3 Joints

Man has anyone else peeped this shit yet? I checked the three tracks and they are dope imo, the intro to "slap the shit outcha" is hilarious, at first I wasnt feeling the track but on my second listen I was down..i peeped the others as well and they are dope as well..

klezmer electro-thug beats


  • I like all three of these! A Red track called "slap the shit outcha" would have to really go left field not to be a hilarious track and video, and it did not disappoint. Dropping the blunt into the stroller, got damn.
    Second one's great. I liked the Rockwilder homage beat to the third one but I'd honestly rather it was just the Rockwilder beat with some more Redman verses, since the original was so fucking short and despite his verse being great on it, apparently Redman didn't like the beat so purposely wanted it short. 
    Redman's voice has held up for 25 years! Who else in rap sounds (for that matter, looks) like they have not aged after that long? For a while I'd have said E40 but his voice has deepened and gotten huskier.

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    Between this and Hype Williams vid for GRISELDA's DR BIRDS.

    ketanklezmer electro-thug beats

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    both of those are old head gold

  • It's a good track, but I can't help but think Conway just stands head and shoulders above the other dudes. I think I posted this before but for emphasis:

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    Loved slap the shit oucha and my kids have been bumping it too. Got me back into some classic Redman. Feeling Muddy Waters more now than bitd.

    His Dj Vlad 2 hour interview is great too
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