How Many Albums Have You Found At One Time?

I actually found forty Jazz LP'S some years ago at the thrift store,all in mint condition.


  • RhythmGJRhythmGJ Buffalo, NY 219 Posts
    Many (but never 40; why is it always everyone else with these stories???).


  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,783 Posts
    Pfffffffft, decent albums? Not many super deep scores. If you search the archives there are some Strutters who've come up with big hauls. Frank for one had some stupid pics of him climbing mountains of afro LPs, just hunting for playable heat.

  • JimsterJimster 6,886 Posts
    I got the Jeff Lorber Fusion entire catalog (as it was in 1990ish) in one go.  That was six.  Someone just offloaded 'em I guess.  ::smfh::


  • I would've loved to have found some[Jeff Lorber Fusion]good find.

  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 398 Posts
    There was a Strutteur (don’t recall who) from a while back who scored a heavy library haul. Something like a big chunk of the Bruton catalogue, and/or Selected Sound. Can’t remember, but it was about 120+ records that were found in a dumpster, all in VG+ or better shape. 

    Also, the one Sklute found a Ghetto Brothers OG just outside his shop leaning against a garbage receptacle. 

  • RishanRishan 454 Posts
    para11ax said:
    There was a Strutteur (don’t recall who) from a while back who scored a heavy library haul. Something like a big chunk of the Bruton catalogue, and/or Selected Sound. Can’t remember, but it was about 120+ records that were found in a dumpster, all in VG+ or better shape. 

    Also, the one Sklute found a Ghetto Brothers OG just outside his shop leaning against a garbage receptacle. 

    Yeah, I remember that but forget who it was. A serious haul anyway. Pics were amazing.

    Who was it found multiples of all the Strata-East mint in shrink, Dante Carfagna? I think there was a thread dedicated to best hauls or digging stories and this was in it.

    Anyway, back on topic, I could never afford much because records were not cheap in my town (talking early 2000's) and good stuff in charity shops non-existent. I think the most I could ever afford was maybe 5-6 at one time. 

    A few years later I ran into a guy online selling hip-hop, serious stuff from the late 80's through the mid 90's, promos, LPs, a house full of anything you possibly think of, unplayed or sealed multiple copies. He had been working as an A&R in New York or something and came back to the UK with it all. No idea how he got it all back here. Anyway, basically my entire wants list at the time, and if I had any sense would have skimped together some cash and driven south to buy in as much bulk as I could afford or negotiate. 

    But I didn't. I just bought a few things at a time and then the bottom fell out of the hip-hop vinyl market!

  • GivemesoulGivemesoul 146 Posts
    The local Goodwill has great stuff,I find-20,25 lp's on a good day and 5-10 on a bad one,hehe...and most in mint condition.

  • YemskyYemsky 708 Posts

    It’s late 80s and my weekly budget is around 50 Deutsch Mark for records.

    In recent weeks many people in my area are playing a pyramid scheme and need cash, which makes them sell items for which there are second hand shops, such as records. I do my weekly round through the usual places and it seems that the disco crowd is full of suckers who need to liquidate their assets: I end up spending 100 Deutsch Mark on about thirty 2nd hand WestEnd, Salsoul, Atlantic, Cotillion and other major and minor label disco and boogie funk 12” singles, thinking this is the best haul in ages. 

    I need to go to a bank and take an unusual route through the Horten department store which unexpectedly has crates of US cutouts at 99 Pfennig (1DM), many I have never heard of, but I pull half a dozen just based on interesting names, labels or covers: Count Cool Out, Tyron Thomas & The Whole Darn Family, Jimmy Spicer, Maximus Three, Don Thompson, Terry Lewis and Wildflower came from there, I remember. There is so much that I have never heard of and the prices are cheap, but despite having had the collector’s bug for a while, I feel awkward doing more blind purchases as I have another big expense ahead of me: I need to stop at a bank to withdraw DM 400 as I am going on a skiing holiday the next day. With cash for the vacation in my pocket I have one final stop on my weekly tour at the Saturn Hansa chain which actually is at this time the best place to get the latest release. I know the buyer there and he will be OK to hold everything I might want for another week or two as I can not justify buying anything anymore today. To my relief he tells me that there isn’t much new stuff of interest, no must-have imports which quickly disappear and the German releases are all going to be around after my vacation. But, he says, “come with me to the warehouse as I have bought a ton of one-off old stuff from an importer in Hamburg [I think they went by the name of “Turning Wheel”] You can pull what you want for 10DM each but tell me how I should price some of these when I put them on the shop floor”. I end up spending my entire vacation money and go home with 40 albums by Leo’s Sunshine, Sidney Joe Quails, Sheree Brown, Khemistry, six of Cameo’s first nine albums, MCB, Don Blackman, Bobby Glover, Roger, ADC Band, Tomorrow’s Edition, Sunfire, Rhyze, Headhunters and others. 

    In the evening I am financially and mentally exhausted and call a friend, the most hardcore collector I know to tell him which doubles I left standing at Saturn and that he needs to go there in the morning. He listens and tells me that first he needs to go back to the main train station. When I ask what he’s talking about he tells me that he stumbled across the department store crates and bought more than 100 funk, soul, disco and early hip hop records at 99p each, wasn’t able to carry them home and put them into 24hour lockers at the station.

    Golden days. 

  • Damn, I read that with a mixture of awe and jealousy, having never experienced the record world when it was like that. I started in the early 2000s.

    I really only make small purchases due to money concerns, but one time in Australia I ended up with about 15 funk 45s off my want list from a single spot. You wouldn't expect Aussie to have decent prices on stuff that had to be imported originally, but I guess the exchange rate wasn't bad at that point or something... still confuses me. Currency exchange gripping may be the way of the future.

  • ppadilhappadilha 2,233 Posts
    leaving with 10-20 LPs at once was a regular thing for me when things were cheap here where I live, but things are getting pricier now and I've crossed off most of the common records from my wantlist, so now I just have to hope some raer shows up for a decent price.

    I'm getting almost a feel for what digging was like back in the day because a shop here acquired what was left of a radio station's vault and the owner has been letting me go through the 7"s. The ratio of heat to chud in the lot is insane. The last time I pulled about 80 7"s, in total I've probably bought around 150 off him, and I've left some good shit behind just because I couldn't take it all. I'm going back soon for another round.

  • Every grippeurs dream... the radio station closeout exclusive access sale. I remember the KPM, Bruton Chappel etc. dumpster score from the boards back in the day. I can even still picture the photos of the stacks in my mind...

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 3,083 Posts
    Mine was 40 some LPs around the corner from where I grew up; near Los Angeles Valley College and the old KPOL station, from a guy who bulk bought from both collections. Two standouts were Blowfly's "On TV" and The Cult's "Mail Must Go Through". Peanuts compared to the backstock hauls shown here by others BITD, however: multiple sealed copies of Oliver Sain "Main Man" and such.
    Beatnick Dee

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,888 Posts
    There are so many people digging in Austin it's difficult to come up on any sizable collection now. It's been a while but a good day is 10 to 20 records. Last week in Houston my mom bought me six hundred 50's rock and roll and blues 45s that had just been donated. They were two for a quarter. That was some a good luck. 

  • waxjunkywaxjunky 1,850 Posts
    “Digging” is not what it used to be 20-30 years ago, as most of us know. The internet killed the last of what was left, but it was thinning out even before that. In recent years, I ended up buying large collections off of Craigslist, keeping or eBaying the best of the best, and liquidating the rest through a booth I rented at an antique shop. If I bought a 1000-piece collection, I could expect to keep 20-30 records usually, sometimes not even that many. It was a pretty good system, but even then, I was only getting about two killer buys per year. In today’s market, I don’t know of any other way to come up with good records for cheap. Now I work too much to do the Craigslist hustle, so I just buy off of eBay.

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,888 Posts
    There are several buyers running ads in town now. Two killer buys a year sounds about right. I've started buying up the smaller 80 to 100 collections to fill in the gaps. I almost can't stock up fast enough to setup at the Austin Record Convention twice a year anymore. 

  • Beatnick DeeBeatnick Dee 71 Posts
    Around 13 years ago I came up on about 300 libraries for like 50p each. Guy had records scattered throughout his house and just wanted to get rid of them. Bruton, De Wolfe, KPM, Themes, Sonoton, maybe a couple other labels. Big Beat, Afro Rock, Drama Montage, lots of the big ones were included. 
    Still probably my best find to this day. I sold most of the bigger titles, and it funded my first trip to LA, which then prompted my move 6 months later. Kinda wish I hadn't sold some of them now, but maybe things would've turned out differently?
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