Os Brazoes ST - Repress Question

So I just copped the 2017 repress of this great LP on the Brazillian Polysom label.
The pressing is terrible and skips all over the place.
Going back and doing some research it seems a lot of people had problems with the Mr Bongo Repress as well.
My question is has there been a repress of this where there are no issues with playback?
Don't really want to cop another Polysom or Mr Bongo copy one only to have it skip as well.


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,066 Posts
    Unfortunately the Polysom reissues have been absolute shit across the board, everyone here in Brazil complains about them. It's a shame because they kind of have a monopoly on big label reissues and they've been churning out classic LPs with outrageous prices and horrible quality.

    I know these swiss dudes did a reissue of Os Brazões a few years back:

    they wound up pulling it because of rights clearance problems (the guy told me they basically got swindled by someone in Brazil), I don't know if you can still find a copy on ebay or something, but maybe it's better than those other ones.


  • kicks79kicks79 1,321 Posts
    Thanks for the info,
    I copped the Polysom reissue of Quem E Quem as well, that plays okay thankfully. 
    Shame to hear that they are messing up the game for others.
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