Name a movie that changed your life.



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    Tatum O'Neal...

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    I just sang the praises of Bad News Bears and so my credilbility is probably hovering around zero

    Why would liking the Bad News Bears damage your cred? Not only did this movie change my life : I'd put
    it in my top 20 all-time greatest movies. Deal.

    lol - i was saying it for those who haven't seen it and might toss it off as some 70's kids' movie. addressing the "what do you know? - you like bad news bears" retorts before they happen type thing.

    i love the movie and am proud to say i own it!

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    where i grew up in yugoslavia there was no movie ratings. i remember seeing robocop (the uncut version) when i was five.

    oh and the eighties was all about ninja movies. when i was a kid i thought this movie was the shit....

    just found it recently on dvd and i couldn't believe how horrible it was. i mean when i was 6 those special effects looked amazing.

    but robocop still holds up.

  • Man, i'm surprised it took so long for Wildstyle to come up.

    I forgot to mention, The Memphis Belle...that shit was my jam when I was a kid.

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    Easily Star Wars....


    Seein this on HBO is a kid blew my fuckin mind away. I didnt know what i was getting myself into.
    Gateway drug movie for me.

  • My 12th grade English teacher introduced me to foreign film by showing our class A Chinese Ghost Story. I said to myself what the hell is this. At the time I was like .

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    I saw this in the theatre on a whim when it came out. As corny as the narration is and how dated it looks even 12 years on, it was like a light bulb above my head for me at the time. I was in a transitional phase, trying to get the will to pick it all up and start a new phase of my life, and while the film is ostensibly just a surf flick, the thread through it all is the repeated message of 'take a risk', get up and get out in the arena, have fun and have faith because you never know what's out there and who you'll meet until you take that step. So in addition to sparking my interest in surfing and surf films, it really hit home and lit a real fire for me to start the next chapter of my life in earnest.

    This film started my interest in cult fims and obscuro weirdness when I caught it on a winter Sunday afternoon in 1987 my freshman year of college. Still one of my favorites.

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    on Baraka but
    Koyaanisqatsi > Baraka

  • at a young age:

    5 masters of death

    as i said "young age"

  • my friend saw Deliverance around that age because his older brother and friends were watching it - it is not a happy childhood memory for him at all.

    I had a similar experience with RoboCop. My parents used to put me in this side room whenever they watched Rated R flicks. I came out to grab some catsup for my fish sticks or something and saw some guy getting blown away by ED-209. It was tramatic as hell. Plus, I had no idea Detroit was that bad.

    me too. actually, blood simple was the very first movie where i saw brutal violence. it was totally shocking to me to see m emmet walsh get his hand caught in the window.

    then i saw robocop for some

        gratuitious violence. the acid melty dude, the part where weller gets swiss cheesed - it was all too much when i was a kid. and i had to sleep in my mom's bed for a few nights.

    but then i saw it again on tv recently and i have to say this movie is funny as hell. i love the fake commercials

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    blood simple

    this is one of my top 20 films.

    frances mcdormand is very sexy in it.

  • I would have to say the Blues Brothers for getting me into Crate diggin.

    and Up In Smoke for gettin me into something else

    and Raging Bull and Fletch.

    Sorry that's more than one. I'm a bit skitzo

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    A couple off the top would be A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, Good Will Hunting and Basketball Diaries.

    I was high when I watched Basketball Diaries and by the end I was stone cold sober.

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    This is bullshit.

    no one else ever gets


    nervous when they go swimming in the sea?

    Fucking JAWS. That is a life changing film. I would never have considered the danger of shark attack before that film, but after, my bed at night felt like a flimsy raft waiting to be overturned. Going into the water now, and somewhere in my subconscious, that music is playing.

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     on Baraka but
    Koyaanisqatsi > Baraka
    I was gonna say 'Samsara'

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    Symin said:
    another one:

    although i think im the only one who still likes this film

    nope. Love this. 

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    Also this for me I think...

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