riddle me this-why are northern soul guys such uptight dorks?



  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts
    HarveyCanal said:
    Reynaldo said:
    At least they dance, unlike some record dudes.

    You really want any of those dudes to be dancing? The Brits with their pork-pie hats and the American crusties with their stained t-shirts. No thank you on both counts.

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    What's the obscure soul song that would motivate dudes to do sit-up's?

  • LaserWolf said:

    Your comments that Americans don't care about their own culture are wrong.
    That is what has some people here upset.
    I suppose that answers the OPs original question.

    Thanks for your reply and to others too. I may have come across as antagonistic and some people got rubbed the wrong way. That wasn't the intention, and I wasn't saying Americans don't care about their culture at all, that's obviously untrue. Just that in the pre-Internet days the 45s that made the northern scene were not regarded as having any value in the USA, that's how they made their way to the UK, which is a fact not a matter of opinion. Anyway, made my points, repeating myself, apologies if anyone was rubbed the wrong way, and its by no means the same at all as it was back then.

    I missed the Stockholm weekender mentioned as had a gig elsewhere, sounded good, have some friends over there that were involved. Great, knowledgeable, friendly people. Scene is a little different outside the UK (and all the better for it IMHFO)

  • beezerholmesbeezerholmes Edinburgh 59 Posts
    I had to set up a night for a Northern Soul night last night and i would just like to remind people that Northern Soul Djs/collectors are in fact uptight dorks.

    Not to say that they aren't super nice, but nevertheless, they are uptight dorks.
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