True Detective



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    Holy shit. Did not recognize him at all! What a great make-up job

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    Controller_7 said:
    Well, the upcoming preview shows him walking in a new scene. And some official says one of my guys got "shot" , which doesn't mean dead.

    I would have been down for the full deal.

    I would have been down too, just to see them make that bold of a move, but I happened to see an earlier trailer for the show after watching the last episode and saw multiple shots of him in it. Unless they're doing some flashback biz with him like last season (which I highly doubt), he might have been faking his own death for whatever reason.

    More discussion on this whole idea here:

    Either way, I'm not mad at how this season is going so far.

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    On the one hand, I love how this show can spawn all of these theories and speculation. It's fun. On the other hand, I think that's what ruined season 1. People were getting so deep with it and people were writing better versions online than what really happened. I might try to just let this season breathe on its own.
    It's hard to stay away from a good discussion though.

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    ^^^^^^^ True. It's like we were all trying to figure out if the Yellow King was running the Tuttle Schools and, vis a vis that entire Louisiana parish, as some type of training camp for sex-crime victims, when in reality it was just the creepy lawnmower man doing creepy lawnmower man things, covered up by cops being cops, more or less. I guess it does speak to the overall quality of the show - the fan theories - even if it's impossible to live up to all of those lofty expectations. And given the show's #meta history, what if the Taylor Kitsch casting, and his reputation as box-office (or Home Box Office) poison, is Pizzalotto's comment as kind of an F-U to the Sophomore Slump, that there's no way possible for him to live up to the hype so he's turning in the equivalent of Richard Kelly's Southland Tales - by way of Chinatown - a movie I have yet to see, Southland Tales that is.

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    Btw, this is old but a really good mini doc on some NOLA events that inspired much of the True Detective Season 1 plot....and it's fucking terrifying.

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    after episode 3, i think i'll just leave it there

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    I tuned out half way though. Done. Hell, even a great TV show is ultimately a waste of time...this shit just isn't worth it.

  • shots fired:

    i guess we know even more than ever who the mature one was in the dissolution of that partnership.

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    Killer Inside Me + Twin Peaks + comic book vibes.

    Vaughn is completely out of his depth, painful and embarrassing to watch.

    Two of four leads are Canadian!

    A welcome break from the bro-fest, hello Rachel.

    As much as I liked S1 (first half anyway), this season's regular weirdo shit is nice compared to the borderline occult weirdo shit of last season. Can see now how much it weighted everything down.

    Would it kill them to throw me a crumb and show male-on-male action?

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    +1 on Vince. Listen to him give the lock in the basement speech was comedy

    You might get you wish with the fellas the way that story is going.

    Overall I'm still enjoying. Better than a lot of stuff on tv even is season 1 was much better.
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