Rotary Resurgence

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I keep seeing all of these high end rotary mixers hitting the market, and can't help but remember when I wished for a slider style mixer that could handle a big system so I didn't have to fumble with knobs and turntables a mile apart. The last series of Rane mixers really did that. The TTM61 sounds so damn good and I know they made a 4 channel mixer with the same circuitry and output.

Are these new compact rotaries really worth all the hype? I mean I guess I understand if you came up mixing on ureis and bozaks and like Mixing with dials, then I can understand, but is there any other real benefit outside of the interface?

I'm sure as a hip hop Dj I'm missing something here, but it does seem kind of backwards to return to rotary format, no? School me


  • I was thinking the same thing when I saw shots from NAMM on my IG feed...

    I was like oh... wow... the retro fad is in full effect in dj mixers...

    I'm sure there's some people who prefer it. But it's not an improvement over faders, imho.

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    It's a Disco/House thing isn't it? im guessing the recent revival in rotary mixers is simply down to both Disco (especially) and House gaining popularity again in the last decade (especially the last five years). Not aimed at hip hop guys.

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    Yeah, these are almost always meant for House/Disco peoples

    Let me just say this tho. If you ever come accross say an OG Bozak CMA 10-2D, or even just a regular UREI 1620 for cheap. You best grab it!

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    I passed in a bozak for $700. The pots were crackling and it was pretty rough looking. No regrets. I want urei compressors

  • Delay said:
    I passed in a bozak for $700. The pots were crackling and it was pretty rough looking. No regrets. I want urei compressors


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    I think I read that new Rane has a separate output for each channel. That's cool since you can use every channel for 2 mics. You could mic a band with it.

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    I bought a Urei for cheap, and i have it set up with turntables as my disco set up, i also take it to gigs sometimes because people kinda buy into that bullshit a bit more these days. The main reason i wanted a Urei or Bozak is because i remember reading about people like Larry Levan using them when i was like 15/16 and first learning about disco.

    Younger djs where i am have expressed an interest in being shown to to use a rotary mixer because it is cool right now, but it is really hard to explain that you'll get the best results playing records you know and love the best. They do kinda force you to play a certain way, but tbh that way is actually still a damn effective way to get a dancefloor moving. After some practise i can even rock convincing doubles on mine.

    I will probably buy this Rane rotary mixer, but i am not going to give up my Pioneer, my Urei, or my Ecler scratch mixer as i think they are all good for different things.

    Realistically the Pioneer can do all of them and i am fucking stupid for having all this equipment.

    It is a purely fashion thing nowadays though, with everybody worshipping the E&S DJR400, and pouring scorn (maybe rightly so?) over the Omnitronic rotary mixer. I know some people who won't even consider the option of using anything other than an original Bozak.

    It is worth noting that some djs have continued using rotaries for decades (Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, Tony Humphries etc) I played with a Dubstep dj in 2007 who only used a Urei with a valve filter to eq between tracks, it kind of worked i guess.

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    I make the comment on making sure you cop if you ever come across one on the cheap strictly because I knew a hip hop dude that once hit up a old disco player to buy records and the guy asked him if I wanted the OG 1620 because he didn't play anymore and the hip hop guy laughed at him saying he didn't want no fucking knobs shit.

    The guy was going to give it to him because he bought a few crates...

    Once he told me the story I made him called the dude back. Thing was long gone. Hurt to hear the thing was in pristine condition.

  • These have always been big in Japan. I remember several clubs I used to frequent had them as standard when I was living in Tokyo.

  • This is the maddest thing I have seen yet in relation to the rotary resurgence...

    producer 'Floating Points' teamed up with Isonoe to create an audiophile level rotary mixer.
    the thing is a beast!
    The one they had installed at FWD was nicknamed 'the Fridge' due to it's size and weight.

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    The one Bozure are working on looks quite interesting too.

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