How you guy's doing?

SunfadeSunfade 799 Posts
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What's been going on, miss anything good?

hope your all well


  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,747 Posts
    Place has been dead. Are we near the end?

  • RockadelicRockadelic Out Digging 13,993 Posts
    RAJ said:
    Place has been dead. Are we near the end?

    Not a single person wished Bob Dylan Happy Birthday!!

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,747 Posts

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,865 Posts
    My work place just got flooded.

  • youngEINSTEINyoungEINSTEIN 2,443 Posts
    Still here.
    Doing well thanks.
    peace, stein...

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,570 Posts
    No maten a esto antes de la copa del mundo!

  • Bon VivantBon Vivant The Eye of the Storm 2,018 Posts
    Life is good, thanks for asking.

    How's things with you?

  • JimsterJimster The Cruffiton liveth. 6,573 Posts
    Eggy Z!

    My all well what?

  • SunfadeSunfade 799 Posts
    Ahh man, things are pretty good. Just bought a 2012 GTI that took me a couple years to save for, I'm really stoked for that.

    So the strut has been dead eh? There's always been up's and down's but I do think sometime it will finally be the end.

    Did they ever get the Heatwave sweaters?

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,847 Posts
    Still here. So obviously all is well with the strut.
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