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The "I wish I knew more about these records" thread got me thinking about how little I know about soooo many genres of music.

I'm sure it's been done before, and I'm sure I could search it, but fuck it. Let's chop it up fresh.

What are your essential music-related books?

Specifically, I'm looking for books that explore the history and evolution of different styles of music. I'm sure there are other here that are into biographical type music reads, so obviously feel free to mention them too! But I want to pick up a few books that will help me expand my perspective and context for the music I love.

Specifically interested in:
- Disco - origins and early acts, influences on club culture and relevance to the LGBT scene
- Early DJ Culture - 70s pioneers, crossover pop/club records, technical info re: early equipment and workarounds
- Soul - anything about it really. My knowledge is basic at best. I know... it's a huge subject lol
- Experimental Electronic Music - give me nerds in studios with synths the size of rooms!

Any info is much appreciated! I regrettably have to admit that I have never really read about music, so I don't have anything great to recommend.


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