25 Years Ago (Aug. 8): NWA's Straight Outta Compton released

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    In 1988 during my senior year in high school, my friend dubbed me a cassette with Straight Outta Compton on one side and Eazy Duz It on the other. That tape changed EVERYTHING. Not only did it not leave the deck for months on end, to the point that I had at least a couple different girls ask me to stop playing it constantly, but it was also being played by EVERYONE else EVERYWHERE. Gangsta Gangsta was the track we'd hear in clubs most often, but we'd always crank up Something 2 Dance 2 when we'd get home with the ecstasy still in effect.

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    There are a few tapes that I bought several times because I kept wearing them out/breaking them from too much playage. This was one of those tapes. Oddly enough, I think the first NWA song I heard was "If It Ain't Ruff," and I thought Ren was the sickest motherfucker with the flow and the swingy delivery and everything. Well, I still do think that about Ren, but at that point, I hadn't even gotten into the hard shit on that album, hadn't even heard young-and-hungry Ice Cube going off, all that good stuff.

    Fun Fact: The guy who wrote the infamous letter from the FBI about "Fuck tha Police" was Milt Ahlerich, who was friends with my FBI-agent ex-stepfather. He came over for dinner one night shortly after that whole letter brouhaha had erupted, and my mom very sternly warned me that I was not to talk about the letter, NWA, or even rap music in general, lest she set upon me with great vengeance and furious anger.

  • Great story!

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    ha, i thought Ren was the dopest too, on first listen. didn't really hear this until about 91 or 92 when we were going up to secondary school (11-12 years old related) and it was easily the most heavily dubbed tape i ever experienced throughout school. fond memories of me and the homie Z*** cutting class, finding an empty classroom with a tape player and bumping this, until a teacher discovered us, speechless, with us just standing there and Cube letting off some of the finest f-bombs of all time.

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    I remember first seeing the Straight Outta Compton video on RapCity back in the day, I was only listening to hiphop for a few years at that point and only heard east coast rap up until then and I remember being blown away by the video by this group called N.W.A (niggaz wit attitudes). I thought their name was so badass and was always scared to say it around my friends, lol. the video was so completely different then what I had ever heard or saw before, they took "street talk" to a whole new level that was so captivating to me, I remember buying the cassette (which I still have) from Sam The Record Man, it was an import...$19, a lot more than other tapes at the time, but I bought that shit and killed it. it changed the type of music I listened to from mostly east coast shit to most west coast stuff for the longest time. I just picked up a copy of Straight Outta Compton on vinyl recently, I tried for years to find an OG copy, but had no luck so I grabbed the 20th anniversary copy (double gatefold) so I have been killing this again...and still so fuck in dope and hard as hell

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    I Ain't tha 1 was my joint
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