George Duke R.I.P.

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So far I only found one source to announce this:

I would be much happier if this wasn't true.
I constantly keep coming back to his albums and love his MPS stuff as much as his later pop-jazz endeavors.


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    Huh I saw this on facebook can anyone confirm this?

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    He just released (july 16th) new album right?
    This would be incredibly sad news.

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    It's on twitter, people who are friends of George seem to have confirmed it

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    did a vehicle,did a vehicle???... Did a vehicle / Come from somewhere out there / Just to land in the Andes? / Was it round / And did it have / A motor / Or was it / Something / Different

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    Just saw Gilles Peterson mention this on facebook.. fuck

    Will be spending the evening listening to my George Duke records, RIP.

    He seemed like a really nice guy and he actually put up personal liner notes for all his albums on his website, which makes for some really enjoyable reading. You can find em here:

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    His wife passed recently too, his last album was a tribute to her IIRC.

    Damn shame. R.I.P.

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    Very sad news indeed. RIP to a true legend. I was checking out his site (thanks for the link) and theres some great writing by him on there. Seemed like a super cool professional that still really loved playing/making music. Also read this on there:

    "For several months Native Instruments, my recording engineer Erik Zobler and I had been recording hours of my playing to release a George Duke sample library. I recorded for fours days over a three or four month period, pretty much whenever I had a spare day. I want to tell you I played till my mind and fingers gave out. I remember one session lasted 12 hours - I just played continuously for hours at a time! That DVD called George Duke Soul Treasures is now available and is perfect for musicians who mainly use sampling as a means to create tracks. It was designed to be a simple, user friendly application for those that want quick results. Pop and Rap producers I believe will find this package most useful as the samples are royalty free and the sound quality recorded in several different ways for flexibility and vibe.

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  • Legend. Heard him on NPR's Piano Jazz driving home one night and he was most humble and chill, then slam you with the skills. Rest in Power!

    (ps PJ's archieve looks nuts...)

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    RIP to a huge influence and one of the main artists who led me down the rabbit hole of record collecting. seems like we're losing 3-4 great musicians a week lately.
    good day to revisit Brazilian Love Affair.

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    rest in peace

  • George Duke- Best of 1975-1978 Songbook

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    It's funny, 21 year old me found Duke's records too "fusiony" and I generally passed them over even though they could be had for cheap. But just now I dug up Faces In Reflection from the stacks and I'm loving it. I guess 40 year old me has more sophisticated tastes.
    RIP George Duke

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    I feel like someone took a big hunk of sample out of this one

    slow and moody is lovely

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    Dancefloor banger....Rest in Peace.

  • Snapping said:

    I feel like someone took a big hunk of sample out of this one

    slow and moody is lovely

    Pete flipped Cannonball Adderley's version..

    RIP One of the greats seems like he's had his hand in so many different styles and genre's.

    This always puts a smile on my face man

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    This is just awful news. I've been a huge George Duke fan virtually all of my life. From listening to "Reach for It" and "Dukey Stick" to later discovering his Liberty and MPS sides, I marveled at his amazing musicianship and great versatility. Rest in peace, Mr. Duke, your great musical legacy will live on forever.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    George Duke came my way during my teens through listening to another great musician: Cannonball. His creativity, depth and allround good vibe always put a smile on my face. One of the greats, no doubt, and it hurt to hear he'd passed on. I hope he's allowed to hang on to his Dukey Stick wherever he's headin'.

    This song is just so f*ckin outragreous, George and co. rip my head off each time I listen to it:

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    LoopDreams said:

    Big, big co-sign on that track. Probably my favorite Duke recording although I'm still looking for that album on wax.

    Really sad news. Especially it's tragic that his new album has just been released and that he was trying to come back after a depression induced by his wifes death just a year ago.
    George seemed to be a very bright and freindly character. He had such a mellow vibe (something in between a Buddha and a Panda) and I enjoyed watching how versatile and fast he moved across the keys with that paws.
    I got introduced to Duke in my very early digging years when a seller on a flea market talked me into buying "Master Of The Game" because it matched the other items I bought from him. "Take that, you'll like it. It's funky." I got into it and "Look What You Find" can be heard on some early tapes I recorded. Later I found his MPS stuff which catered to my adolescent smoking experiences. Still, when I'm out DJing most of the times I have at least "Brazilian Love Affair" or "Reach For It" with me.

    Stellar musician. He will be missed.

    Here you can see George talk about his new album. I especially like the goulasch part. 67 goddammit, he could have made so much more great music.

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    I put together a mix for my radio show, with tunes written, performed, featured, produced, and sampled from George Duke.
    There are some glaring omissions, such as the lack of any Zappa related material (a weak point in my collection), and the 2 hour format of the show means I can only play so many songs..
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did rediscovering Duke's music..

    George Duke - North Beach
    George Duke - Funny Funk
    George Benson - Midnight Love Affair
    George Duke - She Can Wait Forever
    AZ - A1 Performance
    George Duke - Say That You Will
    Jill Scott - Whenever You're Around
    Scarface - Let Me Roll
    George Duke - Dukey Stick
    Spice 1 - In My Neighborhood
    Wc & The Maad Circle - West Up
    George Duke - Reach for It
    George Duke - Pluck
    Eddie Henderson - The Kumquat Kids
    A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight
    Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient
    The Brecker Brothers - Don't Get Funny With My Money
    George Duke - Same Ole Love
    Evelyn Champagne King - Flirt
    Jeffrey Osbourne - You Can't Be Serious
    Dee Dee Bridgewater - Children Are The Spirit
    David Axelrod - Mucho Chupar
    Incognito - Mindin' My Business
    George Duke & Stanley Clarke - Let's Get Started
    Stanley Clarke - Just a Feeling
    George Duke - Reach Out
    Sister Sledge - Thankyou For The Party
    Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
    George Duke - I Want You For Myself
    The Blackbyrds - Better Days
    George Duke - I Am for Real
    Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It For The Boy
    George Duke - Shane
    Meitz - Africa
    Soulfeenix & Monday Michiru - Brazilian Love Affair
    George Duke - Funkin' for the Thrill
    George Duke - My Soul
    George Duke - Nigerian Numberuma

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    Fantastic mix, thanks for sharing.

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    Very sad loss, been a fan all my life, cant count how many times I've seen him play RIP
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