70s Argentinian Jazz

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Hey everyone- I'm really into this right now

It started when I bought 'Viejas Raizes' by Jorge Lopez Ruiz off the back of the cool looking cover. This was in Buenos Aires almost 10 years ago

It's always been a favourite of mine, but weirdly never bothered to look up more stuff. UNTIL NOW

Was turned onto Rodolfo Alchourron, Quinteplus, Jorge Lopez Ruiz 5 'De Prepo'. Just awesome, awesome music

What else? Specifically interested in electric instrumentation, electric guitars, fender rhodes etc. I know Lopez Ruiz has done big band type records, but I love the intimate sound of raizes

So yeah. Any recommendations highly appreciated


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    I only know a handful of BA jazz records as well. Chivo Borraro has some really good stuff:

    Jorge Lopez Ruiz has a few more great records:

    I think he's the only one who went on a Bitches Brew-inspired electric period, but I'm not sure.

    Gato Barbieri is Argentinian too. His Latin America series has some great moments.

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    ppadilha said:
    Gato Barbieri is Argentinian too. His Latin America series has some great moments.

    So is Lalo Schifrin, though most of his releases are from the U.S.

    He made this in '58 with a young Gato Barbieri:

    And a live album from '70 that's worth seeking out:

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    Horseleech hipped me to Chivo Borraro a few weeks ago - he has a great album from '66, 'El Nuevo Sonido del Chivo Borraro'

    I will be all over these other recommendations too

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    Thanks for these everyone!

    Seems like Lopez Ruiz really is the man though, wish his albums weren't so expensive

    Alchourron not so bad, can be had for about $50 each

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    Thanks bigchalz

    that Red Peyote blog is great- some really recent mediafire links to the Chivo Borraro albums, like within the last couple of weeks

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    That blog is awesome, thanks for posting that up....

    Another Argentino jazz group worth checking out is Grupo Encuentro - they are more early 80s fusion style jazz with some synthy moments.

    I uploaded a rip of their Nuestro Hogar LP a while back to SS- not sure if its still active

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    More good shit

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    paging TDLT02 and Magsonjazz.

    your expertise on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

    please and thank you.

  • Although its 60s jazz Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Ba Jazz On Vik is one of the best Argentinian lps.
    Ruben Lopez Furst Jazz en Universidad and Jazz Argentino are also killers. Quinteplus is a good jazz funker with some breaks.
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