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just a random part of the finds from the last couple of fleamarkets out here in Germany.

The Chimurenga is more of a folk kinda record, the Alex Konadu in Europe / Awieye is sealed, so dunno.
Anyone around here took a listen to it ? the James Brown reference on the cover makes me wanna open it...

The Doldinger is superb bebop style jazz and the first record he put out.
Jubel, Trubel,Heiserkeit is a ad-record by Bayer for promoting a new drug. some very funky cuts on here played by well know library composer Wolfram Brunke

Tanz in Theos Beat contains the best soulful jazz tune coming out of the former DDR/GDR,imho : Thraker

The jazz workshop is a meeting of creme de la creme cross-atlantic jazz greats including Donald Byrd, Johnny Griffin, Sahib Shihab, Doldinger, Rolf K??hn, Albert Mangelsdorff, Eje Thelin. Conducted by Hans Koller.


  • nice finds! i love (and need) the jubel trubel

    but i dont understand not opening a sealed record if you dont know it. isnt the point of digging to hear new shit? will it be worth 15% more if you leave it sealed? will those $14 dollars make that big a difference in your life? crack that shit!!!

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    finds from the last week or so.
    the non ps is Klaus Renft - zwischen liebe und zorn

    and some lp's

    i was lucky to find 3 of these at the same thrift
    any info? Britts
    DivShare File - ebony steel.mp3

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  • Well, these were technically found in September, but it took me a while to process it all and take photos, so here it goes...
    A lady in my town owned a record store until she decided to sell on eBay from a warehouse for the last 10 years or so. But then she died, and they liquidated the warehouse. It was filled with sealed and unplayed LPs, 45s, CDs, Cassettes, and 8-tracks, all at ridiculously low prices because they needed to clear it out by the end of the weekend. It was glorious. I bought over 2,000 items and I'm posting some highlights here. Lots of new age, comedy, and jazz, and a lot of sealed audiophile stuff, including some Japan imports and Audio Fidelity pressings. No holy grails (I think, haven't looked it all up) but lots of surprises. I bought numerous copies of a lot of things, anywhere from 2-15 sealed copies. Since a lot of it (but not all) will be for sale, if you are interested in anything, message me.

    My LP and Cassette Lot

    I got some funny cassettes and some awesome private New Age that I've been into lately. Rare!

    And, I bought my first ever 8-Track:

    Some Highlights:

    There's another copy of these in there somewhere...and this is a treat...never seen it with the book included!

    Here are the 45s I bought:

    Some highlights. Again, I got plenty of copies of these, so contact me if you want one.

    Rare Colorado group, garage rock that's kinda groovy with a horn section. Nice!

    I also got 19 of those wood crates you see in the photos, which I really needed Thanks for enduring the megapost! It was truly one of the best weekends of my life. This warehouse was a depressing blast from the past but I'd never seen so many perfect sealed records. I've gotten super lazy with my digging lately but this reminded me that this stuff is still out there.

    I hope you all have as much luck this weekend. Happy digging!

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    Nice haul!! ^ That's is a grip of 45s

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    That is awesome to get so many clean/sealed records at once.

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    some of the records i bought from the only record store i could find in tunis up until now including multiple copies of the aziza ost. sorry for the crappy photo.

  • dolla hollas from value village, of all places.

    was in a state of total disbeleif for a few seconds when i pulled the dorothy ashby. its a mint first pressing and i have been after that record for over 10 years now. i guess it pays to make the rounds.

    the record on the bottom left is "music from free creek" which is super session type jam record featuring jeff beck, dr. john, keith emerson, eric clapton, richard davis, dudes from blood sweat and tears and so forth doing covers like "cissy strut", "freedom jazz dance", "working in a coalmine", etc...

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    Took me over a year to track this one down:


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    Been picking away at an old CBC DJ's collection for a while now... it's slow going because it's coming out in a trickle. Kinda cool though cuz he was the guy for this type of stuff at CBC Toronto during the 50's/60's so everything came to him. but because of Cancon (may it rot in hell) and his caucasoid listening audience he couldn't play the shit, so he took it home, where it got shelved. Crazy thing is he seemed to leave music at the office: he never played any of it.

    I was surprised by Alfie, one of the better jazz OST's

  • these are basically all trades, including one blind trade that was really alot of fun (word to my man in german, indy!).

    the cbc ones are: ron johnson/henry young... definitely one of the best/the best of the 4 artist series. the other one is emile normand who does very cool versions of sorcery, senor blues, manteca and mas que nada amongst others.

    traders: groove holmes, eddie henderson, marcus garvey, ted moses

    sorry for the shit quality pics:


  • Flea market was grueling this morning, with not a lotta records and just enough rain in the beginning to delay dealer setup and keep things unpleasant. After passing it by twice finally in desperation I dug through a big messy stack (records piled one on top of the other is an instant turn off for me) and ended up coming away with a few nice dolla buys. The Carla is the highlight because the condition is weirdly superb, when many in the stack were split, ripped, moldy, etc...
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    It's been a while since I posted any finds, so here's some stuff from the last 2 weeks.
    The 'Quintessence' was a thrift store find, $1.

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    highlights from the second visit to the only place in tunisia selling records i could find. max-b is a rare spanish funk record, barcelona traction is funk jazz from spain too, selmi's beginning lp is private french fuzz. not my cup of tea but expensive..


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    pcmr wrote: been a while
    i am missing a convention today since i am saving up for the twins
    however i had one last hurray of trades,set sales,final store visits and longtime wants
    thanks to all strutters who helped out with great deals and extras or recommendations


    Brasil! props to o mario

    Revolutionary stuff (the angola has one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded)

    Latin! props to senor del alma

    gospel-soul-portuguese china burton

    got these quebec essentials for cheap

    the rest

    and a theremin 78

  • Wow! That Gospel Storytellers is a fantastic record!

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    In Paris today

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